P&E Reader Poll and "World-Mart" by Leigh M. Lane

This isn’t an actual review. I still have about one quarter of the book left to read. And those who read this blog know I don’t like doing full reviews very often anyway. But I’ve read enough to know that I’m enjoying this book enough to recommend it to other people. I’ve also read other work by this same author and I’ve never been disappointed.

“World-Mart,” by Leigh M. Lane, is definitely one of those books you’ll keep with you for a long time. It’s dystopia, speculative sci-fi. It’s well written with a quick pace, a comfortable tone, and the reader is drawn into the story from the beginning. It makes the reader think about what could happen, and hope and pray it doesn’t happen.

I will post more about “World-Mart” when I’m finished, to wrap things up in a more organized way. But I wanted to post something about it now because there is a reader poll going on over at P&E and if anyone out there has already read “World Mart” I’d like to encourage them to go over to P&E and cast a vote for it.

I plan on voting as soon as I’m finished, which will probably be sometime on Friday. But if you have read this book and you do want to vote for it, you have to go over before January 10th.

Here are the rules for the P&E reader poll.

You can vote for “World Mart” here. After that, you’ll have to leave your name and e-mail address. When you “submit” you’ll be taken to a page that will explain everything.

And if you haven’t read “World Mart” yet, you can check it out here on Amazon.

First Self-Published Author Shout…Myths of Gods by Leigh M. Lane

Earlier this week I posted that I’d love to do a few blog posts about some of the wonderful self-published authors out there. One of the first responses came from an author I know, Lisa Lane. I read one of her books in print, which was part of a collection of romance novels for a special event. I fell in love with her writing style. She’s a pro, and a perfect example of the kind of talent who is self-publishing nowadays. And she was nice enough to send me the information below about her self-publishing experience.

I am in awe of these authors who have taken control of their careers and who have worked so hard to produce quality books.

Thank you, Ryan, for allowing me to guest blog about my recently self-published release, Myths of Gods. Some readers might have read my erotic writings published through Ravenous Romance, but this book is neither erotic nor romantic. In order to distinguish Myths of Gods from my erotic romance books (and not at all to confuse readers, I assure you), I published this book under the pseudonym Leigh M. Lane.

My Self-Publishing Adventure: MYTHS OF GODS

I remember the moment I decided I was going to self-publish Myths of Gods. The decision was liberating, as much of a gamble as I knew it was going to be. The main deciding factors were:

· Myths of Gods tackles religion and political corruption head-on, which is timely, but also makes the book anything but a mainstream sell;

· Although technically a work of dark science fiction/fantasy, it is a literary work, and dark, literary science fantasy is not going to be on any agent’s list—especially when it’s also a religious allegory and biting political satire; and

· Because of the many literary details in the book and the care I took to ensure that no scene, no line, no word was without purpose, I wanted full editorial control. I have no problem working with editors on my books—just not on this one.

In lieu of high-paid editors, I was lucky enough to have the help of my younger sister, who is a published author and has her Master of Arts in English, and my husband, a published academic writer who is working on his second Master of Arts agree, to spend whatever time it took to get the book ready for publication. Between the three of us, we went over the “final draft” at least a dozen times, over a period of several months (I had already redrafted it numerous times over the previous six years). Toward the end, we had “editing parties,” in which the three of us read the manuscript together over the television screen, carefully sifting through every line for editorial issues.

In addition, a small handful of friends were willing to beta-read as a favor, and they offered valuable feedback that helped me to sharpen and tighten the story. My husband typeset the interior for the paperback and I typeset and formatted the Kindle/ePub copy. I’m also an artist, so I was able to design my own cover. I’ve heard that professional services are popping up all over the place, which I think is great. Self-published books should not look . . . well, self-published. With Myths of Gods, I just got lucky that enough talented friends and family were as enthusiastic as I was about seeing it get published.

About Myths of Gods:

Myths of Gods is a story about good, faithful people and the leaders who would use their collective faith to their own selfish and destructive ends.

In a time and place before the world as we know it, an infant god comes to the people in the form of three boys and two girls. Follow their baby steps through an exploration of human nature, eternity, and sacrifice, taking critical look at religion, dogma, and social/political hierarchy.

You can check it out and buy it here on Amazon. in digital format. Or you can find it here on Amazon in paperback.

Please check out my web site, here.

Thanks for letting me stop by!

Lisa “Leigh M.” Lane

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