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Strict Copyright Policy at Amazon: Life Filled with Awesome Love

Strict Copyright Policy at Amazon: Life Filled with Awesome Love

Here’s the most recent release from my newly introduced indie collection titled, A Life Filled with Awesome Love. It’s on Amazon right now, and I have to say one great thing for Amazon. They do indeed vet each book that is uploaded, to the point where I’ve had to resubmit each book, and send them exact proof that I am the author and that I do hold the copyrights to each book I upload.

From my inbox:


Thanks for using Amazon KDP! We look forward to bringing your books to the Kindle store. Copyright is important to us – we want to make sure that no author or other copyright holder has their books claimed and sold by anyone else. For your book(s), we just need a few additional items:

And I don’t mind doing the extra work in the least. I’m glad they are vetting me this way as an indie author, and I hope they continue to do so.

Link to A Life Filled with Awesome Love


It’s 1959 and young Travis Swanson discovers that living in the same small Montana town where he grew up is suffocating. So he devises a long term plan to get out of his situation and change his circumstances, but there aren’t that many options for men like him and he has to settle for the best thing that comes along. In his case, this comes in the form of an advertisement at the back of a rodeo magazine. He answers an unusual ad for a ranch hand job in Western Montana and finds himself communicating with a cowboy named O’Dell Johnston. After a series of letters pass between them Travis decides to take the job and move into O’Dell’s house. But he soon learns that although some things are better than he expected and O’Dell is an articulate lover, some things just don’t make sense. And Travis is not sure he can live with a man who has so many secrets, won’t install central heat, and rarely ever discusses his past…a past that includes the mysterious deaths of the two young ranch hands before Travis.