Captain Velvet’s Velvet Box

Captain Velvet’s Velvet Box is a short story that’s an erotic parody on the superhero theme. Although the original storyline doesn’t parody anything in particular, the main character is an erotic exaggeration with what I hope comes across as humorous parody. I do that often. A few reviewers have picked up on it and I thank them all sincerely. But a few didn’t. So I’m explaining it in more detail for those who think I would actually write something serious about a burping dick(smile).

A version of this story was published by a print publisher a long time ago and I wanted to revise it, add more to the story, and fix some very bad editing that was done with the original release by the original publisher. That editing has bothered me for years and I finally decided to do something about it.

Raw Blurb:

When a nice looking young Ross finally loses his virginity, he discovers something unusual he didn’t know about himself. He thinks he’s just a normal guy fresh out of college, working in a low profile job in advertising, and living in a small studio apartment in New York. Until he discovers he has this unexplainable super-sexual ability to bring men to their knees. It’s an erotic gift so powerful and so earth-shattering it actually makes one hunky semi-pro baseball player scream out, “Polka Doodle-Doooo,” in the height of passion. When word starts to get around about Ross’s superhuman erotic gift, he’s approached by a producer who wants him to star in an all male adult video titled, “Captain Velvet”, with six strapping young football players and a kinky costume that includes a sheer black cape and a black velvet mask. Although Ross is reluctant at first, he finally agrees to star in the video as long as he can remain anonymous.


The way Ross Rand gained his unexpected fame happened by accident…a pure coincidence of fate he’d never expected, not in his wildest dreams. He couldn’t have planned it if he’d tried. He’d never been considered overly ambitious, and no one would have referred to him as the aggressive type. And yet in spite of all this he wound up obtaining a level of celebrity…and some fortune…few people are ever able to achieve.

He was only twenty-two years old by the time all this happened, a recent college graduate living in a rented Manhattan studio apartment, working as a junior sales rep. for a large advertising agency. People described him as slim and athletic, with short, reddish brown hair parted perfectly on the right. His small straight nose and strong dimpled chin suggested true Yankee origin. He wore preppy white shirts and casual khaki slacks and took pride in the fact he had always blended into a crowd without being noticed.

It’s not that he was shy or had serious inhibitions. He simply didn’t have the ambition to be anything other than a normal guy living a normal life. And right after college, it hadn’t occurred yet to Ross that he’d been blessed with a superhuman gift…a type of sensual magic, which could bring any man to his knees begging for more.

The night he finally realized he was different from other men he was in bed with a guy he’d met at a downtown bar. He’d just lost his virginity to a thirty year old Italian guy, Bruno-from-Brooklyn, with jet black hair and large muscles bulging all over his olive skinned body. Though Bruno-from-Brooklyn pronounced his TH’s as D’s, and every sentence included the word the F word, Ross had liked the way he’d spread his legs wide and hiked up his jeans when he’d sat down at the barstool earlier that evening.

And, of course, this story is meant to be fun. Even the part where the semi-pro baseball player screams out “Polka doodle-doooo,” during sex is something I parodied from a more serious m/m romance I came across recently. It’s not an expression I see very often. I know nothing about polka music and will never know anything about it. But when I see something serious that literally begs to be parodied I just can’t help myself.

I’ll post more when I have an exact release date and cover art.

That Cowboy in the Window…New Announcement Coming Soon

Before I get into a new short I’ve been working on for, I’d like to drop a hint that there’s going to be something new over at very soon. I can’t talk about it now. But I will on August 3rd. With all the drama slithering around the Internet this month, it’s nice to see something positive for a change.

I don’t have an image yet for my upcoming release, THAT COWBOY IN THE WINDOW, but I do have a blurb and here’s a short excerpt. It’s something I don’t normally write about…gender-bending…but I’ve been reading John Iriving’s newest novel, which not only gets into gender-bending but also bi-sexuality and I’ve been taking it all in, so to speak. It’s interesting to see a well known mainstream novelist like Irving get into a theme like this. This story of mine, however, wasn’t influenced by Irving.

I wrote my story story a long time ago and never did anything with it. The original title was “Bananas Foster,” which I decided to change with this release because it sounded too contrived.


This is the unusual gender-bending story of Paige living as a woman by night and a harmless effeminate man named Paul by day. Though her best friend knows the truth about her, no one else does, especially not the handsome young straight guy in the cowboy hat who lives in the apartment across the alley and likes to watch her undress every night. She’s always been able to pass without working too hard, but never felt complete as a woman. But when she finally decides to get the exaggerated breast augmentation she’s always dreamed about, her life changes in ways she never expected. Although it’s not the kind of happily-ever-after ending found in most romance stories, it is the kind of emotional happy ending in modern romance that begins on the inside where it counts the most.


Before Paige found a really good set of fake boobs, people assumed she was just another flat-chested lanky woman with a nice smile. There were no obvious telltale signs. Even her hands had a small, delicate appeal most real women would have killed for.

She kept her hair long and blonde and parted dead center. It fell perfectly straight and stopped at the middle of her back. Her small frame never gave her away. Although average in height…some would have considered slightly tall for a girl…she practically lived on lettuce and carrots to maintain a small waist. But she compensated for this one minor drawback in height with small features, large blue eyes with long natural lashes, and a perfect button nose. She’d never needed hormones or surgical procedures to cross-dress and pass as a real woman; just lipstick and earrings and a cute short dress did wonders.

