Category: #MeToo; Rose McGowan Calls Out Alyssa Milano; Kevin Spacey Allegedly Groped A Royal; Peter Thiel’s “Yass” A Queer Co-Working Space In San Francisco

#MeToo; Rose McGowan Calls Out Alyssa Milano; Kevin Spacey Allegedly Groped A Royal; Peter Thiel’s "Yass" A Queer Co-Working Space In San Francisco

#MeToo; Rose McGowan Calls Out Alyssa Milano

Rose McGowan has always been outspoken, but these days she doesn’t seem to have any filters. And she’s not holding back anymore.

 Rose McGowan has been calling bullshit on Hollywood hypocrisy long before #MeToo was trending. And now that the world is listening, McGowan has no intention of letting up—even if that means taking other entertainment industry “Silence Breakers” to task. On Friday, McGowan unleashed righteous Twitter anger on Alyssa Milano, sharing a People article on the actress’s friendship with Harvey Weinstein’s ex, Georgina Chapman. 

You can check that out, here.   

Kevin Spacey Allegedly Groped A Royal

This is only an accusation, but it is interesting that someone with this high profile would speak up. You don’t see that happen very often. In other words, this royal who is speaking up is in a place of power, which if this accusation is true shows that it can happen to anyone. 

A former member of the Norwegian royal family has come forward to accuse Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting him 10 years ago.
Ari Behn, who divorced Princess Märtha Louise of Norway last year, claims the disgraced actor grabbed his testicles during a Nobel Peace Prize party back in 2007.
Peter Thiel’s “Yass” A Queer Co-Working Space In San Francisco 
If you take into consideration all of the gay establishments that have closed up for good in the last few years all over the world, this is interesting to see. 
A venture capital firm co-founded by Thiel, a gay conservative who donated$1.25m to Donald Trump and joined the president’s transition team, is the sole investor behind Yass, described as a “headquarters and hangout for a new generation of queer people”.
Here’s the rest. Of course “activists” are not happy about anything Thiel does. But it’s a well written article that goes into detail about things like gentrification and how gay culture may or may not be evolving. It’s worth the click.
My only comment is that if gay people are assimilating everywhere, and there’s no valid reason to remain isolated anymore, why would we need something like YASS? 

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