When E-Publishers Go Out of Business?

When e-publishers go out of business it can be very upsetting to authors and readers, especially on an emotional level. Authors who work with e-publishers almost always have good experiences and they become both loyal and attached. Sometimes we even get blasted because we’re so loyal to our small e-publishers. But you just can’t help becoming emotionally attached to the people you’ve been working with for years. Even though you may never meet many of these people in person, you still can’t help bonding sometimes.

However, the reality is that e-publishers like all small businesses can go out of business. I don’t think it’s a surprise by now to mention that is one of them. Here’s what’s up on the web site:

Going Out Of Business! We want to thank all of our loyal fans and customers for 8 great years of bringing you your favorite titles. Join us for 25% off until June 30th, 2013. Thanks again.

To say that I was upset when I heard this would be a huge understatement. I’ve been working with LYD for almost seven years and I’ve come to trust and depend on them in many ways. They allowed me to do things I never would have been able to do with other LGBT print presses at the time I started with them. They weren’t the first e-publisher I ever worked with, but when I started to build a relationship with the owners and the staff and realized how happy I was working with them I just continued to build my list. Thanks to them I’ve been nominated for TLA Gay E-book awards, and more than one title has hit bestseller lists…always when I least expected it. And some of their other titles by other authors have won awards like Lambdas.

Working with was one of the most positive experiences in my writing career, and I’m very sorry to see them go. It felt like home.

But I do understand and life does continue, and we all have to move forward. I’ll be getting the rights back to all of my titles with LYD at the end of the month. And I had to make a decision about what to do with them. I thought about shopping them to other e-publishers I work with. I thought about shopping them to a few new interesting e-publishers I’ve seen pop up in the last year or so. And I will be working with one of my developmental editors from LYD in the future with a new venture she’s starting this year. But those will all be new titles, and I just couldn’t decide what to do with my backlisted titles from LYD.

The ultimate decision I made wasn’t simple because it’s going to be a lot of work. But I have thirty-two titles with LYD and I don’t want them to disappear. I also want to have more control over them now. So I’ll be re-releasing them myself, through Ryan Field Press, just like I published Chase of a Lifetime and my other indie books. And I think readers will probably benefit from this the most because I will release them all as .99 e-books. I’m leaning toward the Kindle lending program for the first three months, too. I like the concept of lending, and I’d like to support that for at least three months.

Although I would have had the option to self-publish five years ago if my e-publisher had gone out of business, it wouldn’t have been as viable as it is today. Five years ago I would have definitely shopped the titles to other e-publishers without thinking twice. But things have changed a lot since then, and now I do have a viable option in self-publishing.

So that’s how I’m going to deal with this for the time being. I love and support all e-publishers, and I hope to continue to work with them. In a perfect world, all small e-presses would thrive and no one would ever go out of business. But this is the third time it’s happened to me. And I’ve seen it before with other e-presses. So if and when they do go out of business I want to know that I have a back up plan. I want that empowerment. And I’m hoping my readers will benefit from the decision I’ve made to re-release these e-books for .99…and the freedom I’ll have in the future to offer more events and promotions. I’m also looking into selling my e-books myself on my own web site. That’s a little more daunting, but I do think it’s going to be an even more viable option for authors in the near future.

Two Fellow Authors Win Lambda Awards: One From Ravenous Romance and One From Loveyoudivine

Last night the 24th annual Lambda Literary Award Ceremony was held in NYC, and I just found out that two authors, from two different publishers I work with, won in their respective categories.

Debra Hyde won best in lesbian erotica for “The Story of L,” published by

And Dirk Vanden won best in gay erotica for “All Together,” published by

I’ve been with both publishers for a long time (with Ravenous since they started) and I’ve seen the publishers and the authors work hard to produce good books for readers. If only one of them had won I would have been thrilled. But to see TWO win on the same night is freaking awesome!!

The road hasn’t always been easy. But it’s nice to see this kind of recognition. And I couldn’t be more thrilled for the authors and the publishers. Facebook Fan Page…

If you’re on facebook, please take a quick stop at the fan page. It’s a new fan page and I’m helping spread the word. And I’m not just spreading the word because I’m an author who has books published with them, or that I’ve been with them for almost seven years now. (I’ve never published with Silver Publishing but I would do it for them as well.)

I can say, without a hint of hesitation, that this one publisher has treated me and all their authors with absolute respect, honest concern, and a genuine sense of support. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I doubt I will again.