As a child, strangers would say isn’t she a pretty little girl…such long, silky eyelashes and glorious high cheekbones, and the sweetest smile they’d ever seen. When corrected by her frowning father, they would gasp and assume apologetic expressions with their palms pressed to their open mouths. You couldn’t blame them, they would say. It wasn’t their fault she was such a pretty little boy.

If nothing else, she deserved credit for one thing: she knew she looked like a little girl and she liked it when they thought she was a pretty one. Most little boys would have cringed and either slipped into a shell of embarrassment or a defensive rage. But not Paige…or Paul as she was called back then. Sometimes, if her father wasn’t around when they thought she was a girl, she’d even dip, curtsy, and thank them herself.

Once, when her father caught her smiling too much at a handsome young waiter in a restaurant he took her to a barber shop the next day and had all her blond baby curls cut off. It wasn’t the waiter’s fault. He just smiled back and said, “What a cute little girl. She’s gonna break a lot of hearts someday.” It wasn’t really her fault either. The waiter was cute and she would have loved to sit on his lap and stare at his beautiful lips. She was only about five years old and too young to realize there was something wrong with this.

Her hair finally grew back and she refused to ever go to that barber shop again. She even told her father she’d stab him in his sleep if he ever shaved her head again. She was lucky enough to have had a mother who stood by her side, which eventually left her father turning his back in a hapless daze, as if he realized he may as well finally face facts. Deep down, he must have known that his little Paul would never play baseball, football, or basketball. How could he not know this when on her seventh birthday her grandmother asked her, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” and she replied, “A pretty girl with lots of boyfriends.”

Her grandmother gasped and looked up at the ceiling. Her father dropped his spoon on the floor and blinked. He mother changed the subject and cut the birthday cake. Though her mother didn’t encourage her, she didn’t discourage her either.

Call For Submission…Build Some Publishing Credits

For those authors looking to get into fiction, submitting a short story for an anthology is a great place to start. I started writing short stories for lgbt publishers almost twenty years ago and it’s always been a good experience for me.

There’s an interesting call for submission here. If I had the time, I’d be submitting something myself.

It’s also a way to build publishing credits that may lead to a full length novel. I know so many authors who want to be the next Amanda Hocking…but Amanda Hocking put in her time, too. And the query system with agents works okay at best these days. So don’t pass up a good opportunity to write and take charge of your own career. And if this isn’t your genre, look for another that suits your talents and needs better.

You Can Never Predict Anything in Publishing

If it sounds like I’m blowing my own horn in this post, I’m not. I’m seriously surprised and I’m writing this post to let other authors know that even though you think you can predict what will happen to your book, you can never really be sure.

A REGULAR BUD was originally a short story published in a small anthology by STARbooks Press. This was a nice little anthology, but I made very little money and the story received limited exposure. And I was fine with this. As a writer, I thought I knew the drill. I’d have my short story published in an anthology, I’d enjoy the fact that someone wanted to publish it in the first place, and then I’d move on to the next project.

So when I decided to re-write A REGULAR BUD and have it published by as a stand alone e-book, I didn’t expect the book to do much. When I submitted it, I told myself I’d be happy if it sold a few copies and paid for its costs with the publisher (I tend to take this aspect of publishing seriously: I like to know the publisher didn’t waste their time with me and with a book that didn’t sell anything.)

And to my ultimate shock, A REGULAR BUD has been on the bestseller list as either number one, two , or three, in the fetish/erotica category since it’s publication as a stand alone e-book with I didn’t even consider the book a fetish story. Though there is a small fetish in the book, it wasn’t the way I’ve been promoting it. To me, this was a nice little romance between a guy in his thirties and a guy in his early twenties who happened to run into each other at a very awkward time. And the fact that it even sold copies, forget about being on a bestseller list, has blown me away. I will say that I loved the new cover for the stand alone version and I was hoping A REGULAR BUD would at the very least be received well enough to get a couple of nice reviews. But I never thought it would be on any bestseller lists.

So if any other authors are reading this, you just can’t predict where a book is going to go and how readers are going to receive it. You might think you know what you’re doing, but there are always surprises out there and you just can’t imagine the outcome.

LASTING LUST: A Mostly lgbt Collection of Short Stories about Long Term Relationships and Love

Every now and then I like to revisit older books I’ve done. And LASTING LUST is probably one of my favorites. The original title for this book was “Lasting Love,” and we changed it at the last minute thinking “lust” worked better than “love.” But it’s just as much about love as it is lust, and the best part is it’s based on long term relationships, which aren’t written about very often.

And even though the book isn’t strictly lgbt, a good deal of the stories are. I even have one of my own short stories in this book, which I wrote under a well guarded pen name I rarely talk about. Below is the synopsis, which tells more.

In this empowering, romantic anthology of Lasting Love, there are carefully crafted stories by seasoned writers that offer an unforgettable experience. From the tale about a sexy young wife who conceives a lustful feast on Super Bowl Sunday for her handsome husband and his hunky, horny buddies, to the story of a tenth anniversary celebration that is as sexy as it is tender.But more than that, there are a few surprises, too. A sexually charged, thirty-three year old woman finally decides to act upon the silent love she’s been harbouring for many years for a hot young stud, a soap opera star finds lasting love in the most unconventional, unexpected way imaginable in a Brooklyn Brownstone, and a hot looking gay couple celebrate their twenty year anniversary by travelling back to the sex club where they first met twenty years earlier.This is an anthology of traditional romantic tales, separated by quirky, often outrageous stories of lovers that have lasted and endured the test of time. The women are strong and courageous and the men are hot and willing to please. It’s the perfect balance of escapism and reality, and there’s something to be learned from each character, especially in the last story titled, La petite mort.