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Harvey Fierstein vs Johnny Weir; Another Gay Kiss; Gay Penguins

Harvey Fierstein vs Johnny Weir

Broadway’s Harvey Fierstein recently blasted Johnny Weir in public. Fierstein is sick of hearing about Weir’s marriage and divorce and he made it clear, with some choice words you don’t hear often, how he feels.

When the multiple Tony winner, currently on Broadway in Casa Valentina, was asked by Huffington Post about issues he is speaking out these days he replied: ‘Anything but Johnny Weir. Leave me alone with that faggot. Anything but Johnny Weir and his divorce.’

Although I’ve written my own fair share of Weir snark since Weir made his dumb comments about the Russian Olympics, I wouldn’t have called him a faggot. I hate that word. I even hate it with gay camp. But then Fierstein comes from a time when gay men used that word all the time with each other…kind of like changing pronouns all the time. And I “get” it.

As for the Weir/Voronov marriage/divorce debacle, I agree with Fierstein that it’s hugely annoying. However, I do like the fact that now we have a real live gay version of Jennifer Anniston/Brad Pitt all our own. I think that’s part of equality, too, in a way.  

You can read more here.

Another Gay Kiss

It was bound to happen. Just like the male nude calendars for charity that keep popping up everywhere, two male soccer players just kissed in public after winning the Europa League.

As soon as the kiss happened, several media outlets have started speculating about their relationship.

It should be no surprise the world was excited by the liplock between Rakitic and Carrico, as it happened days after a very special kiss.

Photo and more here.

I guess that mean blond girl who stormed off the set of her talk show in Texas during the discussion about Michael Sam’s kiss better put on her big girl panties and gear up for more.

Side Note: I remember the first time I saw to men kissing in public. I wasn’t out but I knew what I liked and didn’t like. It happened on 7th Ave. So. in The Village. They were leaning against a car and going at it with tongues and gropes in a way I’d never seen before. At a closer glance, I saw they both had erections. It warmed my seventeen year old heart.

Gay Penguins

I know this sounds a little odd, but it seems real. Evidently, there are gay penguins, and the gay penguins have proven to be better parents than the straight penguins.

A female called Isobel laid an egg, but left it after her partner Hurricane refused care for it.

Hurricane, described as that type of male penguin is happy to get his partner pregnant but refuses to be a father, was described by the park owners as ‘very inconsiderate.’

After Isobel left the egg to find food, it was given to Jumbs and Kermit – a committed couple for the past two years.

More here.

I’ll bet those gay penguins are better parents than Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov would be, too.

Palm Beach Stud by Ryan Field

His Only Choice by Ryan Field
The Preacher’s Husband by Ryan Field

Brooke Birmingham & Shape Magazine; Gay Writer Labels; Johnny Weir AGAIN

Brooke Birmingham & Shape Magazine

There’s a blogger,, who has been writing about her incredible weight loss journey online since 2009 and she lost a considerable amount of weight. In the process, she’s inspired thousands. Someone at Shape Magazine discovered her and wanted to share her story with more people who they thought would be interested in her success story. They exchanged a few e-mails, the blogger sent an innocent photo, and Shape Magazine ultimately rejected her because she was wearing a bikini top in the photo and Shape claims they don’t use photos like that. They wanted her to send another photo fully clothed.

I don’t read Shape Magazine…or anything like that because I think they are stupid…but the blogger claims that Shape uses photos of men and women in bikinis all the time. The blogger wrote this:

Again, not happy about it. I was to be a part of their Success Stories feature on the website, where there are women in bikinis. Why all of the sudden was it ‘their policy’?

I did a simple search myself to see what the Shape Magazine web site looks like and I found several photos, right up front, with women wearing something similar to the blogger’s photo…and a few other photos at Shape with women wearing far less. There’s one I saw on the sidebar of a woman in a bikini bottom that looks more like a band aid. In fact, there is even one of that hideous, untalented creature, Bethenny Frankel, the high profile reality TV name from fresh hell, wearing a hot pink bikini on a beach. I can’t post their content here legally, and I’m not trashing my blog with a screen shot of Frankel, but you can check it out with this quick link.

The diet blogger has shared the innocent photo she sent to Shape on her blog, screen shots of her e-mail correspondence with Shape Magazine and you can read Shape’s comments about not posting photos with bikinis, verbatim.

But I think this is the most important part of the blogger’s most recent post discussing all this. She’s been honest and up front:

The whole thing still really frustrates me because I don’t feel like my body was given the same respect as others on their site. Why all of the sudden is it their policy to have fully clothed people? The reporter stated that she wasn’t sure if someone had complained about the previous photos to Shape or not. But in my eyes if someone is complaining about them featuring women in bikinis, then again they shouldn’t have them anywhere on the site.

If anything, the should want my picture on their site. My body is real, not photoshopped or hidden because I feel like I should be ashamed. This is a body after losing 172 pounds, a body that has done amazing things, and looks AMAZING in a freaking bikini.

You can read the blogger’s full post here. And here’s an article about it on Yahoo.