When I open my yahoo account and look at the inbox, not a day goes by where I don’t see something nice from someone at loveyoudivine or someone who is affiliated with them. The overall atmosphere is positive because we all trust them. The yahoo group is supportive when authors are going through both personal problems and professional issues. It’s a place to connect and get to know each other better. And that’s because this is the overall concept behind the entire publishing company.

I could ramble on, but I won’t. I just wanted to share my own quick personal experiences with them because I don’t see that often on the Internet anywhere. And that’s because I’ve worked with enough publishers to know that it doesn’t happen often.

It’s Baseball Time: "Capping the Season"

I’m going to spend some time in the coming weeks, in between posts about my indie publishing venture, revisiting previously published short stories I’ve written for For those who don’t know, LYD is an all inclusive e-publisher of erotica and erotic romance, and there are even a few “sugar and spice” romances for readers. I’ve been with them longer than I’ve been with any other e-publisher and I’m working on a short story submission right now titled: “Mike the Married Man.”

The original version of “Capping the Season” was pubbed in an anthology a long time ago by Alyson Books. I think this is when Alyson was in LA, but I could be wrong about that. Either way, I maintained the copyrights and decided to re-release it as a short e-book about two years ago. I revised many parts of the story and added a few things the original didn’t have that I thought were important to the storyline. I also wanted to give readers a choice between buying an entire anthology and one short story. I’ve stated before that I love anthologies. I really do. But I also like to have choices. And sometimes I don’t want to spend the money on the whole anthology. I only want to read a couple of stories…which for me has become one of the huge benefits of digital reading.

Anyway, “Capping the Season” is a story about a baseball player and a young professional who meet under unusual circumstances. I’m posting the blurb below and an excerpt and product details. It can be purchased here at the publisher’s web site, or here on Amazon.

When handsome young Hunter finally sells his mansion and decides to downsize to a luxury condominium, his biggest fear about moving is that he’s going to miss taking care of all the handsome young landscapers he’s grown so fond of in the old neighborhood. But when he winds up in the backseat of his car with his real estate agent on the day of settlement, he believes this is a good omen, and moves into the new place with red, puffy lips, sore knees, and a huge smile on his face. This is when he discovers he’s now living next door to a famous baseball jock who is drunk most of the time and thinks nothing of walking around in a pair of boxer shorts and a white T-shirt. But that’s nothing compared to what happens when Hunter visits him on his deck one afternoon, wearing nothing but a skimpy towel and a huge smile.

Ebook ISBN:978-1-60054-326-5
Length: 5000 words
Genre: Gay Lit / Contemporary
loveyoudivine Category: His and His Kisses
Rating: Shooting Star
Hunter’s sex appeal came in that innocent way dark, rough men always seem to notice. About five eleven, with blond hair and large blue eyes; a slim body frame enhanced by working out in the basement with free weights and push ups. Though his arms weren’t particularly large, his chest muscles responded to bench presses and push ups to the point where they rounded and popped like unbreakable ostrich egg shells sliced directly in half. But most men noticed one thing first: his round ass, a protruding cushion begging to be pounded and slapped and plugged.

The landscaping guys, always on the down low, would furtively watch while he pruned and trimmed hedges, parading his naked torso, sometimes pulling the sheer shorts so far below his waist half the crack of his smooth ass could be seen. Though it didn’t happen often (most of the time this was just a show), when Hunter noticed one of the guys seriously watching, he’d gradually arch his back, stretch his arms and then nod toward the garden shed. The guy would follow him to a private place behind the shed, where Hunter would slip off his shorts and lay face down on a pile of mulch. He’d then spread his legs wide, arch his back so his engaging ass would be in the air, and the guy would pull down his zipper for a quick afternoon fuck. In a white enamel pail with chips around the rim, Hunter kept lube and a full supply of condoms. Once, on a rare, unforgettable afternoon, when four Spanish speaking studs had been drinking too much beer on the job, Hunter spread his legs and arched his back while all four took turns nailing him into the mulch pile. It took a week for the reddish hand prints, where they’d squeezed his supple ass so hard, to disappear.

Though he’d miss the summertime romps and capping off the baseball season with the landscaping boys, living a mortgage-free life was far more exciting. The new town house, in an exclusive community of only thirty large units, had year round landscapers included in the monthly community fees. Hunter would never have to push a lawn mower, dig with a shovel or rake a leaf again. He wouldn’t have to work out at home in the basement anymore either; he could now afford to join a gym like all his friends, where he’d prance around naked in the locker room for men who were just as horny (and dirty) as the landscaping guys. He also portended he’d be able to distract at least a few of the guys who landscaped in the new town house community, too, by walking around on his rear deck in nothing but a short towel.

