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James Franco’s Stunt; Travolta’s Gay Denials; Matt Bomer Plays Straight; Gay Porn Stars’ Kittens

James Franco’s Stunt

I’ve posted twice on this topic and I hope this is the last time. The only reason I’m doing it again is because I found another article at Huff Po about James Franco’s recent stunt where he jokes around about his brother and Zac Efron being a gay couple. The article is basically the same as it was everywhere else, but this time the comments left by many seem to answer a lot of the questions I had about this so-called stunt.

Here’s one that’s a bit harsh:

When two supposed straight men who act like they are dating, then all of you knuckle draggers think it’s a hoot. The rest of authentic gay men and women get called names and discriminated against, legislated against, and we become the targets of your superstitious religious nonsense. Heteros never fail to disappoint.

Here’s another that nails it in a simple way:

This is passive aggressive homophobia and he needs to be called out on it instead of patted on the head.

Here’s yet another that might be hitting the target head on:

Fools- this is how they network to help their movie sales and keep people blah blah blah, no different then all the other rubbish when it comes to Hollywood!

Of course there are also a few that didn’t see anything wrong with what Franco did. I was told Franco is a “friend” of the LGBTI community and that he didn’t mean any harm…that he’s into gay social experiments, or something like that. Well, if that’s the case, I guess we’re lab rats now.

Yesterday Franco posted photos of himself with cute kittens. And so it goes…

You can read more here.

Travolta’s Gay Denials

In another story involving more Hollywood shenanigans, the pilot,  Douglas Gotterba, who allegedly had an intimate, personal relationship with John Travolta in the 80’s is now free to tell everything he knows.

In the court documents, Gotterba says the two had a ‘personal and intimate’ relationship.

The judge ruled the former pilot has the right to sue to speak openly, saying Gotterba has no duty of confidentiality to the star.

Gotterba wants to publish a book about it all. Travolta denies the allegations.

You can read more here.

Whether this is true or not isn’t important to me. What bothers me the most about it is that there’s this hidden shame attached to being gay that shouldn’t be an issue.

Matt Bomer Plays Straight

In a far more positive piece about Hollywood, the trailer for Matt Bomer’s new film is out and he’s playing a straight role. The title of the film is Space Station 76, and Patrick Wilson is actually playing a bisexual character.

Bomer, currently filming the sixth and final season of TV’s White Collar, plays the role of Ted, a mechanic married to a woman named Misty (Marisa Coughlan).

The film is set in a 1970s-version of the future and is about a group of people and robots living on a space station. They face inner turmoil when a new assistant captain (Liv Tyler) arrives and sparks tension.

This sounds interesting. You can read more here. And, see the trailer.

Maybe there’s hope for Hollywood after all.

Gay Porn Stars’ Kittens

Here’s a link to Queerty where there’s a photo section about gay porn stars and their kittens. They are actually great photos with some of the most adorable kittens I’ve seen in a long time. I think they are safe for work, too. At least I didn’t see anything offensive there.

You can check them out here.

Of course James Franco isn’t in any of the photos with his kitties, but let’s wait and see what happens. Nothing would surprise me anymore…smile.

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