Male Full Frontal Nudity on TV

More About Religious Liberty Order; Jaden Smith’s High Heels; "Sense 8’s" Mark Riemelt Talks About Sex Scenes and Full Frontal Male Nudity

More About Religious Liberty Order

I make no claims to being an expert in this area, however, my only comment is that I believe in the separation of church and state, totally and 100%. I don’t think there is a gray area.

With that said, here are a few interesting facts about the new religious liberty order. The good news is that gays are not being targeted, but we’re going to have to wait and see how that unfolds.

The order doesn’t specifically allow religious groups to discriminate against gay people. But what it does do is state that “it is the policy of the administration to protect and vigorously promote religious liberty.” Trump hardly cares about policy. But his appointees do. And the order sends a signal to the religious right’s henchmen in the Trump administration to do their best to erode protections. Don’t think they won’t apply themselves to that task gleefully.

You can check the rest out here. I don’t want to jump to conclusions too soon, but between this order and the Trumpcare bill, I still have a feeling that Trump is going to wind up being a one term President if he continues to do things like this. But more than that, I believe the mid-term elections will see even more widespread change.

Jaden Smith’s High Heels

On a much lighter note, because we need something lighter sometimes, here’s something about Jaden Smith and his gender-bending tendencies. And I like it. Good for him. Men…all men…are always expected to look and dress the same. Women can paint their faces with anything they want, but God forbid a man even uses a bronzer. And I think most of us are getting sick and tired of it. Who made these rules anyway?

Dressed smartly in his futuristic space-vampire regalia, Smith shows off his ass-kicking high heels, and then gives Talley a quick primer on his glimmering gold teeth. (Don’t worry: There are some diamonds in there too.)

You can check this out here.  I’m going to get into a lot more about this topic with my next release, Kindle’s Fire. Kindle’s an ex-marine who has always questioned why he’s always been expected to conform to society’s rules and the social restrictions placed upon men.

Sense 8’s Mark Riemelt Talks About Sex Scenes and Full Frontal Male Nudity

If you haven’t watched Sense 8, you’re missing something excellent. I got hooked with the first show and I didn’t even know there would be gay content. I didn’t know there would be full frontal male nudity either.

Like I said, there’s going to be more! It’s also the way Lana portrays these sex scenes; it’s more like an oil painting you like to look on, not the physical act of two people putting something into each other. It’s like a melting pot that shows what’s possible when you just think about what you feel when you have sex. It’s not that very simple, single image you have of sex; it describes a feeling you could have when you have someone you feel connected to. It’s a beautiful sex scene, which is really rare nowadays; it’s not something people like to think of as pornographic.

You can check this out here. There’s more about the new season of Sense 8, which I believe is starting on Friday.

Not All Gay Novels Have Sex

In Their Prime by Ryan Field


Male Full Frontal Nudity: World Naked Bike Ride: Male Full Frontal Nudity On TV; Male Stars Who Have Gone Full Frontal

Male Full Frontal Nudity: World Naked Bike Ride

In posting about male full frontal nudity in films and TV…or lack of it…I don’t think I’ve ever posted about the World Naked Bike Ride Event. It’s not as highly publicized as you would imagine, and that’s interesting in itself.

Saturday, June 11 was “World Naked Bike Ride” day in San Francisco. As the title implies, it doesn’t happen only in San Francisco — it’s a global event, with rides in over 70 cities around the world.

You can check this out here. It’s uncensored but I think it’s SFW. And there’s really nothing sexual about it.

The web site, Zomblog, is actually a really good site, too.

Here’s a youtube link for the naked bike ride in New Orleans. And…if you go to wiki commons and check out World Naked Bike Ride there you’ll find tons of photos.

Male Full Frontal Nudity On TV

Here’s something about the history of male full frontal nudity on TV, in the UK. And I think it asks at least one important question I’ve been wondering about for a long time.

Sam Burnett, of television watchdog Mediawatch UK, said: “Never before have programme-makers shown such blatant contempt for basic standards, with record levels of explicit nudity serving no particular purpose. It’s not even like the programme was any good to compensate.” 

But why is that, while female nudity on television scarcely raises an eyebrow, full-frontal male nudity still has us recoiling in horror?

The double standard, once again. You can check this out here

Male Stars Who Have Gone Full Frontal

Here’s a web site that mentions male stars who have done full frontal that I’ve never seen before. I had to dig a little to find it. And these are all fairly mainstream movies with strong story lines.

In “Gone Girl” (2014), Ben Affleck shows almost all in a shower scene. “The penis is in there!” Affleck told MTV. “It’s IMAX penis! You’ve gotta pay 15 bucks to see it in 3D. … It’s better in 3D.” 

You can check that out here. This one is SFW. There are 30 different actors mentioned.

