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Brittani Senser – After Love ft. Levi Johnston

A Brittani Senser fan read one of my posts on Levi Johnston’s book, “Deer in the Headlights,” and pointed me to this youtube video. I like Brittani; the video is pretty good.

But please IGNORE the political ad at the beginning of the video if it shows up. It did for me when I viewed it the first time and it’s not doing it now. I just like to make it clear I do not endorse or support any political candidates on this blog. I write about them sometimes, but that’s as far as it goes.

Levi Johnston and THOSE So-Called Reliable "Sources"

I follow a great deal that happens in pop culture, not politics. It’s always been something that fascinates me, where politics turns my stomach. I’ve posted before about Levi Johnston, after reading his book: “Deer in the Headlights.”

So when I spotted this new article on Huff Post about Levi Johnston, I figured I’d share. And this time I’m commenting.

Of course the reliability of articles like this are questionable at best. Whenever I read “A source told the magazine,” or, “the source said,” without actually finding out who the said source is, I’m less inclined to take the article seriously. It happens more and more these days. Evidently, someone found out Levi Johnston attracts readers and attention and they ran with it.

Aside from the obvious, there’s always a great deal left out of these articles people don’t take into consideration. Just because someone makes a million dollars doesn’t mean they actually get a million dollars. To assume that would be ridiculous. After taxes, and those inevitable attorney fees, not to mention agent and manager fees, that million dwindles down fast.

Besides all this, it’s really no one’s business what Levi Johnston is worth. He seems to be living a decent life, he seems happy with his new life, and his private affairs are his own business now. All I know is he wrote a damn good book that didn’t get half the attention it should have.

Levi Johnston’s New Life…

I’ve posted a few times about Levi Johnston before, so I figured I may as well post this link. His book resonated with me and I’ve been curious about what will happen to him since the book was released. I think he really was a Deer in the Headlights, in spite of the way he’s been portrayed by THOSE people.

It seems Levi and his new girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby, are planning to have a child. Both sound serious about this, and both seem to be in love. It looks like the real thing to me, and I hope I’m not wrong. After what that guy went through so early in his life with those OTHER people, he deserves something good for a change. The new girlfriend seems genuinely nice. And she’s extremely attractive.

The Alaska native also revealed his tattoos, one for each of his children. His latest tattoo, in honor of unborn daughter Breeze, is partially hot pink to signify the child’s gender.

Of course young Miss Plain, the mother of his first child, just a simple Christian girl with a simple dream, had a comment for facebook about Levi’s new life:

Tuesday night after a press release from the taped interview surfaced, Palin took to Facebook to show off a photo of Tripp, her son with Levi.

“So grown up!!!” she wrote.

Now that’s a status update you don’t see very often.

I would imagine Levi is counting his blessings right now as he moves forward with his new life.

Deer In The Headlights by Levi Johnston

In January I posted about reading Levi Johnston’s “Deer in the Headlights,” and I wanted to follow up with a short post about the book.

I’m giving it five stars and there’s a reason for this. It’s an easy read, it sounds honest enough, and I’m glad I got to read Levi’s side of the story. He seems like a simple, uncomplicated guy, and for him to take on the task of actually getting a book of his own out I think is commendable in itself. I don’t mean that in a snarky way either. I know how hard it is to write a book, and I’ve never even tackled a memoir. Most young guy Levi’s age don’t even read books let alone write them. For that alone he would have received at least four stars from me. And even if he had help with the book, he did it.

If Levi wanted to get his story out and show what he’s really like with this book, as opposed to what’s been written about him in the mainstream media and said by the Palin family, he succeeded. This post is not a knock against the Palin family. I’m not a political person (I don’t trust any politician.)But as I’ve said before, you don’t get to the position of becoming Governor of a state the size of Alaska…or any size for that matter…by being a simple girl with a simple dream. The Palin family, good old simple Todd included, are hardcore players and all that simple working man nonsense never passed with me. I could say the same thing about our current President, or anyone out there in a position of political power. It simply stands to reason. We aren’t talking about simple down home folk when it comes to winning in politics.