My only comment comes from a blogger’s POV. As a blogger I often post things you wouldn’t normally see in larger magazines or web sites like Shape. Partly because they don’t let you say fuck there and partly because I don’t like censorship of any kind. Magazines like Shape are selling a brand and an image and there’s always a spin and a twist. This kind of old time advertising, branding, and journalism has been going on since the early part of the last century and I think bloggers like me) are sick of it and they are fighting back in their own small ways. I think readers are, too. So as a blogger supporting another blogger I would just like to say thank you to Brooke for standing up for her right to free speech and for standing up for her personal beliefs. She may or may not know it, but this goes way deeper than diet. This is about integrity and censorship.

I think Shape Magazine, and all other publications in the floundering magazine industry, should focus less on repulsive names like Frankel and really pay closer attention to what people are interested in reading about now. I agree with Brooke and I think they would have been doing their readership a service by posting the feature and using Brooke’s original photo.

Gay Labels

I often post about how many gay men tend to remain blank for most of their lives on their sexuality, especially gay men in the public eye. And most especially successful gay male writers. If you are openly gay you are expected to write gay content. If no one knows you can write about anything you want and no one will question you. This piece about playwright, Alan Bennett, is a good example of this. For most of his life and career he didn’t want to be labeled gay.

‘My objection about people knowing more about one’s private life was that I didn’t want to be put in a pigeonhole,’ he said, in a celebration of his career on a his regrets of not being more open about his sexuality earlier.

You can read more here, where Bennett mentions a few of his regrets.

The odd twist here is that gay men like Bennett are the ones we need the most because they help break the stereotypes. I don’t think Bethenny Frankel would dare to treat Bennett like a pet poodle.

Johnny Weir AGAIN

I almost didn’t post about this. I just want him to go away. But because I have been posting about Johnny Weir’s odd marriage/divorce to Victor Voronov I guess I should do a follow up. I even know how to spell Voronov without looking it up anymore, unfortunately.

Anyway, after several public shitstorms that garnered them both a great deal of unwarranted attention, Weir and his husband have decided to reconcile. And Weir tweeted about it. (How else?) Can’t you just picture him sitting there rewriting the tweet over and over again before he enters it.

‘My husband and I have happily reconciled,’ Weir tweeted. ‘Please respect our privacy and integrity at this time.’

Yes, Weir actually used the word integrity. This is coming from a man who thought it was more important to support the Russian Olympics than it was to support equal rights for gays.

You can read more here .   


Trans Teacher in Texas; Fist of Awesome Gay Bear; Johnny Weir Again

Trans Teacher in Texas

Last week a posted about a trans substitute teacher in Texas who was fired because a parent complained about her. This article mentions she’s been allowed back, but with a few very discriminatory stipulations, one of which is they won’t allow her around children.

She agreed this week to accept a full-time position outside the classroom that will last through the end of the school year.

‘I said I’m willing to do whatever because I really need a paycheck,’ Klug tells Lone Star Q. ‘It doesn’t make me very happy, but I think it should placate them [the parents] somewhat.’

You can’t blame her for taking the job. She needs the money. At least I can never fault anyone for doing whatever they have to do to make a living, especially in times like this where most people are making barely enough to survive and people like Hillary Clinton are making two hundred thousand dollars plus for each speech they give on the topic of income inequality.

In any event, you can read more here. It’s very disturbing.

Fist of Awesome Bay Bear

I don’t play video games much, but the title of the game, “Fist of Awesome,” sounds so familiar to me. But I just can’t place it. In any event, there’s a video game out called “Fist of Awesome” and the creator of the game says that he intended the main character in the game to be a gay bear. And he did this for some very important reasons.

‘When I started making Fist of Awesome I always intended for the main character, Tim Burr, to be gay,’ Hunt said.

‘It wasn’t something that affects the gameplay in anyway, it was just something the player would discover at the very end of the game. For a game that sells itself pretty hard on the whole beards and bears thing, ending the game with the understanding that Tim was a ‘bear’ all along somehow seemed appropriate.’

You can read more here.

He also says it’s his way of creating equality in games. Bravo!!

Johnny Weir Again

The divorce battle continues with Johnny Weir and husband, Victor Voronov. And this time Voronov is talking about Weir’s behavior…trust me, you won’t be shocked.

‘What he’d done to me is unforgiveable. Morally irrepressible,’ he says. ‘The most conniving behavior I’ve ever seen anybody do. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that I love him.’


You can read more here if your stomach can take it. And here are a few previous posts about Weir and why he thought it was more important to support the Russian Olympics than it was to support equality.

These people never seem to go away.

Ways to be Happy; UK TV Star Scandal; Johnny Weir Divorce Gets Ugly

Ways to be Happy

When I saw this article about 27 things we should know about happiness a few days ago I earmarked it for a post because I think it’s something that resonates with most people. Without actually getting into the sub-conscious, or even the art of theosophy, it shows how we can make our own happiness in many ways just by following a few simple techniques. But you need to be aware of these things. That’s really the secret. Just the same as you need to be aware of negative thoughts that might bring you down. We aren’t taught these things, so it’s not always easy to reach this awareness. But it can be done.

