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King of Spain Gay Magazine; Six Great Los Angeles Places; Alan Carr on Perez Hilton

King of Spain Gay Magazine

Because he’s such a huge LGBT supporter, the King of Spain’s official portrait was used on the cover of an LGBT magazine…with permission.

And this isn’t just a boring puff piece — King Felipe VI has been genuinely awesome to queers. Along with his wife (yes, he’s married, to a woman) he organized an LGBT equality conference last year. They specifically brought up trans issues as being of international importance, and made commitments to support visibility and equality across borders.

So, why is he only just getting a magazine cover now? Because he’s about the get an award at FITUR, an LGBT tourism show, next week. Along with Felipe, FITUR is also celebrating Barack Obama (for his support of marriage equality), the magazine El Mundo for its balanced coverage of the gays, and US Ambassador James Costos, one of two hunky gay ambassadors. (The other is Rufus Gifford, Ambassador to Denmark.)

You can read the rest here. It’s interesting to note that President Obama recently posed for the first ever…I think…digital portrait of a sitting US President.

Six Great Los Angeles Places

If Tony and I ever were to move to a warmer climate for good, it wouldn’t be Florida. I like Florida for a short time as a limited destination, but couldn’t live there forever full time. I could, however, live in LA full time. And I found this article very interesting because it talks about places we don’t hear about very often. Of course it is an advertorial, but it’s not a bad one this time.

I’ve never been here:

 Abbot Kinney/Venice

Who needs the beach when you’ve got Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice? Especially if you like to shop but don’t want to be bombarded with a bunch of crappy chain stores. Dining? There’s everything from great pizza to coffee to more upscale culinary choices. The west side’s best gay bar, The Roosterfish, is also here. There are lots of bikes and even more pedestrians, many with dogs, many with guitars. If you want to cross paths with a Venice hipster or brooding-but-sexy artist type, this is where you’ll find him

Never been here either, but as a runner who is up daily and hitting the trails around here every day all year long in ALL kinds of weather, I think I might find Runyon Canyon as good as Griffith Park.

Nichols Canyon/Runyon Canyon Park 

Since you’re in the land of the beautiful ones, you might as well get in a day of exercise, sun, and amazing views. Ride your bike up Nichols Canyon, taking a moment to envy all the gorgeous homes you’ll never be able to afford, and then head on into Runyon Canyon Park. There are many hiking trails to choose from, and there’s a good chance you’ll see a celebrity or three (they have to stay in shape, too, you know). There’s no need to rush: Take some time to savor the views and relax in the famous L.A. sunshine. As you’ll learn, not all exercise is meant to be unpleasant. Just be sure to bring plenty of water so you don’t get dehydrated from drooling over all the shirtless hotties you’ll encounter.

You can read the rest here. And don’t forget about Chatsworth, Los Angeles. It’s one of the nicest places in that area and it’s where all of my books in the Chase series are set. I could move there tomorrow.

Alan Carr on Perez Hilton

I don’t even know who Alan Carr is, but I’m assuming he’s a gay celebrity in the UK with a talk show. He recently spoke with this publication and he had a few harsh words about Perez Hilton. Hilton is now a house guest on Celebrity Big Brother UK.

Speaking at last night’s InterLaw Diversity Forum Winter Carnival to benefit the Albert Kennedy Trust, Alan told GSN: ‘I just think the man’s a knob. The thing is, it’s a good lesson to everyone. 

If you spend your whole time gossiping, immersing yourself in other people’s lives and slagging them off, spreading vile gossip… It shows, the lifestyle he’s had.’ 

Straight-talking Alan – who last week took home an NTA award for best Chat Show Host – added: ‘He’s nasty, nasty, nasty and self-centered. It’s a warning to everyone. You’ve got to look after yourself sometimes and he obviously hasn’t done that.’

You can read the rest here. I get what Carr is saying and I personally wouldn’t want to live my life the way Hilton has lived his…or run my blog the way Hilton runs his. However, this celebrity gossip deal works both ways. Many of these celebrities, especially C-listers, feed off the kind of content Hilton supplies on his blog. They want that attention as much as they want to be seen hiking up a trail in Runyon Canyon. Without bloggers like Perez, most wouldn’t even get their names in print. So it goes both ways and I also get what Hilton is doing. 

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