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The Misguided Julia Sugarbaker Political Video; Two Gay Frat Brothers; Trump Wins Nevada

The Misguided Julia Sugarbaker Political Video

I was never a huge fan of anything Linda Bloodworth-Thomason did on TV because it was far too political for my tastes. I don’t like it when Hollywood starts preaching politics to me. I like objectivity. With some exceptions to the rule, I think their job is to entertain. Designing Women was a funny TV show, for the most part, and the self-indulgent political rants that Bloodworth-Thomason was known to write for the show turned me off completely. I can’t watch it in reruns. And I think it turned off millions of other people.

In any event, I don’t want to get off topic again. The story I’m linking to is a misguided story because it doesn’t clarify that the character, Julia Sugarbaker, and the actress who played the part, did NOT agree politically. In other words, Dixie Carter only played the part of Julia Sugarbaker. According to many sources, she didn’t agree with her politics and Carter worked out a deal with LB-T to do all the political scenes as long as she got to sing on the show. And, Carter’s singing made for some of the best Designing Women shows.

I took this from Carter’s wiki page.

Carter was a registered Republican, who described her political views as libertarian. She was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly along with Pat Boone at the 2000 Republican National Convention. Although her Designing Women character, Julia Sugarbaker, was known for her liberal political views and subsequent monologues, Carter disagreed with many of her character’s left-of-center commentaries and made a deal with the producers that for every speech she had to make with which she disagreed, Julia would get to sing a song in a future episode. Carter once jokingly described herself as “the only Republican in show business”. She was also a strong supporter of the gay community.

Carter was also a wonderful actress and I think it’s highly disingenuous to not mention her beliefs when posting a story like this. Tell the truth. The new Linda Bloodworth-Thomason video out that’s so anti-Trump is only using the character, Julia Sugarbaker, because Bloodworth-Thomason most likely owns the rights to that character, which is fine. But no one mentions this aloud. 

You can read about this here, and see the video. I personally find this offensive for my own reasons. She’s using a man in drag and she’s misrepresenting the millions of gay men who would never, ever do something like this. There’s nothing wrong with drag, but the gay male community is now more diversified than ever and many of us don’t identify with drag and we don’t want to be women. The truth is not all gays like drag and we have voices, too.    

Two Gay Frat Brothers

A story about two frat brothers coming out has the good journalist people over at “salivating.” That is how they worded it, not me. 

It’s more intense than you would imagine. It involves drugs and drug culture and addiction.

“After a couple months of dating though, I realized something was going on. He started to not look well again, kind of like how he did when we were in college and it was becoming just really obvious that he had relapsed.”

You can view the story here, and read the mean girl man bun comments. It’s actually a rather sad story and think they’ve gone through their own brand of fresh hells. I don’t know why anyone would “salivate” over a story this sad.

Trump Wins Nevada

If someone asked me who I was going to vote for I wouldn’t know how to answer at this point. I’m not one of those gay dedicated party people, never was that dedicated to any political party, and never will be. Here in New Hope we have a very gay friendly Republican Mayor and I don’t believe all votes should be divided right down the line. But I find what’s been happening with Trump interesting. And I really do mean interesting in every sense of the word. I’m not slamming Trump, and I’m not promoting him.

In any event, Trump won another round this week.

LAS VEGAS (AP) — With a big win in Nevada, Donald Trump claimed a third straight commanding victory in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. A tight race for second between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz offered little evidence that Republicans were ready to coalesce around one strong alternative to the businessman billionaire.

With victories now under his belt in the West, the South and Northeast, a gleeful Trump was oozing even more confidence than usual Tuesday night that the GOP nomination is within reach.

You can read the rest here. I couldn’t even begin to predict if he will continue to move forward, or not. And I’m not sure anyone else can either.

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