As much as 40 percent of our happiness levels are within our control, according to some happiness researchers. In order to turn happiness into something you create, adopt small habits — such as lingering on positive moments and forcing yourself to smile — and you’ll start to feel joy on your own.

You can read more here.

It’s a good article for beginners who just want to feel better. And, it’s an excellent article for those interested in metaphysics and higher consciousness because it shows how so many are getting more interested this topic without even knowing they are doing it.

UK TV Star Scandal

A teenager in the UK studying at The Fashion Retail Academy committed suicide and he’s been linked to an unnamed British TV star. The boy’s mother knew it, and it was more than just a casual encounter. According to the mother, the teen had done some styling work for the TV personality…even though the TV personality had a paid stylist. Instead of paying the teen, the TV personality allegedly bought the teen gifts.

Other sources presented evidence about what happened between the teenager and the television star.

DC David Gadsby from the Metropolitan Police said: ‘One evening Ben went to a party at this man’s house.

There was a lot of drugs and alcohol there. ‘At about 4am, Ben wanted to leave but a cab was too expensive. The man offered a room and Ben went to sleep.

When he woke up this man was lying in bed next to him.’ David Taylor, a nurse, said Ben had told him about a sexual relationship he had with a TV comedian.

 ‘He thought he had been groomed. He felt embarrassed, ashamed and used but never said he was raped or abused. It was consensual’ he said.

You can read more about this unfortunate situation here.

Everyone has their own opinions on raising children. But if that kid had been my gay teenage son I would have gone after that TV star within an inch of his life and that would have been the LAST teenager he ever pursued.

Johnny Weir Divorce Gets Ugly

The divorce between Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov is getting uglier and now there are police involved, restraining orders because Weir through a doll at Voronov, and custody of the dog.

Meanwhile, two-time Olympian Weir obtained a judge’s order allowing him into the couple’s apartment for 30 minutes to collect his belongings.

He was accompanied by police officers.

TMZ reports that Voronov returned from court while Weir was there and sobbed as he took his belongings – including their dog, a Japanese Chin named Tema.

The pair are reportedly returning to court next week for a hearing about the dog and other matters.

My only comment is thank heaven there aren’t any kids involved in this. Studies have proven that kids who go through an amicable divorce, even though at the time of the divorce they are traumatized, eventually learn how to cope. Last week we took my dad out to lunch for his birthday and my brother, his three kids, his ex-wife, and his new wife, all went along and it was very nice. It’s even better for family members when it’s amicable. I didn’t want to lose my relationship with my ex-sister-in-law.

In this case, with Weir and Vornonov, I would really have felt very sorry if there had been kids involved. I won’t even comment on the poor dog.

You can read more here.  From what I gather, there isn’t a third party…at least not yet.

Johnny Weir: Wrong About Marriage? FREE Gay Excerpt: The Preacher’s Husband

Johnny Weir: Wrong About Marriage?

It seems Johnny Weir is in the news again, and I’m posting about it more often than I normally would because I find it interesting that his marriage and his separation is actually making news…from a pop culture and legal POV. In an almost macabre way, I think this shows how far LGBTI people have come in only the past few years, because now the media thinks gay divorce is significant enough to publish, and, finances are going to come into play. Of course the statements Weir makes about marriage are so obtuse it’s a shame he’s the focus. But that’s how things work sometimes.

Anything related to Weir isn’t always as newsworthy as it is serpentine, but it’s there and people obviously are interested in reading about it.

This is what he tweeted about his marriage:

 ‘It is with great sadness that I announce that my husband and I are no longer together. My heart hurts, and I wish him well,’ Weir tweeted to his more than 205,000 followers.

You can read more here…and even more in a previous post I wrote about how Weir allegedly bit his husband.

This is what Weir’s husband, Victor Voronov, has been saying. According to this piece, Weir filed for divorce a while back and didn’t bother to mention this to his husband.

Late Wednesday (19 March), he had posted: ‘Shocked by the abrupt ending of my marriage and am dealing with the trauma including multiple things I am just now becoming aware of…’

He added: ‘I can not comment any further’ and directed any further inquiries to his ‘legal crisis manager.’

You can read more about that here. I’m sure there’s more to come with this one, and I seriously hope Voronov has a good attorney.

This next aspect of Weir’s marriage is very interesting. In another article, Weir makes claims his marriage to Voronov was “threatening.” He also claims he was isolated and losing himself. Who knows? It’s not something I would state in public.

But this next comment from Weir is particularly interesting to me in a more general sense because I’ve heard some gay men say this before and it just stuns me each time.

‘I was supporting two people and whether it seems like a big deal or not, I come from a lower middle class family that has had to work no matter what. If you can’t be an attorney this week, then you better go get a job next week, otherwise the bills won’t get paid.’

In almost any marriage I’ve ever seen there’s always one who is the major breadwinner…gay or straight. I do know plenty of straight couples where the wife is now the breadwinner. When you decide to marry someone you know this ahead of time and it isn’t supposed to matter as long as the partnership/marriage works and you’re in love. In other words, Weir and Voronov weren’t just roommates splitting the rent, splitting all expenses, and labeling everything in the refrigerator. They were a married couple, and when they married they became a union where everything they own is shared completely. That’s why it states in marriage vows: for richer or poorer. I’ve been married to my husband for over twenty-one years and everything is shared. Everything. Tony is not my roommate. He’s my husband. I also know plenty of gay couples where one is the major breadwinner and the other is more domestic and doesn’t work outside the home. If straight marriages have worked well this way for years and years why should it be any different for gay marriages? And as a gay man who has been married for a long time, I resent it when I see gay men make statements like this.

