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New Release by Michael Russell: FIRST FLOOR ON FIRE

Elisa Rolle has been doing an author survey for a while now, discussing what authors read and how these books inspire them. I still haven’t submitted anything to her because my tastes are so eclectic as a reader I’m not sure what to submit.

However, I’m reading FIRST FLOOR ON FIRE right now and I’m enjoying it. It’s not a m/m romance and it’s nothing I’d write myself, which is probably why I’m enjoying it so much. Books like this keep me grounded and connected to the real world. I’m from the Philadelphia area and I know the setting in this book well. And though I love reading m/m romances as much as I love writing them, once in a while I need a good dose of reality, too.

So check this out on amazon. If you’re a fan of the TV show, “The Wire,” or the movie, “Precious,” you’ll enjoy this book by Michael Russell. And remember, you saw it here first.

Here’s the blurb and the link:

First Floor on Fire is a conflicted love letter to dangerous outcasts and misfits.Imagine a Greek tragedy in the North Philly inner city. First Floor on Fire has a passionate anger and emotional complexity that could appeal to audiences who loved Sapphire’s Push (the book Precious is based on) or season four of The Wire. The story centers around Nevaya Briggs, a strong, fragile, complex African-American teenager who must fight a predatory principal who thinks he’s saving her, an abusive mother, a collapsing school system and a violent classmate. Her ally is her openly gay brother Donyair, who must also battle a bigoted world while hiding his affair with his older brother. A seasoned teacher, Ms. Dee, tries to protect Nevaya, but Nevaya has learned to never trust adults. When she rejects her principal’s advances, he manipulates Nevaya’s enemies to exact revenge, and the consequences are disastrous. Every adult in Nevaya’s life has let her down, and she will fight anyone to save herself from getting hurt even more deeply.