He drove directly to the new town house after settlement and saw the moving crew had arrived on time. Three overweight guys in Dodger baseball caps with yellow teeth and man breasts. In the back of his mind he’d been hoping for fierce and rugged moving men, with shaved heads and pierced nipples who would only be too happy to pull down their zippers while he sucked them all off in the back of the truck consecutively: an unfulfilled moving van fantasy that caused his hole to twitch.

March 16th Release: "Cowboy Howdy"

Here’s a preview of the cover for my next release with For those who don’t know, publishes…and has been publishing…tons of lgbt fiction for many years now. They were the first publisher I went with when I moved into digital only publishing, and I’ve concentrated on my favorite medium with them, the short story. I’ve written a few novellas for them as well. But most of my work has been concentrated on the shorty story.

Unlike some of the parodies I’ve written for other publishers, by turning what I’ve always considered cheesy, sexless straight romances into updated contemporary romances with gay characters that have four times the heat and very different storylines, all my work with has always been fiction that personally inspired me in one way or another…nothing at all to do with films. In this particular story, “Cowboy Howdy,” I wanted to put a Texas cowboy together with a spoiled brat gay guy from New York City to see how the dynamics would work. It’s interesting to see how they come to depend on each other in very different ways.

I’ll post more in the future as we get closer to the release date.

High Concept: Four Feet Under…

As I posted earlier this week, I remember watching an episode of Sex in the City that handled the subject of foot fetish and it stuck with me for a long time. I wanted to write something about it but nothing ever came to me so I kept putting it off.

Those who know my fiction, know that I don’t always remain in the same venue all the time. Because I sometimes switch gears, so to speak, I feel obligated to let readers know what I’m doing in more detail so they don’t think they are buying one thing and getting another.

Sometimes I do write books I think are far more romance oriented than others I’ve written. TAKE ME ALWAYS is a good example of this. As you can see from this review/comment on allromanceebooks, a reader thought so, too.

OH MY GOD!!! I CRIED MY EYES OUT!. This was a very touching love story with alot of steamy sex. Make sure you have plenty of time to read the entire book in one sitting and a box of kleenex by your side. It was a very close adaptation of The Notebook except the character that was writing the story used a computer. Maybe we should call the book “The Laptop” (tee-hee). Seriously though, it is a great read.

There are times I like to have fun and take a Debbie Macomber trope and add a lot more spice and heat to it. I love Debbie’s books; don’t get me wrong. But just because there’s a basket of puppies in a book doesn’t mean there can’t be good sex, too. And there are just as many readers out there who want to read the sex scenes as there aren’t. There’s room for everyone.

In some cases, I’m often amazed at the double standards sometimes. I read about a popular book reviewer editing an erotic BDSM anthology and then I see on her blog she uses the word “heck” instead of “hell.” I know this is small, maybe even petty. But if you’re bold enough to edit BDSM, which is territory where even I’ve never gone in fiction (seriously,) give me a break with the “heck” bullshit. You’re clearly no saint; you’re allowed to use the word “hell” (smile).

I’m explaining FOUR FEET UNDER WITH MY BUDDIES because it’s not the most romance oriented book I’ve ever written. It’s more new adult, high concept erotica if anything. I’m certain fictionwise will classify this in “fetish.” There is a happy ending, character development, a storyline that would stand alone without the sex, and there could be room for a possible relationship in the future with the characters. But you’re not going to find a basket of puppies in this one.

The gist of the story is focused on one thing: foot fetish. And I tried to keep it lighter, without laughing at it like they did in Sex in the City. It’s one of those awkward topics late night comedians love to joke around about. I can just hear Chelsea Handler now. But the truth is there are obviously a lot of people, gay and straight, out there with foot fetishes and it’s one of those taboo topics no one will ever admit to aloud. And, we tend to laugh at things that hit too close to home and make us a little too nervous.

Here’s the blurb, and if anyone has any questions, please e-mail me.

Young Max is living at home and going to community college to save money. But his social life is nonexistent; he hasn’t been with a man in months. Then one Friday night he decides to go to the school gym and work out because there’s usually no one else around. That’s when he finds two of the hottest guys on campus shooting hoops in the empty gym. He pretends to be disinterested and they eventually follow him into the locker room. When he finds out they are a gay couple looking for a third, he’s stunned. And when they tell him what they want him to do to their feet, he can’t wait for them to take off their shoes.