Of course most married couples both work now. But not always. And I hope other gay men who don’t quite grasp this concept pay attention closely. You’re not looking for a roommate to share expenses. That’s not what marriage is about. You’re looking for a spouse. And if you are looking for someone to split expenses and that’s a huge part of why you’re getting married, don’t bother. It won’t end well.

In New Jersey, I know through family members and friends that divorce is a fifty-fifty deal. In other words, when you’re legally married in the state of New Jersey and you divorce everything you have is split right down the middle. And that shouldn’t be any different from the Weir-Voronov marriage. So unless there’s a pre-nuptial agreement with Weir and Voronov, it should be interesting to see how all this unfolds legally.

The days when a gay man could just throw a long-term partner/spouse out the door (think Liberace) with nothing are finally coming to an end.

You can read more of Weir’s immature rants here.

Free Gay Excerpt: The Preacher’s Husband

Sometimes when I post about upcoming books I state that everything is tentative. And this is a good example of what I’m talking about. The next full length M/M romance in the Glendora Hill series I’m releasing very soon was originally titled, Silver Lining Ranch, and I recently changed the title to something I think works better…The Preacher’s Husband. In many ways it is about marriage…and not the kind of marriage so many seem to be fantasizing about these days. This is about real marriage, and how important love is to any real marriage. I’ll release a blurb and post more about the launch date for this one. Here’s an excerpt that probably won’t be published anywhere else but here.

About six hours away from Silver City, New Mexico, he stopped for gas and a few bags of candy that would keep him comfortable until he reached Texas. He figured he’d better use the rest room, too, even though he didn’t have actually have to do anything. After he forced himself to pee, he climbed into the truck and headed back toward the interstate. It was raining even harder now and the sound of the wipers swiping at full force caused a knot in his stomach. He’d finished the breakfast sandwiches and he felt hungry again. He wished he’d stopped for a sandwich. He’d seen a sign for fast food places not far from where he’d stopped for gas, but he didn’t feel like turning around. At least he’d thought far enough in advance to get some candy. Maybe Dudley was wright about him. He should start to pay closer attention to his eating habits.

As he reached over the center console to grab a box of Jolly Rancher Gummies, he only glanced down for a second to make sure he didn’t pick up the Skittles by mistake. He wanted to save those, and the Good and Plenty’s, for later. He was on the entrance ramp of the interstate and he couldn’t have been going more than two or three miles per hour. He’d seen the traffic up ahead and he’d slowed down almost to a complete stop. But when he looked down for that one split second and reached for the Jolly Rancher Gummies, he felt a thump, a jerk, and looked up to see that he’d tapped the SUV in front of him.

He didn’t think he’d caused any damage, and it was only a gentle tap. But he put the truck in park, put on his flashers, grabbed an umbrella in the backseat, and jumped out of the cab to check things out. He looked down and saw there was no damage at all, not even a scratch. So he walked up to the driver’s side of the SUV and knocked on the window to make sure the driver was okay. It was raining so hard he didn’t notice anything other than the line of traffic that had caused them to stop had moved forward and they were the only two cars on the ramp now.

A woman with bright crimson hair that looked as though someone had covered her plump round head with a square cardboard box and cut the ends in blunt chunks from earlobe to earlobe lowered the window and Kelly smiled. “Are you okay? Sorry about that. I checked and there’s no damage.”

“I’m okay,” the woman said. “Are you sure there’s no damage. My husband will kill me. This is the third time I’ve been dinged this month. We just got the car back from the body shop.”

Kelly noticed a diamond earring in her left nostril and tried not to stare at it. “I’m sure there’s no damage.” He would have told her the truth if there had been damage. He wasn’t spiritual and didn’t know a thing about the bible, but he did believe in his grandmother’s old saying that what goes around comes around. “Maybe you should get out and look yourself. I’d feel more comfortable if you did.”

She shrugged and flipped a straight chunk of crimson hair. “I just had my hair done. I’ll trust you.”

The rain continued to pound him, and his favorite cowboy boots were getting soaked. “I really wish you’d just get out and look fast. I’ll hold the umbrella for you so you don’t get wet.”

“Ah, honey, I’m fine,” she said. “You look honest to me. It’s him that I’m more worried about. I hope I didn’t do any damage.” She looked straight ahead and pointed at the windshield.

When Kelly turned to look to see what she was talking about, he opened his eyes wider and took a deep breath. There was a motorcycle on its side in the middle of the ramp. The guy with the lime green and black motorcycle helmet was looking down at it and shaking his head. Kelly turned to the woman again. “What happened?”

She made a face. “When you tapped me I tapped him. But only a little. I don’t think I tapped him hard enough to do any serious damage.” She gestured to the windshield again and frowned. “And he is walking around okay from what I can see. Oh, I just don’t want my husband to find out about any of this. Would you go up and look for me?”

