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My List of Published Fiction: Part One

I’m putting this list together for several reasons. One of which is I’ve been careless about doing something like this for a long time and I’m not even sure what’s out there myself. Another is because most authors have a complete list of their works on their web sites and I think readers like checking these things out.

My apologies for not doing it much sooner. I’ll post an Amazon link to each one. And because there are so many I’ll be doing them in a few different posts. This is Part One. All but The Mile High Club are full length novels that run from 52,000 words to 75,000 words, each. I wrote each book between August 2008 and March 2013.

1. Sleepless in San Francisco link                                      
2. A Christmas Carl link
3. An Officer and His Gentleman link                               
4. Valley of the Dudes link
5. The Mile High Club link                                                 
6. The Way We Almost Were link
7. American Star link                                                          
8. Dancing Dirty link
9. American Star II link                                                    
10. All About Yves link
11. Lasting Lust link                                                           
12. Shakespeare’s Lover link
13. Pretty Man  link                                                            
14. The Virgin Billionaire link
15. He’s Bewitched link                                                         
16. Gay Pride and Prejudice link
17. Take Me Always link                                                      
18. My Fair Laddie link
19. When Harry Met Sal link                                                
20. The Virgin Billionaire’s Wedding link
21. The Ghost and Mr. Moore link                                        
22. Rough Naked and in Love link
23. The Virgin Billionaire: Revenge link                             
24. Young Hung and Hitched link
25. The Virgin Billionaire and the Evil Twin link               
26. Hot Italian Lover link
27. Field of Dreams (Anthology) link                                  
28. The Buckhampton Country Club and the Rogue Prince link
29. The Virgin Billionaires Adventure link                           
30.Virgin Billionaire’s Dream House link
31. The Bachelor link                                                             
32. Virgin Billionaires Hot Amish Escapade link
33. Four Gay Weddings and a Funeral link                            
34. Virgin Billionaire’s Reversal of Fortune link
35. Virgin Billionaire’s Little Angel link                                
36. Chase: Fifty Shades of Gay link
37. Bad Boy Billionaires: Ivy League Rake link                    
38. Bad Boy Billionaires: Wall Street Shark link
39. Bad Boy Billionaires: Vegas Shark link               
40. Ricky’s Business link
41. Big, Bad, and on Top link
42. The Virgin Billionaire’s Secret Baby link

I’ll post the next group soon.

Update: Links to Parts Two and Three.