Meadows Are Not Forever by Ryan Field

A Gay Romance Without Sex; Gay Shooting In Mexico; Hot Cop of Castro Arrested; Another Gay London Pub Closes

A Gay Romance Without Sex

The topic of sex in books comes up every now and then on social media and I’m usually left on the sidelines wondering because it’s always so subjective for everyone. For me it’s about the story more than the actual sex…or whether or not there is sex in a gay romance. Or any other romance for that matter.

In other words, if the story doesn’t need sex scenes I don’t put them in. At least not in my indie books. If I think it does need sex scenes, I put them in. I think readers who buy gay romance…the majority…want sex scenes that will move the story forward.

I also add sex scenes for either sarcastic (or light humor) reasons. Sex is funny sometimes. 

With that said, I think everyone who has read anything I’ve written knows I’m no prude. And yet there are times when sex scenes just are not needed in a book and that’s what happened with Meadows Are Not Forever. It’s never an easy decision to make either because writers never really do know what’s going to resonate with readers. So when I released Meadows Are Not Forever as an indie book and I decided not to include any sex scenes I did it because the story just didn’t call for it. If anything, this particular story line called for NO sex.

You can check it out here on Amazon in both e-book or paperback.  It is free with Kindle Unlimited, and I’ve been happy with the private responses I’ve received from readers about releasing it in paperback. I never realized how many readers get frustrated because they can’t get a print copy of a digital book. I know that now.

Gay Shooting In Mexico

There’s a gay festival referred to as The Reina Gay festival in Acapulco and a gunman went on some kind of rampage. Allegedly, three are dead and five more injured.

Those killed were aged between 23 and 33.

The shooters’ motives are still unknown but their surviving victims have been hospitalized and are receiving medical attention.

However drug related violence in Mexico has killed more than 150,000 people in recent years and Acapulco has the highest homicide rate of any city in Mexico.

I don’t know much about Mexico, except what I’ve heard from Tony because he used to travel to Mexico City on corporate business all the time. In short, he always said he didn’t feel safe anywhere but inside the hotel, and even then it was questionable. 

You can read more here. 

Hot Cop of Castro Arrested

I posted about this “Hot Cop of Castro” a while back. Armistead Maupin, the old time writer, posted about this dude on facebook and hot cop gained Internet celebrity in gay circles almost to the point of Ellen’s gardener. I know, it doesn’t take much anymore. People used to need some kind of talent to become famous, not just have an ass.

Here’s the latest on hot cop…
Christopher Kohrs, 38, is being accused of allegedly running over two pedestrians at 2.2am Sunday and then fleeing the scene.

Officers arrived at the scene, where they learned the pedestrians, two men in their 40s, had been struck while crossing the street.

Both men were treated at hospital with serious but not life threatening injuries.

I actually don’t think there is anything worse any person can do than leave the scene of an accident like that. I see it all the time on the news, and Tony’s mom was actually in a terrible accident thanks to a hit and run driver who fled the scene. I would think someone’s first thought would be to get out and see if the people are okay. Evidently, not.

You can read more about the “hot cop” here. 

Another Gay London Pub Closes

This isn’t the first time this year I’ve posted about a gay venue in London shuttering its doors.

The London gay scene is suffering another loss as much-loved Shoreditch venue The George & Dragon is officially closing down.

Opened in December 2002, the East London pub has played host to a mixed scene with a big LGBTI following.

Despite seven years remaining on the lease, a recent increase in rent has forced the owners to put the pub up for sale.

On Facebook, pub owner Richard Battye said: ‘It’s almost 13 years since we opened our doors and from pretty much that night we have been blown away with the amazing response and all the amazing things which have their origins inside Number 2 Hackney Road, a former Victorian boozer, squatted and turned into a shoe shop which we reboozerified back in 2002.

There’s a list of other gay venues in London that have closed at the bottom of the article. I’ve seen the same thing right here in my small town, New Hope, where we used to have three gay bars that flourished. We have one left and I’m not sure how that one’s doing because I haven’t been there in about a year. There was a time when Sunday afternoon was tea dance for us at the gay bar…not so much anymore. It’s only the older guys we know who still do it. But I could be wrong about age as a factor…it’s just what I’m seeing personally, here.

Let’s face it, the majority of gay men out there just don’t go to gay venues the same way they did in the past. Tony and I don’t do it anymore and we met in a gay bar 23 years ago…a gay bar that has closed down. They’ve been predicting the end of the gay bar for a while and I think it’s finally happening. The only gay bars that seem to be flourishing are in gay ghettos like Wilton Manors or Provincetown, and I think that’s going to change eventually, too, because a lot of gay men don’t even want to live or vacation exclusively in gay ghettos anymore. They want to assimilate. I do, and that’s why we’ve been taking long weekend excursions to Vermont or The Hamptons in the past few years instead of Provincetown. 

