Back to Basics: A New Review Blog for LGBT Books…

As a gay writer who has been in LGBT books published by all the well-respected gay publishers for over fifteen years, I’m finding it very interesting that there aren’t many serious blogs out there that are reviewing LGBT books. And it’s not because there aren’t enough LGBT titles out there. A large group of new LGBT writers have been emerging in the past few years and they’ve been producing LGBT books in record numbers. And the book review sites who have been reviewing these books are not, for the most part, specifically geared toward the LGBT community, to say the least. So I’m putting out a call to the writers and readers in the LGBT community, with a very loud scream, to contact me about setting up a new blog that deals only with LGBT books. I’d like to focus on LGBT romances, erotic romances, and erotica. But also be open to all genres in the LGBT community, including the classics. (We do have classics, although you wouldn’t know that from the loud review sites online these days.) I’d also like to focus on updates and changes happening in the publishing industry with regards to LGBT books. And I’d like to do this with the kind of attitude that gains respect for the LGBT community, that validates serious LGBT writers who aren’t jumping into the arena to join the latest money-making trend, and who care about what young LGBT readers are reading these days. If you’re interested, please contact me on the comment page, or e-mail me. My e-mail address is posted three times on this blog.

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