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#MeToo; JK Rowling Shocks Fans and Supports Johnny Depp; The "I, Tonya" Story; Australian Christian Couple Won’t Get Divorced After All; Footballer Strips For the Crowd

JK Rowling Shocks Fans and Supports Johnny Depp

Her Royal Highness of Publishing, JK Rowling, stunned women (and men) all over the world today when this was made public.

J.K. Rowling is standing by the decision to keep Johnny Depp on board for the next “Fantastic Beasts” film.
The author has been criticized for allowing Depp to continue in the role as dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald despite his history of alleged abuse, especially as many powerful men in Hollywood and the media have lost their jobs over reports of sexual misconduct.

In case you haven’t followed the Johnny Depp story, here’s an interesting link, with detailed photos.

I don’t think this one is going away any time soon, and I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about it. The bright women I’ve seen on Twitter are not happy.

This story aside, speaking strictly in general terms unrelated to this story, people are tired of all the Hollywood and Washington D.C. hypocrisy. And they are speaking up, especially women. #MeToo.

 The “I, Tonya” Story

When I first saw this I thought it was a joke, but clearly it’s not. The story dates back to 1994 with the saga of ice skaters, Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding.

The scandal rocked the world, but how much do you really know about the bizarre story besides these few facts?

A new film called I, Tonya sets out to fill in the gaps, and it’s a truly insane tale.

I actually might watch this one. I’m curious.

You can read more, here.

Australian Christian Couple Won’t Get Divorced After All

An Australian couple who vowed they would get divorced if gay marriage became legal is now backpedaling, because that’s what usually happens in these cases. 

Nick and Sarah Jensen said that if gay couples could wed, it would be a redefinition so heinous that it would cause marriage to “have an altogether different sense and purpose.”

You can read more of this, here. And now they can go down in history as the people who did this. 

Footballer Strips For the Crowd

It’s Friday, it’s the holiday season, and there has to be some fun.

During Monday evening’s trophy parade, Melgalvis took the partying to a whole new level by stripping onstage and inserting his penis into a trophy, as one does.

Of course there was backlash. 

Here’s the rest. Enjoy. It’s SFW. 

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