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Jon Fleming: Violence of the Mind

I received a notification the other day that looked interesting. This surprised me because most notifications don’t interest me much. But this one was from Jon Fleming. The notification directed me to this link on facebook.

You can also find out more about Jon Fleming at this FB link.

You can follow him on twitter here.

If this isn’t enough, check him out here, too.

The reason why I’m posting about Jon right now is because he sent me a film clip with info about “Violence of the Mind,” and it blew me away. It was so good I watched it three more times.

Here’s the most basic info I can post about right now:

When Sebastian Youngstrum (Ryan Kibby) meets the older, handsome Max Taymer, (Jon Fleming) a forbidden world awakens in the mind of the young man. The line between fantasy and reality is blurred when experimentations in taboo sex go too far. Sebastian wants more and Max is more than willing to lead him down the path of torture, pain and even murder.

Here’s a link that will take you to the film clip I’m talking about. Trust me on this, check it out. You won’t be disappointed.