Category: Kathy Griffin Takes Back Trump Apology; Circuit Parties: The White Party In Palm Springs; Gay Man Beaten by Sister and Brother-In-Law

Kathy Griffin Takes Back Trump Apology; Circuit Parties: The White Party In Palm Springs; Gay Man Beaten by Sister and Brother-In-Law

Kathy Griffin Takes Back Trump Apology

Unless it is specifically related to LGBTI issues, I don’t care much for politics.

I do, however, believe in free speech. So I believe Griffin has every right to say whatever she wants, and that people have the right to decide whether they want to listen to her…or not.

 I take the apology back. And the sons, Don Jr. and Eric, or as I call them, Eddie Munster and Date Rape. Look, I’m not holding back on this family. This president is different. And I have been through the mill.

You can read the rest, here.  

If you recall, Kathy Griffin caused problems on Fashion Police right after Joan Rivers died

longtime writer for E!’s “Fashion Police” called former show co-host Kathy Griffin a “despicable, disgusting horrible human being” in a podcast posted online last week.

Circuit Parties: The White Party In Palm Springs

I’m a little late posting about this, but it’s gay culture as it stands today so I figured I’d post something anyway. These events are still going strong in some places. I’ve never been to this one because we’re not out in Palm Springs this time of year, but I hear good things about it from my neighbors and friends in Palm Springs. (We live in the Warm Springs section and a lot of gay resorts and clubs are in our neighborhood.)  

This weekend’s White Party will be one of the hottest things to happen in SoCal all year. From the after dark Papa party in Friday night, to the multiple daytime pool parties, Palm Springs is where all the boys will be April 27th – 30th.

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Side Note: For those who don’t know what a “white party” is. It’s another circuit party. I know people who plan ahead and travel to each one. Hence the name, “Circuit Boy.” So here’s what a circuit party is. I know they’ve been around since the 90s. I’m not sure about prior to that. 

From Urban Dictionary…

A large, gay dance partysomething like a gay version of a rave, but with a gay-oriented music selection (usually pop, progressive house, and tribal). Events are well-promoted, publicized, advertised and organized, are often attended by thousands, can be big charity fundraisers, and are usually expensive to attend.

Gay Man Beaten by Sister and Brother-In-Law

I’ve seen this story all over social media today, sadly.

A 22-year-old man in São Paulo reports he was attacked by his homophobic sister and brother-in-law — a signal that violence is continuing against LGBTQ people in Brazil.

The man posted a selfie of his bloody face after a family argument. He wrote that the two family members used religion to justify the attack.

It’s interesting because Tony used to travel to Brazil all the time on business and I never once heard him mention homophobia. Apparently, it’s still alive and well there, too, just like everywhere else. 

There’s a lot more, here. 

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