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Logan Paul Is Very Naughty Lately; The Orgasm Capital of the World; Ageism and Naked Speed Dating Event; Pro Soccer Player Comes Out As Gay

Logan Paul Is Very Naughty Lately

I really can’t take things like this too seriously. It’s Logan Paul. It’s not the Pope.

Logan Paul announced that he plans to “go gay” for the month of March, and there was backlash. Then Logan apologized for his choice of words. However, he hasn’t given up on the idea, and he said this:

 “Because sexuality is so fluid nowadays, I don’t think twice about talking about being gay. I don’t give a shit. Being gay is cool to me, I think that it’s a very cool thing.”

And there’s the problem that I see everywhere. It’s not just Logan Paul. If anything I applaud Logan Paul for bringing this topic out in the open. People think that being gay is only about sex. And it’s not only about sex. Gay people have a history and a culture, and some gay people don’t even have sex. 

Now if Logan Paul wants to “go sexually fluid,” I support him all the way. But you just can’t “go gay.” It doesn’t work that way. It’s not possible.  

Here’s a link to this one. There’s a cute photo of Logan doing something with a banana in his mouth. However, the truth is that Logan Paul can’t “go gay,” not even if he does naughty things with a banana. You can only be born gay. Right now, the best he can do is shoot for sexually fluid and keep practicing on that banana until he gets it right. 

The Orgasm Capital of the World

I never really wondered much about this, but I saw the link and figured I’d share.

A sex toy company called Lelo did a study of their own, and according to them Norway has the best sex ever. A staggering 35 percent claim they climax every day of the week.

You can read more, here. They go on to mention other countries, and they made a statement where they claim to have broken all the stereotypes.

Ageism and Naked Speed Dating Event

I’ve seen things about these naked speed dating events all over the Internet lately.

It’s actually kind of creepy. They all get there at a certain time, strip naked, check each other out, and then get dressed again. After they’ve seen all there is to see, they start the speed dating process.

However, in this particular case you can only participate in this illustrious event if you’re between the ages of 23 and 35. Not 36 or 37. And, they check IDs at the door.

Of course it’s classic ageism. Here’s the link. But you have to ask yourself, at any age, would you ever want to participate in a vapid event like this?

Pro Soccer Player Comes Out As Gay

This never gets tired for me. I know how difficult it is to come out as gay and I never take it lightly. So when I see these stories, I like the share them in hopes that maybe someone else will be inspired.

Former soccer player,  Matt Pacifici, recently came out as gay by introducing his boyfriend on Instagram.

You can get all the details, here, and there some very nice photos of them as a couple.

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