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Heartbreaking Letter From Jailed HIV Poz Wrestler; Josh Duggar Sued; Waiter Gets Snarky Anti-Gay Message

Heartbreaking Letter From Jailed HIV Poz Wrestler

There’s always been controversy over the topic of people who are HIV positive infecting others. And I’m wording this with care because I’d like to remain neutral with the subject. I think people should form their own opinions sometimes.

Michael Johnson, a.k.a. “Tiger Mandingo,” the former college wrestler sentenced to 30 years in prison for “recklessly infecting” multiple partners with HIV, has penned a heartbreaking letter from solitary confinement.

You can read the letter he wrote here, along with the rest of the article.

Josh Duggar Sued

I’m not even sure what to say about this article. For those who don’t remember, Josh Duggar is part of that “Good” Christian Duggar family who had a lot of kids and that reality show.

Josh Duggar is in new legal trouble. Matthew McCarthy, a photographer and DJ, is suing Duggar for allegedly using a photo of McCarthy for various dating and social media profiles, including Ashley Madison, OKCupid and Twitter.

Aside from the obvious, I think an important thing to pay attention to here is using someone’s likeness online. Don’t do it.

Here’s the rest

Waiter Gets Snarky Anti-Gay Message

Evidently, these things are still happening. Once again, by “Good” Christians.

Eddy Cabrera, a waiter at Chelly’s Cafe in Kansas City, Missouri got an unexpected surprise from a table of homophobic customers too busy lovin’ Jesus to love their fellow man. After the group treated Cabrera disrespectfully, they didn’t leave a tip on their $84 check and instead left an anti-gay note.

You can check that out here. Wait until you see what the note says.

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