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Pregnant Man Erotica; Madonna’s Canada Gym Brand Tanks; Explicit Gay Content On Church Computer

Pregnant Man Erotica

In one of my Virgin Billionaire books ( I can’t remember which one off hand) I wrote a dream scene where the characters Luis and Jase are going through options about having children of their own and Luis winds up having a dream that he’s pregnant and he gives birth to their child. But let me make this clear…very clear…in my book it’s a *dream and it’s meant to be playful…parody. If you’ve read my books you know that I don’t always take myself too seriously. It’s not meant to be taken seriously and it’s not a fetish in the book. I had no idea anyone was actually doing pregnant man erotica or that it was even a fetish.

I didn’t think anything could top Carly Fiorina’s little song ditty to Ted Cruz this week, but here you are…

Pregnant man erotica, commonly referred to as “MPREG,” is just one of the genres fetish site Film911 specializes in. The company was launched three years ago after its founder, a man by the name of Jay, says he couldn’t find any satisfying MPREG porn on the internet.

The rest of the article is here. Enjoy 🙂 

Madonna’s Canada Gym Brand Tanks

I knew Madonna would pretty much do anything for a buck, but I didn’t know about this. Evidently, she has some kind of gym franchise named Hard Candy in Canada and her image and all things Madonna are all over the place. They’ve got disco balls and over-sized Madonna pics everywhere. The tourists just love it. But according to this article, it’s not working out too well for serious business.

“Madonna was fabulous,” he tells Torontoist.

Not fabulous enough, however, to make people pay $100 a month plus a $69 “administrative fee,” or $28 for a day pass, to hang out at her gym. Schlemm says dwindling memberships, a lack of support from the franchise and the fact that people couldn’t seem to wrap their heads around the concept of a Madonna-themed fitness center have all played into his decision to rebrand.

Here’s the rest. There’s a photo, too. I think the guy who is re-branding is doing the best possible thing he can do for the business. The tourists alone would freak me out.

Explicit Gay Content on Church Computer

When I post about these articles, I like to stick to the basics. They can be tricky at best.

A guy named Andrew McGarva was doing tech work on a computer in a church in Scotland where he worked as an organist, and he found gay porn on the computer. It was allegedly “hardcore” gay porn that belonged to a fellow church member, and McGarva was allegedly told to keep it quiet by church officials or else lose his job.

This all happened in 2007, and then…

In 2011, McGarva, still miffed about being told to mind his own business, reported the porn to the Church of Scotland’s Safeguarding Service. This time, police were informed, but no further action was taken over the allegations. Afterwards, McGarva claims he was punished for speaking out. Not only did church officials treat him more coldly, but they stopped allowing him to conduct private organ lessons in the church. Then in 2014, he was let go from his job as organist. Now, he’s suing.

You can read more here, along with Judge Lucy Wiseman’s statement. It’s interesting, if you follow these legal things.

The Arrangement