Kelly hesitated because it was a guy with a green and black helmet. But he also knew he was indirectly responsible, so he nodded and said, “I’ll be right back.”

He turned and walked to the front of the SUV. He glanced down at the SUV’s bumper and didn’t see any damage. The guy was looking down at the motorcycle and his back was facing Kelly.  Before Kelly tapped him on the shoulder, he hoped it wasn’t the same guy he’d been running into since he’d left Arizona.

But the instant Kelly’s finger touched the guy’s back, the guy jumped and turned fast. Although the helmet covered his head and face, Kelly saw the pale blue eyes gazing in his direction and he knew it was the guy from the swimming pool earlier that morning.

“What the fuck, man?” the guy said. He pointed to the SUV and shook his finger. “First, she tries to run me down, and now you’re trying to scare me to death.”

“I’m sorry,” Kelly said. He had to speak louder because the rain made so much noise on the umbrella. “It’s not her fault. It’s mine. I tapped her and she tapped you.”

The blue eyes blinked. “You tagged her?”

Kelly leaned closer to him. “Not tagged, tapped. I reached for my Jolly Rancher Gummiesand it just happened. I’m saving the Skittlesfor later.”

“Dude,” the guy said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Then the guy hesitated and looked Kelly up and down. “Hey, aren’t you the naked guy who was perving at the pool this morning. Are you stalking me or something, man? We seem to be running into each other a lot.”

Kelly felt his face grow warm. Even though Kelly had caused this mess, it didn’t mean the guy had to call him a pervert and a stalker. “I was not perving at the pool this morning, or anywhere else. I don’t perv. I thought I was alone. And you’re the one stalking me.”

The woman in the SUV stuck her head out the window for a second and honked the horn. “Is everything okay? I have to get home.”

Kelly nodded and said, “There’s no damage to your car.” He glanced at the guy and asked, “Are you okay?”

“I’m not sure,” the guy said, looking down at his bike. “I went down fast and I hate to take the chance of getting back out on the road in this weather if there is something wrong with my bike.”

This was the last thing Kelly wanted to deal with that afternoon. Oh, if he hadn’t looked down at those damn Jolly Rancher Gummies he never would have been in this mess in the first place. But he knew he was responsible and there was only one thing to do. So he looked at the guy with the helmet and said, “We’ll put the bike in my truck and find a garage that can look it over. I was the one who tapped her first and I can’t leave you here in the pouring rain.”

“What is all this tapping you keep talking about, dude,” the guy asked. “Do you speak English?”

“Never mind,” Kelly said. “Just pick up the bike and bring it around to my truck. I’ll help you in a minute.”

While the guy in the helmet brought the bike back to Kelly’s truck, Kelly walked back to the SUV and told the woman with the boxy red haircut everything was fine and she could leave. She thanked him and hit the gas so hard the tail end of the SUV fishtailed and he felt very sorry for her husband. When he turned to look back at his truck he noticed a long line of cars had stopped and they were all waiting to get onto the Interstate.

Kelly gestured to the guy with the motorcycle and pointed to the shoulder of the road. Then he jogged to the truck and pulled it off to the shoulder so the other cars wouldn’t have to wait while they loaded the motorcycle into the back. Kelly’s pick-up truck wasn’t just a big black shiny toy. He actually used the truck for many functional purposes on the ranch and he was always prepared to haul things in the bed that most people wouldn’t have even considered. So it didn’t take long to load the motorcycle because he had two folding metal ramps. He even had a tarp to cover it.

After he folded the ramp and set it in place, he closed the tailgate and glanced at the guy in the helmet. The umbrella was on the ground and they were both soaked by then. “Get in and we’ll find a place to look the bike over. I’m on a tight schedule and I’m supposed to be in Texas before midnight.”

The guy stood still, as if he couldn’t move his legs, and stared at Kelly.

“What’s wrong?”

The guy shrugged. “Are you sure it’s safe, dude? You’re not going to tag anybody else while I’m sitting in the death seat?”

Kelly smiled and said, “It’s tap, not tag. Just get in. I’m soaked.” He had a feeling the guy was joking now.

Johnny Weir’s Single; Anne Rice, Bully Petition, Amazon Anons

Johnny Weir’s Single

Johnny Weir is making the news again, and this time it’s about a separation from his husband and domestic abuse charges filed in New Jersey where Weir allegedly bit his husband.

Further details of the split were scarce, as pointed out, Weir’s Twitter handle has been changed from “Weir-Voronov” back to “Weir.”
News of the split comes just weeks after Weir reportedly appeared in a New Jersey courtroom on charges of domestic violence against his husband. At the time, Weir-Voronov asked the judge to dismiss the charges, in which he alleged that Weir had bitten him during a dispute, according to Radar Online. The dismissal was granted, according to the report.

There’s more here.

Weir-Voronov, Weir’s husband, once made comments about his marriage to good old Bethenny Frankel who tends to treat gay men like pet poodles. I posted about that here.