Free Christmas E-book!!

For the past month or so everyone over at has been putting together a freebie for the holidays.

I’ve posted all the info below from the web site, and you can get there by clicking this link to download the free e-book.

An excerpt, from my new adult Holiday novella, THE COMPUTER TUTOR, is part of this. And I’d like to mention it’s an excerpt that’s never been published before. And, like all the excerpts in this free book, they are very hot and very steamy. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I’m downloading it myself later today and I’ll be reading it over the weekend.

Naughty And Nice – loveyoudivine anthology Free Read

Wishing our readers a very Happy Holiday Season and a very safe New Year.

Blurb: lyd Authors team up to put their sexiest best forward. Enjoy this antho of Flash Fiction and hot excerpts.


lyd Category: lyd Anthology
Length: 12677 Words / 68 PDF pages
Rating: 5
Formats Available: pdf, lit, zipped html,
lrf, epub, RB,
Ebook Cover Price: Free Read

T’was The Night Before Christmas – JJ Giles
Silent Night – Max Griffin
After The Office Party – G. Fenton
Christmas Day – David Sullivan
Stranger Desires – Jay Lancaster
The Computer Tutor – Ryan Field
From Penance – Cain Berlinger
From Four On The Floor – Barry Lowe
From Creepy – Jean Roberta
From Hold Me Tight – Dalia Craig
From Heaven and Hell – Bryn Colvin
From Christmas Carol – Jazmine Starr
A Crazy Christmas – Cain Berlinger
From Master’s Dungeon – Alex Morgan
Love and Mink – Kiya
A Long Time Coming – Bryn Colvin
He Knows When You’ve Been Naughty – Alex Morgan

M/M Fiction: Dirk Vanden

If you’re looking for m/m fiction that’s slightly different from what you’ve been reading, check out the work of Dirk Vanden.

Here’s his page on the publisher web site.

I would assume Dirk’s books, like mine from LYD, can be purchased on Amazon and other web sites where e-books are sold.

Here’s the tag line from one of his works, I WANT IT ALL.

One dark summer night in 1969, in a tiny Colorado cow-country town, in the back alley behind Red’s Bar and Billiards, Warren Miller attempts to save a “Queer’s” life, and in the process discovers his own homosexuality.

I have many older gay friends and I enjoy reading fiction set during this period. It was a different world in some ways, and in others it hasn’t changed all that much no matter what “they” want you to think. There’s no way to explain this…you just have to know it. You can’t read about it in the press or watch it on TV. It’s something innate.

The Holiday Shelf Over at

I have to admit that this is one of those things I enjoy about writing and promoting books. And I don’t enjoy much about promoting. I always feel awkward about doing it.

But this is more like giving a huge shout to all the Christmas books and stories at one time.

There’s a Holiday Shelf over at, where readers can peruse through a list of holiday themed titles. You can get there from here.

I have two on the shelf: One is a novella titled, SANTA SATURDAY. And the other is a new adult genre Christmas novella titled, THE COMPUTER TUTOR.

But check out the entire shelf and see if there’s anything you like. This is inside information I don’t give out very often. But the authors over at are given almost free range to do whatever they want. It’s the ultimate creative process for an author and one I cherish. And the reader is really getting what the author intended him or her to get, without the hype. I’ve worked with a lot of publishers in my time and I’ve always had good experiences with them. But I’ve never been allowed full creative control…until I started working with about six years ago.

Historical Romance Update: A Young Widow’s Promise

I’m posting about all this for a reason. I hear a lot of people talking about the quality of e-books and they usually aren’t very happy. I’m not talking about content…in this respect you can never please everyone. I’m talking about errors and edits and mistakes that either go unnoticed or simply aren’t recognized before digital books are released.

We’re now on the fifth round of edits for A Young Widow’s Promise, a historical, m/f, romance I’ve been working on for a long, long time, which will be released by very shortly. And before these five rounds of edits, I did about one hundred rounds on my own before the manuscript was submitted to the publisher.

I can’t speak for anyone else. But I can speak for the publisher as far as my personal experience goes. I’m never rushed, which is important with a historical. They care more about quality than quantity and authors are never stressed out. And even though the editing process is arduous at best, it’s always pleasant, too.

We still have a few more rounds to go with A Young Widow’s Promise. And then I’ll receive the final version to look over myself. By that time, the book is usually ready to be launched. But I have found a few mistakes even when we reach this point. And the editors are always more than happy to fix them.