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Gay Nigerian Gets Tricked and Beaten; Sam Barton Attacked by Lesbian; Kirk Cameron’s Christmas Special

Gay Nigerian Gets Tricked and Beaten

Here’s a post about how LGBT people in other parts of the world live and survive, and what they are dealing with. It’s the story of how an innocent, young Nigerian was tricked into getting naked and wound up beaten and homeless instead. The story was sent to this publication I’m linking to know. However, I always wonder how many other stories there are like this that we never hear about.

It is believed the pharmacy manager encouraged Abraham to strip naked and then seized his clothes before calling in the mob.

‘I have asked them not to beat him, but really I may not be able to help the situation if they go against that.’

NoStrings arrived at the scene to find the mob armed with planks, slapping and beating Abraham while he was still naked.

The neighbors threatened to call the police but recognized officers would likely not take him to court, despite Nigeria having some of the harshest laws in the world against homosexuality. The mob believed the police would demand bail cash from Abraham so they could corruptly pocket the money.

Here’s the rest.

Sam Baron Attacked by Lesbian

I don’t know anything about Joey Essex or Sam Barton, but Joey Essex lookalike, Sam Barton, was allegedly attacked in a bar by an aggressive Lesbian. Sounds as if she really yanked him around.

The incident took place last Thursday (17 December). He told Gay Star News: ‘I have no idea [who she was] – she was just a lesbian behind me in the bar with who I assume was her girlfriend.
‘It all happened so fast. I noticed someone taking a picture of me from behind, I turned round and she was talking in my ear. She asked me if I was Sam Barton out the paper and I said yes. I couldn’t really make out what she was saying as she was so drunk. Straight after she pushed and tried to punch me, she slammed her bottle down, said sorry and left.

Barton is going to take up kickboxing in case anymore lesbians go after him. The rest is here. 

Kirk Cameron’s Christmas Special

This time I have to agree with the gay presses. There’s an unusual video out with Kirk Cameron…the once TV sitcom child star all “growed” up now…sitting in a Christmas setting before a roaring fireplace with the oddest message I think I’ve ever seen. I always want to give him the benefit of the doubt because I don’t think he actually “gets” it. Or maybe I’m wrong and he’s just as weird as this video.

On the other hand, it’s not that hard to turn whatever Cameron is saying into something dark, twisted and hilarious.

Still, we have to wonder: what is in Kirk’s hot chocolate, anyways?

Aside from the grammar issue (this one always bothers me) where the author of this article used the colloquial “anyways,” it will make you wonder. There would have been so many better ways to get this message out there. And it actually would have been a good message had it not been so creepy.

You can view it here.  

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