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Some Thoughts and Support for a Friend of M/M Romance…

Some of you in the m/m romance world may know an online friend of mine, Mary Gresham. She’s active on social media, especially Facebook. And I’ve seen her comment on many blog posts.

She’s been a huge fan of m/m romance and gay fiction for a long time. And she’s always there to support bloggers and authors and publishers whenever they need it. And she never asks for anything in return. Never.

She’s also there to offer support to independent bloggers all the time, on a more personal level. Most of the time, since I’ve known Mary, all she does is offer support to other people. The online community in this respect is very small and people get to know each other better than they ever thought they would.

Last night Mary’s home burned down and she lost her beloved pets. When things like this happen to nice people it just kills me. And the hardest part of having an online friend so far away is you can’t just go over and say something in person to them. So we do the best we can given the circumstances.

And now it’s time to offer Mary and her family support and encouragement. And the best way to do it is to let her know we’re thinking about her, we’re saying prayers for her, and we’re sending good thoughts her way. I know she’ll appreciate this. I believe in energy, and the power of energy. And I do believe that even though we can’t be there in person, our thoughts will be just as strong and mean just as much.