I think it’s interesting that I can’t find one single film where James Franco did full frontal. He’s done everything else.

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London Gay Bar The Black Cap; Jonathan Groff and the Dick Waiver; John Barrowman Talks About Dating Girls

London Gay Bar The Black Cap

Here’s another sad story of a gay bar in London shuttering its doors for good.

London’s LGBTI bar The Black Cap won a major victory as the plan to turn into a mainstream bar/restaurant has failed.

Campaigners have been hoping to reclaim one of London’s oldest LGBTI spaces and have repeatedly protested outside to stop the conversion of the venue by property developers. 

As I’ve posted previously when other bars in the UK and in the US have closed, it seems to be a sign of the times. And it makes sense. They all blame it on the Internet, but I think it’s more than that. Most gay men are assimilating and there’s nothing wrong with that. As more gay men come out, get married, and start raising families they are less inclined to dress up in drag and protest in front of a bar. In the same respect, we do want to hold on to some gay culture, at least something. I’m just not sure how that’s going to happen.

There’s more here

Jonathan Groff and the Dick Waiver

Here’s why Jonathan Groff signed a “dick waiver” to do Looking.

Jonathan Groff stepped back into the shoes of gay video game developer Patrick Murray for Looking: The Movie with full confidence in director Andrew Haigh.

Even before signing on to do the first of two seasons of the HBO drama, Groff had been familiar with Haigh’s acclaimed film Weekend and was struck by the gay drama’s sex scenes.

‘Seeing Weekend, honestly, was the first time I saw sex on screen, gay or straight, where I was like, This feels like real sex,’ the actor tells

‘When Andrew was on as the director I was all, Yes, I’ll sign that nudity waiver, that the dick waver, whatever. He’s a genius at capturing those moments.

You’ll really want to finish this article. They actually mention the one sex taboo we never see anywhere on TV or in films. I put this taboo sex in my books all the time, but I rarely see it in other books. And it all has to do with the intimacy of sex. I see women talking about how they prefer intimacy over sex in gay romance all the time, without even realizing how dead wrong they are. Intimacy and sex for gay men go hand in hand, pardon the bad pun.

Here’s the rest.

John Barrowman Talks About Dating Girls

I think we’ve all been here. I even went to my prom with a girl. It wasn’t so bad either. I had a good time in spite of the fact that I would have preferred going with one of the guys on the football team. But up until recently, you didn’t even think about doing THAT.

But school dances were a bit of a problem.

‘I used to dread school dances because on the way home you were expected to make out with a girl, give them a pet, and I really didn’t want to do it,’ he says. ‘But outside of that I was happy to go out with girls and they liked me. They had this good-looking guy on their arm and he was no threat at all – I just told them their shoes looked fabulous and their dress was great.’

I’d like to see Barrowman in high heels. 

You can read more here.


Valley of the Dudes


"Free the Penis;" Cut Or Uncut Penises and Sensitivity; More On the Importance of Penis Size

“Free The Penis”

I wonder if Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones has noticed how I’ve been posting about this topic for years, because she’s now stating that instead of more female nudity on TV, we need more male nudity. Actually, I think a lot of people notice it…except Hollywood producers.

“Yes,” Clarke said, adding that she would like to see “equal male nudity and female nudity,” meaning full frontal male nudity as well as the more conventional shots from the rear.

“Free the penis,” she said, sending Conan into peals of laughter.

You can read the rest here.

It’s a rather long one, but she’s not holding back.

Cut Or Uncut Penises and Sensitivity

There’s always been a great deal of controversy over whether a circumcised penis has less sensitivity. And now a new study claims it doesn’t have any less than a penis that is uncircumcised.

 New research has re-ignited the debate after scientists have suggested that circumcision in babies does not reduce penis sensitivity, despite previous claims to the contrary. The new research, reported in The Journal of Urology, studied 62 men between the ages of 18 and 37, of whom 30 were circumcised and 32 were non-circumcised.

Now that sounds like an interesting study.  I really don’t care either way. I think what you do with the penis is more important than than whether it’s cut or uncut.  You can read more about this here.

More On the Importance of Penis Size

This is another one of those articles about how the penis is so important to women, leaving out the concerns of men completely. It really makes me feel sorry for straight men (and women) when I read things like this. I know not all women think this way, but these articles make it appear that way.

But I won’t rant. I think we’ve all reached the point of PC overload lately. At least this one sounds honest…

In the study, women were shown a selection of 53 different CGI models of nude male bodies, and were asked to rate them in attractiveness on a 7-point scale. As expected, the figures with the larger-sized members were rated higher compared to those with, uh less robust genitals, and figures that possessed the holy trinity of substantial height, broad shoulders, and a big penis (a.k.a. Greek God status) were rated the highest. No surprise there.

The rest of the article is here. There are some interesting points about evolution, though.

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