Category: Loose ID Publishing Closes; Lil Peep’s Death Under Investigation Now; Dominic Sherwood’s Gay Slur

Loose ID Publishing Closes; Lil Peep’s Death Under Investigation Now; Dominic Sherwood’s Gay Slur

Loose ID Publishing Closes

A friend pointed this out to me on Facebook and figured I’d share. Although I never worked with this publisher, I’ve always heard good positive things about them.

All things, it’s said, must come to an end. For Loose Id, that time has come. Rather than risk the reputation and good will that we have worked very hard to build, on May 7, 2018, we’ll be closing our doors for good. We want to thank all of our authors, artists, editors, employees, customers and friends for your help making this company a success.

Here’s a link to the Facebook page where they made the announcement.   There’s more. And it’s very professional and eloquent.

Lil Peep’s Death Under Investigation Now

I thought this case was pretty much wrapped up. Evidently, not.

 Now, a report from TMZ claims police are opening an investigation after discovering “troubling private messages” on his phone.

Authorities are particularly interested in texts from a woman seen on a tour bus with the rapper not long before his death.
There’s more here.  I hope there will be follow ups to this. I was a fan of his. 
Dominic Sherwood’s Gay Slur
Dominic Sherwood is part of a TV show called, Shadowhunters. I’ve never seen it and I’m not even sure who Sherwood is. But he made news recently for making a gay slur and now he’s apologizing. 
He called someone a F$g, in that joking way straight guys often do, and this followed… 
“I think so many problematic phrases go unchallenged and they perpetuate negativity and hate and intolerance,” he says in a new Instagram post, “and today I was part of that and I am truly, truly sorry.”
Here’s the link.  There are 47 comments with this and many varying opinions…unusual opinions. I think it’s just part of mainstream heteronormative culture. I’ve heard it all my life. Straight guys talk this way all the time, they see nothing wrong with using that word, and it’s going to take time for that to change. What I don’t understand is when gay men don’t see anything wrong with it. Why is that? Every other minority gets respect and people are called out for slurs like the word F&g. I think it’s time for a few apologies. And no, this time I don’t think we’re being too sensitive. Using the word F#g would have been considered a pejorative 30 or 40 years ago.