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Online Relationships, KT Grant’s Wonderful Post, and Dealing with Online Rejection

This was only supposed to be a one post day, but I just finished reading a blog post by author KT Grant and wanted to share.

First, I’m a fan of KT’s work, especially the book titled, SLEEPING WITH THE FRENEMY. If you’re into well-written, steamy erotic romance, with a lot of description and detail, I think you’ll like this. As I’ve stated many times before on this blog, I have eclectic taste and I don’t only read (or write) m/m fiction. I didn’t see any reviews on Amazon yet for KT’s book…I could be wrong and they could be up now…and the only review I did see was written by someone I’d never take seriously. But I liked the book enough to recommend it. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s all that really matters.

But back to KT’s post today. Here’s the link. Check it out if you’ve ever been involved in an online relationship that’s gone sour for no apparent reason.

I’ve personally experienced both good and bad with online relationships. I began a wonderful online relationship with book reviewer Elisa Rolle about five or six years ago when I sent her a quick e-mail of thanks for a nice review she’d written about a story I had in an anthology published by either Cleis Press or Alyson Books (can’t remember now). She replied to me, and since then we’ve both developed a nice friendship. And our friendship expanded from online to in-person one day when she was traveling through the states summer before last. We met, had lunch, and I have to admit it was nice meeting an online friend in person for a change. I hope to be meeting her for dinner again when she’s in New York in a few months.

But I’ve also had online relationships go sour, too. I friended someone on facebook once and we developed a nice exchange. But then something happened…I won’t go into details for obvious reasons…and this person starting stalking me with threats and hate letters. Creepy.

I even had a great online relationship once with someone that eventually went sour because we mutually disagreed over something. I felt bad about that one because I really liked and respected this person. But I put it aside and moved on. And then, about six months later, one thing led to another and we made up. Now we’re best buddies again. So you never know.

But if you’ve experienced any serious rejection from online friends, especially for no apparent reason, check out KT’s post. I think you’ll gain a great deal of insight.