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Lance Bass On His Knees; Gay Santa Freaks Them Out; Streisand Goes After GOPer; Penis Blood Flow

Lance Bass On His Knees

Because he’s good at that.

But that’s not the entire story. It gets better. The headline is pure clickbait and the article is about the Logo “New Now Next Awards” I honestly don’t think I’ve watched Logo in a year or more so I guess I missed it on TV. So what’s New, Now, or Next about Logo passes me by completely. Last I read they were going mainstream.

In any event:

Sam Smith (Best New Musician- Male), Betty Who (Best New Musician- Female), Natalie Dormer (Best New Lead Film Actress for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1”), Ansel Elgort (Best New Lead Film Actor for The Fault in Our Stars), Looking (Best New Television Series and Jonathan Groff as Best New Television Actor), Lorraine Toussaint (Best New Television Actress, Orange is the New Black), A Great Big World (Best New Music Group), Justin Simien (Best Motion Picture by a New Filmmaker, Dear White People), Gillian Flynn (Best New Screenwriter, Gone Girl), Bianca del Rio (Best New TV Personality) and Hedwig and The Angry Inch (Best New Broadway Production- Musical).

You can check out a few photos of Bass on his knees with Ellen’s gardener. Yes. Ellen’s gardener was there…because that’s what he’s good at. That’s all I’ve got as far as comments go on this one.

Gay Santa Freaks Them Out

This is interesting because I often hear passive aggressive homophobia from straight people and they don’t even know they are doing it. One summer on TV’s Big Brother, Jeff Schroeder went out of his mind because he found out one of the characters in Harry Potter was gay. Of course he has nothing against gay people…just don’t let any characters for Harry Potter be gay.

And this is basically the same kind of mentality, only worse, that happened when gay Santa freaked out the other straight mall Santas.

Following the release of a new documentary called I Am Santa Claus, the mall Santa community (don’t underestimate them, they know when you’ve been sleeping) has their respective beards is a twist over the inclusion of a — gasp — gay Santa Claus.

The film follows all sorts of seasonal Santas during their winter stints as well as the rest of the year, when they do things from BBQing a mean rack of ribs to selling real estate (have you seen the price of a one bedroom in the North Pole lately?).

But one of the Santas, Jim Stevenson, is gay. And for many of his would-be jolly brethren, that’s a line that just shouldn’t be crossed.

The straight Santas were so outraged they took to, where else, but good old tell it like it is Facebook to vent their hate-filled homophobic opinions. Here’s one:

 “So, Santa Fag makes his film debut? How disgraceful! We, as a society, have become TOO accepting of immoral lifestyles. Fags need to be shamed not paraded around.”

 You can read the rest here. It’s interesting because the article shows how another Santa who does something very questionable in his spare time took no heat at all. There are also more homophobic comments.

Streisand Goes After GOPer

Barbra Streisand was recently accused of causing Global Warming hype/hoax by Republican Senator James Inhofe and she wasn’t pleased. I’m not sure why this is even gay news, but I guess it’s because Streisand is another one of those alleged “gay icons” and she’s, you know, a Democrat.

This would be hilarious if it weren’t so frightening. I thank Senator Inhofe for singling me out as a voice against the perils of climate change! But I’m just a small part of millions of voices, who are informed and alarmed, including 97% of all climate scientists! God help us! This man is going to head the Committee on the Environment in the United States Senate. It’s like giving a fox the keys to the chicken coop.

The rest is here. I think it’s fascinating because so far no one has been able to prove or disprove anything solid about Global Warming…not on either side of the debate. For every scientist that claims Global Warming is valid, there’s another who will dispute that. If you don’t believe me, do a search sometime when you’re free, compare both sides, and you’ll see what I mean.

So when does a point become moot until some real solid facts are presented? The one thing we do know for certain is that the earth is going to evolve and change whether we use paper towels or not. 

Penis Blood Flow

I didn’t know this until now. If a gay person is seeking asylum in another country because he’s afraid his life is in danger, the tests they have been putting these people through are unreal. But the EU has ruled they don’t have to go through anymore tests considered undignified.

The news comes after three men, including a Ugandan and one from a Muslim country, were denied asylum by a Dutch court after not sufficiently convincing officials they were actually gay.

The European Court of Justing (ECJ) ruled that asylum seekers must be treated with respect to human dignity.

Czech authorities were harshly criticized in 2011 for using a “phallometric test” to evaluate legitimacy. The test measures blood flow to the penis when a subject is shown sexually charged stimuli. The practice dates back to communist times, and some argue its validity.

As I said, I never knew this. I guess they show the guys photos of nude men or something considered sexually charged? Not the best way to get a valid measure of any kind. If a guy is too nervous nothing’s going to happen. And I would imagine that’s a highly stressful environment. Put me in a room like that and ask me those questions in front of a roomful of people and I couldn’t even get excited if they put me on Justin Theroux’s lap naked.

Thankfully this is changing and someone is helping these people maintain a little dignity. 

You can read the rest here.

Chase of a Christmas Dream