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Ricky Martin On Coming Out; Katie Hopkins Slams Tom Daley

Ricky Martin On Coming Out

I think this article about Ricky Martin wishing he could come out again is something all gay men in the closet should read…as a means of support, not pressure. No one should feel pressure about coming out. It’s never an easy thing to do for anyone, but I have never seen one person yet who came out and regretted it. I’m not just saying that. I really mean it. Even though at times I’ve seen people go through absolute hell deciding whether or not to come out, I have yet to see anyone who regretted that decision and wanted to go back into the closet.

It felt amazing. I wish I could come out again because that moment felt very blissful,’ he told KIIS FM.

 ‘It really feels amazing and then when it happens you realize all your fears were in your head. The amount of support I received… from the media, obviously my fans and my family was amazing.

‘Unfortunately, society just pushes us to believe that our feelings are evil.’

It’s true. Every word.

You can read more here.

Katie Hopkins Slams Tom Daley

From what I gather, Katie Hopkins is a columnist and reality TV show personality. I don’t have the slightest clue, though, as to who she is or what she’s done in the past. But her comments on Tom Daley’s coming out video have garnered her some attention she most likely would never have received otherwise.

Last December, the 19-year-old athlete came out in a YouTube video.

But while Daley received massive support from the public, Hopkins has derided it as ‘really lame’.

Speaking to Varsity, Hopkins said: ‘It was really lame…we all knew he was gay.

Not really. I didn’t know he was gay, and I would never make assumptions about someone’s sexuality because that would make me both stupid and an asshole.

She thinks the people who watch divers are the kind of people who read Women’s Weekly.

Not really. I like to watch divers for a variety of reasons. One of which has to do with the bulge between their legs. I also like the way their butts round out when their bottoms get wet. I like men and I’m interested in men. I’m only being honest, in hoping I might disabuse Katie Hopkins of a few ill-informed assumptions she’s made about gay men. I don’t, however, give one flying polite fuck about the content in Women’s Weekly.

What she said about her own son growing up to be gay is about as rich as it gets.

Oh, I’m hoping he is…because he likes skipping, he likes hairdressing,’ Hopkins said.

‘When I’m 50 and I’ve got a gay son, I’m totally sorted. [He’ll say] “Mum your hairdo is awful, you have hair under your chin.

‘I think he might be – I mean he’s quite good-looking, like my girls aren’t good-looking but he totally is.’

Not really. When my mom was 50 she could have been bald with a full beard for all I cared. I was only interested in other men at the time.

You can read more here.

As for Tom Daley, I thought the video was excellent.

I would like to know one thing. When will it become dangerous for people like Katie Hopkins to make statements like this about gay people? In other words, if anyone were to make stereotypical statements about any other minority they would be hung out to dry by the media and probably lose their jobs.