In one scene, Bethenny and an older woman with a very negative attitude go shopping. And guess where they go? That’s right. To the gay guys who own a posh high end furniture gallery in New York. I think Ms. Frankel even commented about how much she loves to visit her “boys,” (meaning her gay male friends) on her way into the gallery. This scene mirrored every single offensive “Sex in the City” scene with gay men being treated like women…just one of the girls…I’d ever witnessed. Tony and I watched for a few minutes, rolled our eyes, and promptly changed the channel.

In any event, here’s what Weir said about his marriage, and what Weir-Voronov said to Frankel.

Weir, whose NBC stint was generally well received, told Access Hollywood last month that his marriage was “constant fireworks,” adding, “We’re both constantly trying to fight to wear the pants in the relationship.”

Side note…here’s a link to a photo of Weir allegedly “wearing the pants.”

Meanwhile, Weir-Voronov, who tied the knot with the U.S. figure skater on New Year’s Eve in 2011, told Bethenny Frankel last year that he had not come out of the closet to his family until one month before the wedding.

“I told my family a month before we got married, and my friends only found out in People magazine,” Weir-Voronov, who claims he knew he was gay as a child, told Frankel. “I didn’t come out of the closet, I chainstormed the door down … I’m a masculine guy, people [didn’t expect it].”

You can read more about that here.

My only comment about any of this is that I hope no one out there really thinks all gay men are like Weir. We’re nothing like that, so please just trust me on this. Weir doesn’t represent anyone in particular in the gay community. He’s just there.

Anne Rice, Bully Petition, Amazon Anons

I haven’t thought much about the petition at I posted about previously that author, Anne Rice, seems to be endorsing. I haven’t seen much posted about it either, at least not in my online travels. And I tend to focus on LGBTI issues and publishing related pieces. But with a simple search I saw that it hasn’t disappeared. In fact, it’s gained more signatures and is only a few shy of the original goal. But even more important, there was a bully related issue regarding something else I posted about recently that I didn’t even know fell under the bully category at the time I posted about it. It never even occurred to me this might happen.

In this post of mine titled, J.K. Rowling Gets Slammed, I wasn’t fond of a few comments author Lynn Shepherd made about Rowling…in a general sense. (You can find more links at my post.) But I used my own name, and at the end of the piece I even updated with info linking to Shepherd’s web site with a few compliments about the site. I still stand by what I posted, and I did it with my own name. I respect Shepherd’s right to an opinion even though I disagreed with her. But as a result of Shepherd’s article slamming Rowling I recently read that her Amazon pages were bombarded with one star reviews left by anons who admittedly didn’t even read her books. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this happen, sadly.

 Author bullying has long been a problem on online sites Amazon and Goodreads, where users can hide under pseudonyms while they attack authors they dislike. Numerous authors have reported organized campaigns against them, which has led to sites such as Stop the Goodreads Bullies and the opposing site Readers Have Rights. Amazon bullying was most recently in the news when U.K. mystery writer Lynn Shepherd called upon Harry Potter scribe J.K. Rowling to stop writing and reviewers flooded her Amazon pages with one-star reviews while admitting to never having read her books.
Read more at ONTD:

As a result of what happened to Shepherd I’ve heard that many people who were on the fence about signing the petition broke down and signed it anyway…claiming the abuse of power with anonymous commenting has gotten way out of control and they are sick and tired of dealing with it. I hear more are planning to sign it. I’m still not certain the petition will do anything, but at this point I do agree that something should be done. It’s not just books and authors and Amazon. It’s everywhere online you find anonymous commenting.

You can read the full petition here and sign if you are so inclined. Or, you can simply just dismiss all Amazon reviews as being ridiculous as so many have already done. Which is a shame because I’ve left my own Amazon reviews and I hate to see that happen.

As of now the petition has 7,265 supporters. And, they make it very clear this isn’t about leaving bad reviews.

Johnny Weir Slammed; Boy Failed 4 Gay Porn: His Only Choice on Amazon

Johnny Weir Slammed

There has been a great deal written about Johnny Weir in the past year or so and I’ve posted a few things here. Now columnist Louis Verrecchio has weighed in on the topic with a few interesting comments I thought were newsworthy enough to share. And, what’s most interesting is that even though I don’t support Weir’s position and I think he should be more concerned about human rights than he is, I can’t by ANY means support what Verrecchio wrote about Weir this time. It’s not only homophobic, it’s a misguided slam, with an agenda, that could happen to any gay person anywhere.

In a fiery column on the Renew America website, Catholic News Agency columnist Louie Verrecchio slams Weir as “a flamboyant, cross-dressing, homosexual man” who was hired by NBC simply to “provide color commentary (presumably rainbow)” during the Winter Olympics.

The article devolves from there, claiming that kids shouldn’t watch the winter Olympics because of Weir and LGBTI influence, and even drops to an all time low by slamming figure skating as a sport.

As I said, I don’t fully understand Weir’s position, and I think we should all boycott the Olympics based on what’s happening to LGBTI people in Russia, but Louis Verrecchio is way out of line and if he thinks the LGBTI community won’t speak up in favor of Weir this time he’s very sadly mistaken.

You can read more here.