You can read the rest here.  

Fangsters: Book 2

Gang Bang Fangsters


Ryan Field Books In Print; Eating Patti LaBelle’s Pie; Gay Twins Aaron and Austin Rhodes

Ryan Field Books In Print

As I explained earlier this week in a post, I’m in the process of releasing all of my indie e-book titles as print books. I’m doing this for the readers who don’t read e-books. So now people have a choice…either print paperbacks or e-books.

Below are two links for purchasing paperback copies of Meadows Are Not Forever. One is Amazon and the other is Create Space.

Amazon Link.

Create Space

I’ll continue to post more links as I get them for other books going to print.

And please don’t take this as a sign that I think e-books are disappearing. I honestly don’t think that. I would never give up my own e-reading devices. Never. Not even for chocolate. I just think now that the boom is over and everything has settled a little the lines between who reads print vs. who reads e-books are clearly drawn…for now anyway. This is me offering everyone a choice now.

Eating Patti LaBelle’s Pie

For the life of me I’ll never get why anyone is referred to as a “gay icon.” I like Patti LaBelle and her music. I live in New Hope, Bucks County, PA, in the Philadelphia news market and I’ve been hearing about Patti Labelle and her pie all week on the local news.

And this is a wonderful story.

I truly just don’t get the “gay icon” thing…and I’m gay!!  There’s something about the entire gay icon thing that sounds so degrading, and I’m not even sure if that’s the right way to explain it. I have to post about this sooner or later.

In any event, some guy I never heard of went to Youtube and posted a video of how much he loves eating Labelle’s pie. Evidently, you can get LaBelle’s pie in WalMart. He garnered tons of hits for being outrageous and as a show of gratitude LaBelle invited the guy to her home on Thanksgiving Day. This is the best PR LaBelle (and her pie) has had in years.

Meanwhile WalMart, where the pies are sold exclusively, the pies are selling so briskly that the retailer cannot keep them in stock. 

Grammy winner LaBelle, who has long had legions of gay fans, initially had called Wright to thank him for his video. Then she did one better by inviting the Los Angeles-based entertainer to her home in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving dinner.

So there you are. I don’t eat pie of any kind and I’ve never been to WalMart either. Maybe I should turn in my gay card because I can’t figure this one out for the life of me. 

Gay Twins Aaron and Austin Rhodes

I think I remember posting about these guys a year ago. They came out to their father online and there was a video and it went viral. This is a follow up.

‘It’s been a whirlwind,’ Aaron said during a recent chat the twins had with Gay Star News.

‘It’s definitely been an incredible experience. I remember when we first got to Hollywood and we first started this career, everyone was telling us to stay hush-hush about our sexuality. To come full circle and be in the industry and be working and be completely out and proud as a young person is really liberating and exciting for our future.’

You can read the rest here. They seem like a couple of nice guys and I’m glad they are doing what they are doing. The comment about staying quiet about their sexuality is interesting, too. I think there are lines being drawn in this case. Younger gay men in Hollywood seem to be coming out more often than not, where anyone older than 35 is still cautious about it for career reasons. And I don’t blame them for that. People have bills to pay…even gay people.

Fangsters: Book 2

Gang Bang Fangsters


The Interesting Case of Erotic Romance vs Porn Fiction by Ryan Field

The Interesting Case of Erotic Romance vs Porn by Ryan Field

I won’t be linking to anything today because I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time. A conversation I had on Twitter earlier today prompted me to get moving on it and stop putting it off. I’ve mentioned the topic before, but I don’t think I’ve gone into any detailed explanations. And I think it’s important to do this sometimes so readers understand what often motivates authors who write erotic romance…or even erotica. We don’t do these things by accident. Also, let me make it clear this is my opinion and it’s what works for me as an author, and I feel this way about all erotic romance, not just gay erotic romance. If you don’t agree with me, I respect your right to do that.

Way back when in the earlier days of the Internet, when I subtitled the blog with this…A quiet blog that discusses LGBT issues, fiction, publishing, pop culture, and happily ever after romance books with naughty guys who always have strong stories…I didn’t do it by accident. I wanted to make a point of stating that there is a big difference between erotic romance and fiction that’s considered “porn.” “Strong Stories.” I’m not going to try to define porn here because even SCOTUS hasn’t done that yet, but the one definition of erotic romance I’ve always seen is that erotic romance is a book or story that contains sex and has a story line. A strong story line. In other words, if you take the sex out of any erotic romance the story should still be able to stand on its own. In most cases erotic romance authors work even harder with their story lines to offset the sex. Yes, there are books out there with just sex. They often call them erotic romance. I don’t. And neither do most of the erotic publishers or authors I know. The story is still the main focus.

