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What do Fred Karger and RuPaul Have in Common?

This morning while watching the news on TV I heard that RuPaul visited New Hampshire. Then I read about it online. The info was easy to get; only one click. He wore an unusual pale blue blazer and some type of interesting cap.

“I am not Ron Paul!” shouted RuPaul, the famous drag queen (wearing men’s street clothes), at the top of his lungs inside a cramped diner here, a picturesque little restaurant that presidential candidates have visited for years. “And I am not running for president of the United States!,” he added.

I know Fred Karger has been in New Hampshire, too. He’s that openly gay dude who is making history by making a serious attempt to run for President. Whenever I see him he’s usually wearing a conservative business suit or something equally tasteful. I had to do a longer search for find online info about Fred Karger in New Hampshire, as you can see from this link.

Fred Karger will not win the 2012 Republican nomination. But he has at least made history as the first openly gay candidate to run in the race.

Campaigning fiercely in New Hampshire last week, Karger, 61, does not really see it that way. He proudly wears a rainbow flag lapel badge on his suit and is (obviously) pro-gay marriage, but he finds most voters do not care too much about his sex life.

The problem was I didn’t hear anything about Fred Karger in the mainstream media; just RuPaul. I have nothing against RuPaul. I like him/her. I also think she/he is extremely smart and knows how to work the gay deal better than most gays I know.

I just find it interesting that the only thing Fred Karger and RuPaul have in common is that they were both in New Hampshire recently. One of them clearly received more attention than the other, and I have a feeling the reason is exactly the same as it always is.

If I were Fred Karger, I would be very tempted to do something interesting; just for fun. I know Fred would never do this. It’s just not his style. I might be tempted, but I’d probably never do it either because it’s not my style. But wouldn’t it be interesting to see what would happen if Fred Karger put on lipstick and earrings on one of his stops on the campaign trail?

I’d bet anything the mainstream media, from Fox to CNN, would pay attention to him then.