Boy Failed 4 Gay Porn

A high school boy in Florida allegedly was in a gay porn movie to make money to help support his family. When people found out, he was bullied by other boys in the school, but instead of suspending the bullies the school failed the boy who did the porn. The boy is eighteen years old, of legal age to do a porn movie, and pornography is not illegal in Florida.

 A large group of students reportedly skipped 7th period on Friday and gathered to stomp and shout his name in the school’s quad in protest.

A classmate posted a photo of the protest action to social media, writing ‘All these people be protesting and stomping and yelling [Noel’s real name] like there be an earthquake.’

If this were a case of protest about the fact that someone so young had to make a porn film of any kind for money, gay or straight, it would be a completely different story altogether. But it’s about a protest that was geared toward bullying a kid for making gay porn. Had he made straight porn I doubt he would have been bullied by the other kids. He might even have become the school star. And instead of the school failing him and keeping him from getting his diploma, maybe they should have been more proactive in finding out why this student had to go to those extremes to make money. I think the difference between eighteen and twenty-one years old is highly significant in cases like this, and I’m not a fan of eighteen year olds making porn films. Young adults having sex with each other isn’t the same thing. We’re talking about gay for pay and I wish someone had been around to talk to this kid instead of bullying him and failing him. I don’t like to see kids bullied, or exploited.

You can read more here.

His Only Choice on Amazon

Here’s an Amazon link for my newest release, His Only Choice, the third book in my Second Chance series. It’s also up on Smashwords, ARe, and other places where e-books are sold.

Here’s the blurb:

 In this third installment of the Second Chance series by Ryan Field, His Only Choice, Lance has to figure out a way to deal with the fact that his partner, Davis, of twenty years will be traveling extensively in Asia and leaving him alone for long stretches at a time. So Lance plunges into making important changes to the small brick and mortar bookshop he owns in New York’s Hudson River Valley to keep it competitive with the rising popularity in e-books. He’s also trying to deal with turning forty years old and it’s not working out well. In order to fill the lonely hours when he’s not working, Lance joins a gym and meets a very young personal trainer named Sergio who makes him feel so young and desirable again he starts lying about his age and telling Sergio he’s only thirty-five years old.

Like other books in the Second Chance series the story bounces from present to past a few times and the choice Lance has to make to get his second chance isn’t clear until the story is in full swing. But there are more than a few sexy gay surprises to keep m/m readers wondering what will happen next, which include whether Lance will ultimately choose his safe, quiet life with Davis. Or will he choose to go another round with dark, sexy Sergio with the weight lifter’s body and scruffy rough beard?

"Fifty Shades of GRAY" Penis Quiz!! Russian Protester Arrested

Fifty Shades of GRAY

I didn’t misspell the title of book, Fifty Shades of Grey. I did this on purpose to show something I saw last night on social media that misled me into believing an interview was about the book. But instead of arriving at a web site that talked about books, I wound up at some unheard of interior decorator who decided to capitalize on the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, in order to promote her wares.

In a recent SheKnows exclusive interview, designer and Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott stated that his favorite neutral color is gray. Creating a “crisp, fresh and clean” effect, the shade is easy to accessorize. Best for more permanent home decor, gray is an easy color to match and combine trends with. Scott recommends keeping larger surfaces in varying shades of gray so that you can change out other smaller home decor items with the seasons. Larger items like walls, furniture, rugs and even pillows are great in grays, and you can add in more accent items in bolder colors and designs.

Jonathan Scott is on a TV show called Property Brothers, along with his twin brother, Drew Scott. There’s also another brother, JD Scott, I think you’ll be hearing about more in the future. The shows aren’t bad if there’s nothing better to watch, and they clearly are portraying these guys more as “hunk” material than serious real estate people. But it’s all harmless, and it’s fun to watch. I didn’t even mind the other day when Jonathan Scott posted a photo of himself on Facebook and said he decided to “dawn a suit today.” Of course the comment thread went wild with people correcting him for using “dawn” instead of “don.” But those things don’t bother me on social media at all. I’m not the grammar police and I don’t think we should all be as serious as we sometimes are on social media. Just for future reference: if I make an error on social media like this someday, the odds are I was working fast, I DO know the difference, and by correcting me you’re only going to look like an asshole. No one is perfect. Seriously. It’s social media and when we’re typing with our thumbs mistakes happen.

In any event, I just thought this article about Fifty Shades of GRAY was interesting because it’s yet another example of how popular the title of the novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, has become. Even interior decorators are using it to get attention now, not just authors who want their books to stand out in search engines. Is it a smart move? I’m not too sure about that. So far I haven’t seen one single rip-off of the fifty shades title do anyone any good. And frankly when I found out this article was about color and fabrics I didn’t even bother to read it. If anything, it annoyed the freak out of me.

You can read it yourself, if you are so inclined.

Penis Quiz !!

Speaking of fun, this next link is something you might want to try a couple of times. My straight male friend, Jordan, sent it to me the other day as a joke and I thought it was hilarious. There are a series of questions that  are basic and simple, but somehow draw the conclusion of how big your penis is.

I rated in with “Yes Y’all.” I think I could have scored higher if I hadn’t listed Beyoncé as my concert choice.

