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The Word "Faggot;" What Do Lesbians Look Like? He Cheated on Her

The Word “Faggot”

A college student put up a video on Youtube asking other college students what the word “faggot” means to them. Some of the responses are interesting, especially since the word has been getting a lot of attention lately with entertainers defending how they use the word.

Interviewing a diverse group of students with a range of sexual orientations, the video’s creator sought to clarify the way different people perceive the meaning of “faggot” and the different contexts in which it is used.

You can view the video with the research here.

What Do Lesbians Look Like?

This seems to be the week of Youtube videos making the rounds, because here’s one where someone went around asking the question, “What do you think a lesbian looks like?”

The on-the-spot question: “Can you name three lesbians in the media or popular-culture?”
The game: Armed with a poster full of photos, we gave the following instructions:

  1. “Find the one lesbian in the first group of four photos.”
  2. “Find the one straight girl in the last two groups of four photos.”

Could they tell who was who?! Some people’s answers may surprise you.

You can read more here. It sounds more like they are describing nuns instead of the lesbians I know.

I’m starting to feel like a fucking science project. Could you imagine if I were to do a video asking, “What you you think  middle aged white dads look like?” The fact is we all have certain stereotypes and stereotypes are not limited to one particular race, sexual orientation, or even religion. I have one friend who claims only Democrats drive mini coopers.

I think a video asking, “What do people look like who film videos asking what lesbians look like?” might be interesting. I’m noticing a pattern with these dumb things.

He Cheated On Her

Oh yes, he cheated. In yet another lame attempt to gain Youtube fame, some goofy guy video taped a prank where he tells his goofy girlfriend he cheated on her. This has to be by far the biggest fakery I’ve ever seen. They never once leave the frame. The way they respond to each other is nauseating (“What did you do?” she whines and drops her sentences) And there’s an interesting twist that’s even more fake than the original concept.

You can check out the hilarious “shenanigans” here.

We’re living in interesting times. I know I sound overly sarcastic in this post, but seriously. This piece of shenanigan hell has garnered over 600,000 hits.  I have a feeling we’ll be watching his marriage proposal to her in the near future.