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Line Edits for "Chase of a Lifetime"

This week I’m down to doing the line edits for my new indie release, “Chase of a Lifetime.” I didn’t hear back from anyone at QED regarding the procedure of getting an e-book stamp of approval, so I’m literally going line by line through the book this week to make sure there aren’t any editoral mistakes. I recieved the final draft from the copyeditor I hired and I’ve already put it up, with the cover, on Amazon in PDF so I can see how the final book will look as readers will see it.

And I guess I’m doing it the hard way. But it works for me and keeps me organized. I’m going line by line, just as I would do for a publisher with a galley, just as I’ve been doing for the last twenty years with all fiction I’ve had published. I’m keeping track of the changes, and then I’m going back to the word document and making the changes. The only difference is this time I get the final say (smile). So far, I’m halfway through the book and I’ve only come up with about ten small issues. They are things like “haircut” being spelled as “hair cut.” Or I left the “t” off the word “thought” and it looks like “though.” I know as a reader how annoying those things can be to me and I don’t want to see them in my book.

The line editing is probably the most intense part of the indie process for me. I want this book to be up to standard, as if it were published by any publisher with whom I’ve worked before. I’m shooting for a release date next Monday. But until I know for certain that I’ll have the line edits finished and I’ll have a last chance to read through the final draft, that’s still tentative. So the release date may be the following Monday.


I just got word ANOTHER REGULAR BUD will be released July 22. This isn’t exactly a sequel to A REGULAR BUD, but the themes are the same.

Here’s an excerpt from line edits I just finished:

When I pulled into Bob’s service station, I
passed the gas pumps and parked head on
against one of the open garage doors. My legs
were sore, and my feet were pulsing. I’d just come
from football practice, and it was warmer than
usual for that time of year.
It wasn’t a serious football team, and I wasn’t
a serious football player. Just a group of guys I’d
know in college who liked to get together and toss
a ball around outside a gym after work. Though
I’d showered with the guys after practice, all I
wanted to do was go home and plop on the sofa.
But I’d been having troubles with the car, and
I didn’t want to let the situation get worse. It was
Another Regular Bud
the end of October, and I had a busy weekend
coming up and didn’t want to deal with car
Earlier that afternoon, I’d done something
extremely out of character: I’d stopped at a small
erotic boutique to pick up a pair of six-inch black
leather stilettos.
Though I’d never done drag before, my best
friend had talked me into going to a costume
party that Halloween weekend as one of the
characters from the movie Burlesque. Not any one
character in particular. I was just going for theme
this time.
I’d already ordered a sexy, slinky lace and
leather outfit from an erotic website and a short
blonde wig from another. A good female friend
was going to help with the make up and fake
fingernails. But I’d been worried about ordering
the high heels online and figured it was better to
go out and buy them in person to make sure they
fit well. I didn’t want to walk around in pain all
night. And to my surprise, the high heels I
bought fit almost as well and were almost as
comfortable as my old black boots, even with my
black socks.
Before I turned off the ignition, I pulled off the
high heels and threw them in the back seat. The
saleswoman had warned me it was a good idea to
get used to them before I wore them that
weekend. So after football practice, I decided to
wear them on the drive home. When I pulled up
to red lights and stopped beside other cars, I
couldn’t help laughing at what they would have
done if they’d known the nice-looking, straightacting
guy in the car next to them was wearing
black six-inch stilettos.