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Katie Couric Angers Trans (A teachable moment)

I didn’t see this because I don’t watch Katie Couric, so I’m just going by what I’m reading in the link. Couric of the privileged multi-million dollar, overpaid, tired news person variety had trans women, Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox, on her show and evidently Couric’s focus was more about their genitalia, which included what many are referring to as “invasive” questions.

An online firestorm erupted as a result almost immediately and this is how Katie Couric responded.

 “When I asked [Carrera] about any anatomical changes that had taken place during her transition, she balked, and so did some of you,” said Couric in this week’s “Follow Up Friday” segment. “Now, even if some thought my question was off base, I wanted to make sure my question — and Carmen’s answer —stayed in the show as a teachable moment for me, as well as our viewers. I’m really proud we were able to spotlight such an open and honest conversation with Carmen and Laverne Cox, who are both terrific, about the myriad of struggles that this often maligned, marginalized and misunderstood community faces.”

Now that’s what I call great damage control and master spin technique…”a teachable moment.” Ha!  You can read more here, and see a clip where Couric defends her approach…you know, because she cares so much.

My only comment is do we ever have to wonder why TV is becoming a dying medium?

Lazybeagle Events

The owners of are having a few events, one of which is a charity book and the other a contest with free giveaways.  These guys work really hard at this, and they’ve been bringing authors and readers together in a positive way that rivals anything places like or other book sites have been able to do.

We are once again starting collecting for another book for charity. It will be titled Authors off the Shelf 2! However, this time there will be a few extra requirements. If any of you would like to participate, please let me know by contacting:
You can read more here, where there is contact info, at the lazybeagle web site. And I’ll post more about the free giveaway soon.
Timberlake Supports Gays
I think one of the things that always makes people in the LGBTI community feel better is when people with high profiles and louder voices offer their support to equality issues. Especially when they are straight. In this case, it’s Justin Timberlake. He just always does and says the right thing. And he doesn’t seem to have to work too hard at it.

And, in 2012, when President Obama announced his support of same-sex marriage during a State of the Union address, JT was one celebrity who backed him up on Twitter with the words, ‘True leadership is when you are willing to risk your power and voice so that ALL of ours can be heard.’

You can read more here. It’s a great article in general about Timberlake and I personally think we haven’t even begun to see his best work yet.