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Three New Books Coming Out This Month

I remember when summer was the slow time in publishing. Editors, agents, and writers took it easy and recuperated. Well e-publishing has changed this for me and most of the other authors, editors, and even a few agents I know (I’ve seen a few new lit agents starting to take on authors who only work for e-publishers). This has been a busy month. In June, I finished two stand alone short stories for and a full length m/m romance novel for And this past Friday I finished yet another new novel for that I’ll be submitting for edits by the end of next week.

The two stand alone stories are titled, IT’S NICE TO BE NAUGHTY and BILLABONG BANG. The romance novel is titled: THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE and I’ve posted a photo of the cover with this post. I haven’t seen the covers for the two stand alones yet, but as soon as I do I’ll post them as well.
Luis Fortune spends his nights escorting affluent older gentleman to parties, nightclubs and restaurants. And though he’s not officially a rent boy because there’s never any physical contact, he is paid well. He charms them with his looks and his carefree attitude. He makes them smile by laughing at their jokes and listening to their dull stories. But Luis is only doing this temporarily, until the right older man asks him to settle down. He’s looking for something he can depend on, and until he finds it he won’t even give the stray dog that followed him home a name.

While Luis is searching for money and security, he takes comfort in reading a blog written by a woman in France he’s never met, Elena’s Romantic Treasures and Tidbits.. She adores gay men and romance, and she posts artistic photos, wonderful stories, and endearing posts about gay men that bring Luis a false sense of comfort and security on his darkest, scariest days.

Jase Nicholas is a forty year old high-profile billionaire who can pass for thirty. He’s spent the first half of his life running from the fact that he’s gay. And now he wants to find out what he’s been missing all those years. So he tells his family and friends he’s going on a pilgrimage for a couple of months, and then he drops out of sight so he can come to terms with his sexuality and finally lose his gay virginity. But instead of going on a pilgrimage, he rents a small apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. He changes his appearance and plunges into a world of young gay men. And when one of the young men he meets is Luis Fortune, his life is never the same again.

At first, Luis and Jase become good friends. And though Luis tells Jase everything about his life, Jase keeps his true identity a secret from Luis. As far as Luis knows, Jase is a forty year old unsuccessful inventor who takes money from younger men. Luis has no idea he is really the wildly successful Jase Nicholas, The Virgin Billionaire.

As their friendship blossoms into a passionate, erotic romance, Luis begins to panic. He refuses to admit he’s in love with Jase. The last thing he needs is passion, love, and romance. So when one of Luis’ wealthy older clients asks him to move to Vancouver, Luis tells Jase they will never have a future together. Then, after a few surprising events, when Luis accidentally discovers Jase’s true identity and that he’s really The Virgin Billionaire, he’s so hurt by Jase’s lies he wants nothing to do with him ever again.

Will Luis ever forgive Jase for keeping his true identity hidden?

And will Jase be able to give Luis the comfort and security he’s been searching for all his life?