Fred Karger Running for President…

For those who still don’t know, there is an openly gay man running for President. His name is Fred Karger, with a hard G, and I’ve been posting about him for a while.

You can read more about him here. You can even see him speak in a video.

The reason I’m posting this right now is because of an e-mail exchange I just had with a very good lesbian friend in Brooklyn. We’ve both been following what’s been going on with Fred Karger and we’re both surprised that we’re not hearing more about him. Most of the people we know in the lgbt community don’t even know about him, which means they can’t form an opinion about him one way or the other. The information is not getting out there.

I’ve watched Fred Karger speak. He’s a fairly normal looking guy, who speaks just like any other fairly normal looking guy. Although he’s a Republican, he’s for all lgbt rights, as far as I can see. And I can’t help but wonder that if Fred Karger spoke and acted more like Carson Kressley would he be getting more attention from the mainstream media?

I honestly don’t know the answer to this for sure. But I can’t help wondering, because it seems as if the only way a gay man can get attention in the mainstream is to go on Oprah and make people laugh.

Come on folks, just because the mainstream media has failed us once again, it doesn’t mean we can’t at least check him out and listen to what he has to say. You don’t have to agree with him. All you have to do is know about him. This is important. And it is making history right now, as I write this post.