For me, the sex in an erotic romance should move the *story* forward. I never thought of my stories as moving the sex forward. And I’ve gone to great lengths at certain times to prove this with my own books.

In book 2 of the Chase series, Chase of a Dream, I purposely…not by accident…released two distinctly different versions to the public with the intention of showing that an erotic romance can stand alone without the detailed sex scenes. Here’s a link to the version that I labeled “Unabridged.” That version contains the original sex scenes. As you can see from the cover below I even stated that clearly, on the cover, so there wouldn’t be any mistakes. Of course a few people made the mistake and I quickly exchanged the books for them so they could get what they wanted without have to go through a third party.

With that said, here’s another link the to version of Chase of a Dream that I released *without* sex scenes. I repeat, no explicit sex scenes. A PG rated gay romance. It was a matter of revising the unabridged version of about 7,000 words. That’s all. 7,000 words of sex were removed. The entire book is about 60,000 words. So you see where I’m going with that. If an erotic romance with explicit sex scenes only has 7,000 words of sex in it, there must be a storyline somewhere. More important, I didn’t consider this self-censoring because I wanted both versions out there so readers could decide which one they preferred. I wanted the readers to make their own choices. It was double the work, but I still think it was worth the time, effort, and expense to publish it both ways. As far as I know, no other erotic romance out there has been released with and without the sex scenes in two different versions.

Here’s the cover of Chase of a Dream without sex scenes. Again, as you can see I made this clear to the reader by stating “Abridged version does not contain strong erotic scenes.” There were still a few people who didn’t see that and I quickly exchanged the book for them. In most cases, ironically, where there was a discrepancy, the people who accidentally made the mistake wanted the version with sex.

And to take this just one step further, when I got the rights back from a book that was released about five years ago titled The Bachelor, I revised it completely, changed the cover, and then re-released it with a new title, Meadows Are Not Forever. That book always bothered me because I didn’t like what the publisher wanted with it. So I indie pubbed it myself and I think I improved it. The MOST significant thing with that book is that this time I did self-censor, admittedly, and I did it for a reason. I wanted that book to be out there *without* sex scenes because I never thought the story line needed the sex scenes. And I’m no prude, trust me. I just wanted that book to be a sweet little romance that talked about gay relationships where sex can be more of a problem than a solution. Here’s a link to that one.

One book reviewer almost made me cry when he wrote this:

This is the first book by Ryan Field I’ve read, and I have to say I’m very pleasantly surprised. In Meadows Are Not Forever he introduced us to a young man on the cusp of leaving the young stud age and moving into the mature, adult age because, gasp, he’s learning there is more to life than just SEX. I know, for some of you it maybe hard to believe, but it’s true! And like many of us when we made that transition he learns what is really important in life.

This reviewer has no idea how much that meant to me. He “got it” and I never had to explain a thing and didn’t have to go into detail about sex scenes. That almost never happens. 

What prompted me to write this post was a comment I saw on a tweet earlier today about erotic romance. It was done in jest and there was no harm intended. Someone said something to the effect of “That book has too much sex for me,” and then they joked about it in a friendly way. However, my reply was that you can always skip the sex scenes and there’s still a strong story line…or should be a story line. In fact, I could take each one of any of my books or stories, now in the hundreds, and revise them without sex at all and they could still stand on their own. When writers who understand what erotic romance is, and they’ve been doing it long enough, they are always thinking and planning ahead to make sure the story line is always more important than the sex scenes. I personally think the sex does, indeed, add to the stories and move them along…I also think it creates another level of reality in a world of fantasy that’s often necessary. I like to write sex scenes and read them. But the truth is they aren’t always needed. I know there are people who disagree with that, and I’m fine with that. However, that’s why I wanted to prove, instead of just talking about it blindly, that an erotic romance can stand alone without the sex scenes.

And if these books and stories can’t stand alone without the sex they aren’t erotic romances as far as I’m concerned. I’m not judging them, not by any means. I don’t care if an author wants to just write sex scenes and make them the story line. I think that’s wonderful and more power to them. But that’s just not how it works for me with erotic romance. I’m sure this won’t end the debate of erotic romance vs porn in fiction, however, at least I explained what motivates me when I either add, or remove, sex scenes from a book.

But most important, if there’s a strong story line readers can always skip the sex scenes in an erotic romance and still enjoy the book…or least they should be able to do that. The story should always come first. 

