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Joan Rivers Flips Leno; Beyonce As Marilyn Monroe

Joan Rivers Flips Leno

I think this is pop culture news, and also gay news because like it or not Joan Rivers is an icon to some gay men. But in all seriousness, she’s no fool, she makes most feminists look lazy, and she’s always taken control of her own life and her circumstances. And after years of being banned from the Tonight Show, thanks to the way women are often treated in Hollywood (and the fact that straight white men still control Hollywood), Rivers finally made a return appearance thanks to Jimmy Fallon.

You can watch a clip here where Rivers discusses the Tonight Show appearance and also discusses how she feels about the way she was treated…largely, she believes, because she was a woman. She also flips Jay Leno the bird for banning her from the show.

I used to watch the Tonight Show when I was a kid back when Johnny Carson hosted the show. I vaguely remember Joan Rivers as a guest host. Whatever happened between Rivers and Carson can only be told by Rivers now because Carson never spoke about it in public. In the same respect, Jay Leno never had Joan Rivers back on the tonight show either. The only reason I find that interesting is because I never once watched the Tonight Show after Carson retired. There was just no way I could deal with Leno as Carson’s replacement. I just never got it…or him.

I’m finally watching the Tonight Show again thanks to Jimmy Fallon.

Beyoncé As Marilyn Monroe

Tony and I finally traded in our twelve year old Jag and bought a new car this past January. I loved that Jag. We bought it on the showroom floor twelve years ago and I fought to keep it for the last four years. But it was getting up there and it was time to trade it in for something new. And with the new car I discovered satellite radio for the first time and I can now listen to Ryan Seacrest in the morning. When I heard about Beyoncé channeling Marilyn Monroe on Seacrest’s show this morning I earmarked it for a post because it’s interesting to see Monroe’s legacy alive after all these years. Beyoncé will be on the cover of Out Magazine in May, in full Marilyn drag…and using the exposure as a platform for feminism.

The 32-year-old pop superstar — who poses topless while wearing a platinum wig — channels her inner Marilyn Monroe for a timeless black-and-white photo shoot and talks about her self-titled album and feminism. Although the “Drunk in Love” singer has mastered the art of surprise, it’s no secret that she is an advocate for women’s right, and now she’s using her magazine spread as a platform to once again influence female liberation.

You can read more here.

I posted about Beyoncé’s clever marketing ploy last Christmas here. That time it was Beyoncé who flipped the proverbial bird to Amazon.

Amazon and Target refused to sell Beyonce’s new album because she released it on iTunes first, with a one week iTunes exclusive. It’s interesting because the very thing Amazon did to me with the exclusive they require for the lending program is the exact same thing they penalized Beyonce for doing with Apple. Beyonce retaliated by going to a Wal-Mart store this past weekend where she gave 750 shoppers a fifty dollar gift card, an amount that totaled something close to thirty eight thousand dollars.

Amazon clearly survived the gesture.