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My List of Published Fiction: Part Three

Here’s the third and final post (for now…I really hate doing things like this) with a list of the books, stories, and novellas I’ve had pubbed over the years. I wish I could say that it’s absolutely exact. But unfortunately I have lost track of a few things and I’m certain I’ve left something out. If and when these things come to me, I’ll update accordingly. Some were only released in print, some go back to the 90’s, and some aren’t even listed on goodreads.

Here’s a link to Part Two, and a link to Part One.

If there’s anything significant to add to the titles (like pen names), I’ll put it in parenthesis. I’ve also numbered everything to keep myself organized.

Self-Published works

90. Chase of a Lifetime (self-published by Ryan Field Press) link
91. Chase of a Dream (unabridged self-published by Ryan Field Press) link 
92. Chase of a Dream (abridged self-published by Ryan Field Press) link
93. A Sign From Heaven Above (self-pubbed by Ryan Field Press) link

Older Print Books

94. Unmasked (Anthology with Starbooks Press) link
95. The Mile High Club Plane Sex Stories (Anthology with Cleis Press) link
96. Surfer Boys (Anthology with Cleis Press) link
97. Backdraft Firemen Erotica (Anthology with Cleis Press) link  
98. College Boys (Anthology Cleis Press) link
99. Hard Hats link
100. Best Date Ever (Anthology with Alyson Publications) link
101. Best Gay Love Stories Summer Flings (Anthology) link
102. Cross-Dressing Erotic Stories (anthology by Rachel Kramer Bussell) link
103. Skater Boys (anthology) link
104. Best Gay Love Stories 2010 (anthology) link
105. Unmasked II (Anthology) link
106. Huddle (Anthology edited by Lori Perkins) link 
107. Ride Me Cowboy (Anthology by Starbooks Press) link
108. Unwrapped (Anthology Starbooks Press) link
109. Boys Caught in the Act link
110. Service with a Smile link
111. Cruising for Bad Boys link
112. Hot Jocks (Anthology by Richard Labonte) link
113. Slow Grind (Anthology with Alyson Books 2000) link
114. Ultimate Undies (Anthology by Rachel Kramer Bussell) link
115. Ultimate Gay Erotica 2007 link
116. Cruise Lines link
117. Fast Balls link
118. Treasure Trail link
119. Don’t Ask Don’t Tie Me Up link
120. Love At First Sting link

This is the most accurate list I can come up with to date. And, there are some short stories (not all) that were originally pubbed in some older print anthologies that have been re-released as stand alone short stories in digital format only (I don’t like to sign exclusives with print anthologies). I did this for several reasons. I wasn’t happy with the way they were first edited and released in the print books, I wanted to give readers a *cheaper* way to read digital short stories without having to buy an entire print anthology, and I wanted to separate the digital stories from the print books.

However, all the short stories in the ravenous romance digital anthologies are original and have never been pubbed as stand alone short stories anywhere else.

I haven’t mentioned European publishers or magazine works where I have been published because I’ve lost track of most of them and would have to really dig into the old hard copy files to find them. I also missed a few print books from Alyson (like the “My First Time” series). But I tend to think readers care more about future works (I know I do), so I’ll continue to update as new releases come out.