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New Selfie For Profile; Look Who Richard Hammond Offended Now; Eminem Gives People Diamond Encrusted Sex Toys For Wedding Gifts; Nile DiMarco’s Thanksgiving Meat

New Selfie For Profile

One of the things I think I despise most about social media are the endless selfies. I’m not talking about someone who posts a selfie once in a while. I like those. I’m talking about the people who post more selfies of themselves in one day on social media than most normal people take in a lifetime.

In the same respect, we all want to know what we look like. It’s human nature, clearly. My author friend Jon Michaelsen recently posted pics of himself growing a beard and I love them.

So even though I despise taking selfies, I have vowed that I will post current up to date selfies here on this web site every so often, which I did today in my profile.

Look Who Richard Hammond Offended Now

Here’s a good example of someone telling a joke…and then offending everyone on Twitter. And that’s not hard to do. Everyone is offended on Twitter. That’s half the fun of Twitter for those of us who don’t get offended that easily.

This all started when Richard Hammond made a joke about straight men not eating ice cream. You can watch the video here. 

In this article, he explains the joke.

Almost a year ago, the Top Gear host said: ‘A grown man eating an ice cream, it’s a bit… it’s that way rather than that way.’
He said he doesn’t eat ice cream because ‘it’s something to do with being straight.’

One, I don’t eat ice cream either. Two, off all the things in this world that could offend me, this is the least of them. Three, I think twitter needs an “Offended” button.

Eminem Gives People Diamond Encrusted Sex Toys For Wedding Gifts

And people wonder why the majority of us are getting sick and tired of these multi-million dollar celebrities with too much money and not enough brain.

This really is about as ridiculous as it gets.

Eminem once gave Elton John diamond-encrusted sex toys.
Yes, you heard that right. As a civil partnership present, the rapper gave Elton John and his partner David Furnish cock rings.
And the best part? Eminem delicately placed them on two velvet cushions.

Here’s the rest. Unless you really do buy into this stupid brand of celebrity publicity, be prepared to gag.

Nile DiMarco’s Thanksgiving Meat

And on a much, much lighter note, here’s something amusing. I really like Niles…and it’s all so harmless.

The ever-smoldering DiMarco treated his legion of Instagram fans to a revealing pic that finds him prepping for Thanksgiving totally nekkid and thirst-trappy, and we’re here to show it to you.

To tell you the truth, the turkey he’s showing off looks a little tired, but I really love his roasting pan. I’ve been looking for one like that for a long time.

Here’s more. 

In the spirit of the true, tacky, cheesy bathroom selfie, here you go…

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