Waldron Mercy Academy Fires Lesbian; When You Find Out Your Spouse Is Gay; 5 Star Review For Meadows Are Not Forever

Waldron Mercy Academy Fires Lesbian

I actually just saw this on the local Philadelphia news and it made me wonder how much more of this is going on in other parts of the US. We only hear about southern states and overzealous Christians discriminating against gays. We rarely hear about wealthy Main Line Philadelphia Catholic Schools doing much the same thing.

And there’s no difference between this and what’s been going on with bakeries that refuse to make gay wedding cakes or Pastors that want to reform every gay person.

Well, there is one difference in this case. The parents who spend a great deal of money to send their kids to this upscale private Parochial school are outraged this time and they are letting the administration know it.

It may be summer break at the Waldron Mercy Academy in Merion, but administrators at the private Catholic school have their hands full thanks to their decision to fire the school’s longtime director of religious eduction, Margie Winters, a gay woman who is married to her partner. 

Winters was fired in June after eight years at Waldron Mercy. The school won’t say why she was let go, citing the confidentiality of personnel matters, but the writing seems to be on the wall: Winters was apparently fired because she is in a gay marriage.

“It’s gross… I want to quit,” one Waldron Mercy teacher told us under the condition of anonymity, adding that the school generally doesn’t have an anti-gay culture. (None of the parents or teachers we spoke to for this article would allow us to use their names.) “She’s been openly gay forever. But a couple of parents found out that Margie is married and complained. It’s one thing to be gay at this school. It’s another thing to be in a gay marriage, apparently.”

The e-mail that went out to parents was was shown on the news channel I watched and it basically stated that she was let go because of lifestyle choices the school didn’t agree with. You can read the entire e-mail at the link I’m posting below.

I’d like to take this one step further. I went through 12 years of parochial school and I know what it’s like. If this is how representatives of the Catholic Church want to discriminate against a decent, honest employee I think it’s high time they started looking into their closeted gay priests living double lives. I’ve known them personally.  You can’t try to set one standard and have a double standard at the same time.

You can read the rest here.  

You can “like” the facebook page here as a show of support that has been set up by those who are outraged. There’s more to this story, and it includes funding and discrimination.

When You Find Out Your Spouse Is Gay

This article, I think, gets into a topic that I’ve always believed was highly underestimated. I’ve known many gay men and women who have not come out of the closet and they’ve married people of the opposite sex. But what happens, eventually?

“It feels almost homophobic to say anything about them. To me it’s not brave to spend 10 or 20 years with someone only to destroy and discard them,” says Emma. She found out her husband was gay a year ago.

“They may go on and have a wonderful new life while leaving a crushed wife behind. You just feel like your whole life is wasted and there’s no closure.”

One of the most difficult things for many spouses is watching their former partner being celebrated as brave for coming out, but knowing the damage they’ve left behind.

This is a tough one. However, gay men and women have been so shamed and so discriminated against they don’t get married and try to live heteronormative lives because they’re mean, evil people. They don’t set out to ruin anyone’s life or cause damage. At least not that I’ve ever seen, and I have seen it more than once. They get married to people of the opposite sex because they’re in denial in some cases and that’s what they think they’re supposed to do. I’ve also seen them forced into it. It’s a complicated situation, especially with so many gay people finally coming out.

Most of the cases I’ve seen personally end with the spouse who married the gay person finally realizing he or she was not to blame for the marriage ending. However, I do know one case where they guy left his wife because he was gay and it’s been over thirty years and she still won’t have anything to do with him…and she wouldn’t allow him to have any contact with their child. And then there was that one case where the husband came out and the wife was so thrilled she started going out to gay bars with him and they really all did live happily ever after. 

You can read the article in full here. 

5 Star Review for Meadows Are Not Forever

I’ve written a great deal of erotic romance over the years…so many novels and stories I’ve lost count at this point. And when I write a romance that isn’t erotic and one I hope will resonate with a few readers, reviews like this are golden to me. They validate what I was going for because for me it’s all about the reader and no one else.

Here’s part of the review I’m talking about for Meadows Are Not Forever.  The reviewer actually sent me a private message about it and I’m glad he did. He’s a gay man who understood what I was going for.

This is the first book by Ryan Field I’ve read, and I have to say I’m very pleasantly surprised. In Meadows Are Not Forever he introduced us to a young man on the cusp of leaving the young stud age and moving into the mature, adult age because, gasp, he’s learning there is more to life than just SEX. I know, for some of you it maybe hard to believe, but it’s true! And like many of us when we made that transition he learns what is really important in life.

One of the things I loved most about this story is the fact that it dealt with, and focused on, real emotion’s that most people have had to face. Especially when it came to dealing with families that may or may not be accepting of their LGBT kids. This is simply put a real, honest to God old-fashion love story filled with angst, uncertainty and all the other messy things people falling in love have to go through.

You can read the rest here.  

There doesn’t always have to be sex in gay fiction.