Philadelphia Hosts LGBT Health Issues with White House

I recently read where the city of Philadelphia will be the host for a series of discussions with the White House regarding LGBT health issues and concerns. From what I gather, this isn’t focused on HIV/AIDS. This conference will be more of an open forum that discusses all health related issues and challenges within the LGBT community.

“This is an opportunity to not only look at what the administration is doing this year but at the entire breadth of what they have done in the last three years in advancing LGBT health,” said Mazzoni Center executive director Nurit Shein. “The secretary will be able to articulate well a lot of things that have happened almost under the radar but that have enabled better access to health care and outcomes for LGBT people specifically. That’s not to say the work is done — there is still plenty of work to do — but it’s really remarkable to see the dedication to LGBT health this administration has that we have never seen in any previous administration.”

One of the most interesting aspects of this conference is that it’s not going to just focus on health issues, allegedly it will focus on quality of life issues where LGBT youth and the elderly are concerned. There’s still a large amount of confused young LGBT people out there who either get thrown out of their homes or leave because they aren’t sure how to deal with their circumstances. I know for a fact there are elderly LGBT people who have health issues, but don’t have family to help them out. Where I live, because it’s a small town with a large LGBT community, we have our own networks and people help each other out. But not everyone has this kind of network system.

“These will be more conversations than presentations,” she said. “People will be able to say what they feel, what they think the big issues are, and then the HHS representatives will take that back.”

You can read more by following this link to PGN (Philadelphia Gay News)