But I did find a certain amount of innocence in Levi’s book, where he was thrown, pardon the cliche, in with the wolves and they ate him up alive…or at least they tried. I believe his descriptions about certain family members. I like that I didn’t get a sense of bitterness either. After all he’s been through, he sounds as if he’s still basically a nice person who is willing to maintain a balance and give credit where it is due, which is more than most in his position would have done. In fact, I didn’t come away from the book thinking how terrible the Palin family is. I came away with the same thought I had before I started the book: these are complicated, powerful, ambitious people who know how to get what they want through determination and manipulation. I’m not being snarky about that either. Without ambitious people like Sarah and Todd Palin we wouldn’t get anything done.

I didn’t get the impression Levi was on the defensive, which is more than I can say about other books like this. Though I’m sure he could have sounded that way, it sounded more to me as if he came to terms with his situation and put an end to it with this book. Or, at the very least, he came to terms and showed us who he is. I could be wrong. I could be reading far more into this than I’m supposed to be reading. But I like to think that people write books like this to tell their stories, share their personal feelings, and let the world know who they are. I believe he did this in DITH and he did it well, too. I would recommend the book to anyone as well written, fast paced, and nicely executed. And I’m going to give it five stars because it deserves all that and more.

Deer in the Headlights by Levi Johnston

While going through my reading list last night, I noticed that I’d made a note to check out Levi Johnston’s book, “Deer in the Headlights.” I’m still reading Merv Griffin’s bio, and two different novels. But nothing is really keeping my interest right now. This happens every so often and I try to find something that I normally wouldn’t read.

In this case, it’s going to be Levi Johnston’s book. I’m doing it partly because it isn’t something I’d normally read and partly because I’m curious to hear his version of what’s been played out in the press. I know people have strong opinions about Levi, in both directions. But I honestly don’t have any. To me he seemed like an overzealous kid, with a little too much testosterone and not enough knowledge. And when he got caught up in the vicious cycle of the Palin family, he wound up over his head. Trust me, I’m not making any specific commentary about the Palin family. Frankly, I couldn’t care less about them unless one of them were actually running for office. But, in a general sense, it would be impossible to believe that people who have been so highly publicized in the media aren’t pros at media manipulation. In other words, like them or not, none of them are simple folk with simple dreams. And I’d like to read Levi’s side of the story.

Bonnie Goldstein vs Levi Johnston: Since When is Playgirl Magazine Considered Porn?

I just read an interesting piece, written by Bonnie Goldstein, of Politics Daily, about Levi Johnston. She claims that by posing for Playgirl Magazine, Levi has now fallen from respectable society and entered into the dark, multi-million dollar porn industry.

Wow! Bonnie. PORN?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fan of Levi Johnston. I think he could have played his cards differently. If I had been him, I would have. But this post isn’t about Levi or Palin or what’s been going on between them. This post is about Bonnie Goldstein referring to Playgirl Magazine as “porn.”

Last time I checked, Playgirl, according to wikipedia, is described as, “The magazine was founded in 1973 during the height of the feminist movement as a response to erotic men’s magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse that featured similar photos of women.” I see the word “erotic” all over the web when I google Playgirl. But I’ve never seen it referred to as porn, on a professional level. Amateurs can think what they want. But there are rules within the industry that define these things. Bonnie Goldstein knows this.

And as far as I know, Levi didn’t even pose for full frontal nudity. So what makes his photos porn? And, Bonnie didn’t forget to put in links show Levi’s Playgirl photos. If she was so against the “porn” photos, you’d think she would have left out the links so she wouldn’t offend her readers.

I’m sensitive about this issue because I write erotica and erotic romance. And there is a difference between porn and erotica. Porn is just sex for the sake of sex. There’s no story and there are no layers of emotion. And erotica is an actual story, where the sex moves the story and the romance forward, and there should be many layers of emotion. And if you remove the sex from erotica, the story should be able to stand on its own.

I also know there is such a thing as “journalistic porn.” And that’s what Bonnie Goldstein’s piece is: absolute journalistic porn. If she didn’t like what Levi Johnston did in Playgirl, she could have written the piece differently to get her point across without calling Playgirl Magazine porn. But then she wouldn’t have gotten anyone riled up over it. And this, I am certain, was her intention. It’s very transparent. Writers like Bonnie Goldstein are only interested in getting attention. They write misinformed pieces for innocent people who don’t know the difference. And they get away with it.