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NORMAL FOR ONCE, by Jonathan Stephens

I don’t usually plug other books or authors here often. But this is a book (and author) I’ve been following for a couple of years now. I started reading Jonathan Stephens blog maybe five years ago and fell in love with his writing. I also enjoyed his personal posts and I’ve watched Jonathan and his wife, Lisa, grow from newlyweds to parents. We’ve talked about queries from time to time and I know he’s a perfectionist. He’s also a damn nice guy and he follows his heart when he writes.

Jonathan writes those rare YA novels that I think cross over into the mainstream. At least they do for me, and I think they will for others, too. And now he’s published NORMAL FOR ONCE on amazon.

This is the kind of book I usually read when I’m not writing. And Jonathan is the kind of writer I prefer to read when I’m not writing. He nails it every single time with regard to writing style. And I always learn something. He knows what he’s doing and it comes from within, not by watching what other authors are doing. In fact, I don’t think I’ve come across a new writer with this much talent since I read Jaime Ford’s, HOTEL AT THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET. And when I’m not writing, this is how I prefer to spend my spare time.

Here’s a description of NORMAL FOR ONCE. Check it out and see what I’m talking about. And, just for the record, if this book does become the hit I think it will become, I take personal satisfaction in knowing that I was one of the first readers to realize what a great author Jonathan Stephens is.

If you wear a mask long enough, people think they know the real you.Abe’s football skills have earned him the nickname “Psycho,” but his actions make the name stick. Hard-hitting defensive lineman known for his hilarious pranks, Abe seems unaware his joking around is losing him friends. That is, until Matt gets so ticked he dares him to play things straight. As quarterback of the football team, Matt is no stranger to stress, but his game-day gambling and flown-the-coup father have strapped him with enough worries that he’s lashing out at the people closest to him. The only person who “gets” Abe is Skye Brennan, Abe’s best (girl)friend for years and the person he’s dying to take things deeper with. Everyone else chalks him up as a prankster, but there’s more to him than they give him credit for. A lesser friend might back down from Matt’s challenge and move on, but not Abe. Not anymore.