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Lifeguard’s Huge Penis In Speedos Causes Uproar; A Big Penis Lightsaber Duel; Gay Top Seeks Advice

Lifeguard’s Huge Penis In Speedos Causes Uproar

As  far as I know, this really happened and it’s caused a great deal of commentary about penis size. The only reason I say this is because you can’t trust anything these days.

A lifeguard in California (I think, California) received an e-mail from his boss stating that the lifeguard’s penis was so large it was causing distraction and complaints…from “parents”…and the boss offered a few helpful suggestions. Like wearing “board shorts instead.”

It’s actually a very nice letter, with praise for the employee, and I would imagine it was a difficult letter for the boss to write. I wouldn’t even know how to begin an e-mail like that. But I guess he had to do something, because those parents who are so worried about their kiddies seeing a huge bulge in speedos sound as if they meant business.

You can read the entire e-mail here. 

And here’s something the same lifeguard posted on social media 2 years ago:

We got into the showers and I just tried to focusing on getting in and out as quickly as possible. That part went fine, as far as I knew, and I walked over to the lockers to get my suit on. I had a few friends on the team with me, and as I was changing, one of them came up to me and said something along the lines of, “Dude, your dick is huge.” I didn’t believe him since I thought I was average, but the next practice I looked around in the showers and noticed most of the other guys were maybe 1-2 inches soft, and I was closer to 4.5. From that day on, in every locker room and public shower I go to, I get looks, some of them of interested guys and some of them disgusted looks from guys who probably think I’m being a show-off.

And this:

I haven’t had a ton of sex, but the few times that I have, or have tried, the girl was either too scared because of the size, or we had to stop shortly after because it was hurting her. Regular sized-condoms are generally too tight, so I usually go for the larger sizes.

I feel bad for the poor guy. He really sounds distressed over all this. Unfortunately, the comments aren’t very sympathetic to his issue. I just wish someone would tell him to stop worrying, be proud of himself, and concentrate on meeting someone who won’t judge him by his penis size.

A Big Penis Lightsaber Duel

I didn’t expect this to become a penis blog post today, but while doing simple searches for the lifeguard above, I noticed this, too. Don’t judge. I could be complaining about politics, crying butthurt about something, or tweeting rants about Donald Trump like some of those other disingenuous authors I know who are far too grand to even say the word penis in any context. They giggle like silly girls in middle school and use words like “peen.”

In any event, there’s a French smartphone ad where two naked young guys have a lightsaber duel while wearing glow in the dark condoms.

You can check out the video here. I think it’s SFW. And, it’s actually very well executed…not porny at all.

Gay Top Seeks Advice

I always find this topic interesting because most gay men will tell you they are versatile…or they won’t say anything at all…including me. Being a top or a bottom is just not something we want to talk about, even though we can almost always tell a top or a bottom with just one glance. That’s all it usually takes, and you know. That may not be PC, but it’s true.

In this particular case, a young gay man has a problem that’s quite the opposite of the guys above. He’s a top and he claims his penis is too small. And again, there’s nothing to joke about here. It’s a serious issue for this guy.

He didn’t message me for a week, and he texted me out of the blue saying that he prefers guys with “comparable” penis size to him. I was so hurt I didn’t respond. – See more at:

 Why do I even continue? Out of 7 people (one guy from last yr too), I have a 0% chance of making it past sex. I live alone, my family hasn’t talked to me in years, I only have a few friends, and I get dumped and sometimes even shamed for my penis if I try to pursue a romantic relationship. No, I do not want to bottom – it usually hurts a fair amount and I don’t find in pleasurable. I can’t top, because my dick is probably too short for Penetration. Why should I go on? I’ve been a relatively active dater this year, and every single time it’s been more or less the same story.

Another guy in a similar situation left him a message with advice. You can read all this here.

My advice to this guy would be to stop looking for such average people. Find someone who “gets” sex and really wants a good top, and who knows how to appreciate a good top, and you’ll figure out plenty of things to do in bed. It sounds to me as if this poor guy has been dating amateurs.

The Virgin Billionaire Series by Ryan Field

I tend to forget about books I’ve had published other than those that are the most current. But I have a backlist that’s fairly extensive and one of them is part of a series called The Virgin Billionaire. This is the first book in the series, below, and you can read more about it right here on this blog. I posted a great deal about the series in order to keep track of the books, so you’ll find multiple posts about all the books, including a list of them in consecutive order.

I’d also like to add that this first book is a gay erotic (every erotic) parody of sorts, which I’ve always stated up front, from the very beginning, and it is loosely based on the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  In spite of a great deal of criticism I’ve received from some in the book review community, I’ve explained why I did this (and why I did this with several other books) and I have absolutely no regrets. The main reason is that gay men don’t have the same content straight people get and I wanted to give them something to which they could relate.

The most interesting thing is that the review sites that criticized me the most for doing this, and doing it openly, all have been riddled with scandal and questionable practices for the last five years.

In any event, here’s the first book in the series, and maybe one of these days I’ll open up about who inspired me…and there is someone specific who inspired the character of Jase…to do this.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes on a whole new meaning in this French smartphone ad that features two naked men having a lightsaber duel using glow-in-the-dark condoms. – See more at:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes on a whole new meaning in this French smartphone ad that features two naked men having a lightsaber duel using glow-in-the-dark condoms. – See more at:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes on a whole new meaning in this French smartphone ad that features two naked men having a lightsaber duel using glow-in-the-dark condoms. – See more at: