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Apple/Publisher Law Suit Over E-book Pricing

I’ve posted about how it really galls me that I’m expected to pay upward of 9.99 for an e-book from one of the big six. I get so annoyed, I usually just pass on the book altogether. I don’t like being manipulated that way, not by Apple, not by anyone. It’s also the reason I don’t own any Apple products and why I’m always supporting smaller companies like Kobo who seem to care more about their customers.

I found this article about a new law suit involving Apple and several large publishers extremely interesting. It’s still too soon to tell whether or not there are grounds for a law suit. But my fingers are crossed because I don’t like that fact that e-book prices are being controlled. My initial hope was that publishers would get smart and realize we, as readers, aren’t paying attention to their prices or their control. We are passing on e-books that are 9.99 or more and we’re shopping for books that are being released by smaller publishers instead.

Here’s the article. If you’re a book buyer and a reader, it’s worth checking out.