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Another Regular Bud…Unpubbed Excerpt

I posted fast about ANOTHER REGULAR BUD last week, and wanted to share an unpublished excerpt.

For some reason, A REGULAR BUD has generated a lot of wonderful e-mail from readers. I appreciate them all because I’m not always certain what readers want. And with a story like A REGULAR BUD I can never really be certain unless I hear feedback.

This is why I wrote ANOTHER REGULAR BUD. It’s not a sequel in a planned series. I may never write another story like this again. But it does follow the high heel theme from the first story. One reader pointed out that there aren’t many stories out there that get into high heels for men. Another pointed out that if you google high heels for men you’ll come up almost empty handed. I did that and the reader was correct. The few sites that are up don’t really get into anything I got into in the short story.

This was an accident on my part. I just thought of a story I thought would be fun and wrote it. I wanted it to be a little campy, a little funny, and still have a certain amount of emotion. And I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that it’s resonated with so many nice people out there. Keep in mind this is the unedited, raw version.

“What’s the story with those high heels in the backseat?” He asked, with his deep, raspy tone.

“I can’t believe you saw them,” I said. “I thought I threw them on the floor.”

He laughed. “Well, one landed the seat. I couldn’t help noticing it.” Then he slapped my ass hard. “What are they for?”

I took a quick breath, sorry I’d been so careless. “A Halloween costume I’m wearing this weekend. I’ve never done drag…I don’t do drag. This is a joke a friend talked me into doing. I’m going as a burlesque queen.” I felt the need to explain it in more detail, so he didn’t think I was into women’s clothes all the time. You never know.

“Put them on,” He said.

I sent him a glance. “Seriously. You want me to put them on right now?” I’d never done anything like this before with a man. I’d once worn a pair of black lace panties for a guy who was into that sort of thing, but never high heels, and never in a public place.

He nodded. “I think they’re hot. Take off your pants and just put the high heels on.” He was so excited about me wearing the high heels he released me, leaned through the back window, and pulled the high heels out of the backseat himself.