You can read it here, and take the test yourselves.

Russian Protester Arrested

Let the games begin. This next link is to an article that talks about a Russian protester who was arrested for flying the rainbow flag in his hometown not far from where the Russian Olympics will be held in February.

Photos uploaded by his friends show Pavel Lebedev pulling out the flag and then being detained by Olympic security personnel, who wrestle him to the snow as they wait for police to arrive. Lebedev, reached by The Associated Press on the phone, said he was still in the police station and undergoing questioning.

You can read more here.

I can’t even imagine how frustrated gays in Russia must be right now. And the best we can do here is boycott the entire event based on the hatred of gays in Russia. I wish someone would call for an online flash mob where the Internets light up during the opening ceremony in support of a complete boycott. But more important, there are gay people who have continued to support this I’ll never forget. Johnny Weir, for example, who thinks sports are more important than human rights:

“I’ve come under so much hate and scrutiny from within my own LGBT community for my views on the Olympics,” two times Olympian Weir told Reuters in a telephone interview from his home in New Jersey.

“But as somebody who watched my parents sacrifice everything so that I had at least one chance of making the Olympics, I could never boycott the Olympics whether they be in Pyongyang (in North Korea), in Uganda, in Iran or Mars.

I don’t hate him. I don’t get him and I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with him, and the way he was raised, if he thinks the sacrifices his parents made even remotely trump what’s happening to gay people in Russia right now.

You can read more of HIS comments here.

Johnny Weir Willing to Ignore Russia’s Stance on Gays

Johnny Weir Willing to Ignore Russia’s Stance on Gays

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, signed anti gay legislation and most of the global LGBT community is livid about it, including me. Playwright, Harvey Fierstein, wrote a piece in the NYT and mentioned a boycott on the 2014 Olympics in Russia. This is why:

“Just six months before Russia hosts the 2014 Winter Games, Mr. Putin signed a law allowing police officers to arrest tourists and foreign nationals they suspect of being homosexual, lesbian or ‘pro-gay’ and detain them for up to 14 days,” he wrote. “Contrary to what the International Olympic Committee says, the law could mean that any Olympic athlete, trainer, reporter, family member or fan who is gay — or suspected of being gay, or just accused of being gay — can go to jail.”

If in fact they are going to enforce these arrests in Russia, why any gay person in his or her right mind would even go there passes me by.

As a side note, up until 2009, the US would not allow anyone with HIV to enter the country. President Obama put an end to that ridiculous law in 2009 and I think it was one of his first official acts. Russia still places travel restrictions on people with HIV.

In a recent piece, Olympic athlete, and openly gay man, Johnny Weir, wrote about how hard athletes work to reach the point where they can participate in the Olympics and how much it means to them. He’s not in favor of a boycott, but I’m not sure exactly what his point is. He’d calling for gay athletes to participate, he’s saying what Russia is doing is wrong, and yet he’s not giving a valid argument as to why we should support him…other than that he deserves it and he’s entitled to our support. While I respect all the hard work he and every other athlete has done to reach that point, it’s hard to put anything else before the issues that are going on right now in Russia with LGBT people. Seriously. We’re not talking about money and winning awards. We’re not talking about ice skating and competition. We’re talking about the quality of life with maybe millions of human beings. And humans beings will always trump anything else for me.

Weir says this:

To have a boycott would not only negate the career of some athletes who have only one chance at competing at the Games, but also the over-time shifts an exhausted father takes to make ends meet, or the social acclimatization of a brother who can’t go on spring break because his brother needed another costume, or the mother who works part-time at a job far beneath her, just so she can afford to watch her first born perform for the world. The Olympics are not a political statement, they are a place to let the world shine in peace and let them marvel at their youthful talents.

Once again, this is bigger than someone’s dad’s sacrifice, or someone’s brother missing ridiculous spring break, dude. And how Weir can actually say these things without considering the bigger picture surprises me. He clearly comes from a place of both entitlement and privilege

There isn’t a police officer or a government that, should I qualify, could keep me from competing at the Olympics. I respect the LGBT community full heartedly, but I implore the world not to boycott the Olympic Games because of Russia’s stance on LGBT rights or lack thereof. I beg the gay athletes not to forget their missions and fight for a chance to dazzle the world.

I had to re-read that paragraph a few times just be certain I wasn’t missing something. I hope his ass doesn’t wind up in prison. Way to go, Johnny boy. It’s always best to put yourself first, be self-serving, and forget about the majority of innocent LGBT people suffering through the physical and mental injustices of Russia’s stance on LGBT rights…or lack thereof.

I don’t think I’ve read anything that self-serving before. And I read the entire piece, not just what I posted here.

You can read more here. And the comment thread is even more interesting.

One person said this, and at least I don’t feel as if I’m in the minority this time.

Wow. So having the privilege to dedicate one’s life to sports (and it IS a privilege) trumps torture and imprisonment.

I’m not saying that Olympians aren’t amazing people. But what about the average person? What about the average LGBT kid who can’t compete in the Olympics and is wondering whether or not he or she will survive the day?

Weir and other athletes desperately need some perspective.