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New Release: The Rainbow Detective Agency; The Wedding; Bus Driver Slams Kids with Gay Dads; "Divine" Had a Chainsaw; Do Gay Men Worry Too Much About Aging?

Bus Driver Slams Kids with Gay Dads

This is why Tony and I choose to live in New Hope, PA, because it is, and has been for years, a gay enclave on the East Coast. It’s like Provincetown, or WeHo, with a huge concentration of LGBT people and very progressive mainstream people.

Not everyone makes the same choices, and I give those people credit for being brave enough to endure small town mainstream USA. Unfortunately, they have to deal with some serious discrimination. Some school bus driver wielding a bible thought it was her duty to let the child of two gays dads know how she feels about that.

From the dad’s POV…

Just this week our 15-year-old son’s bus driver was listening to her “Christian” radio station while driving the school bus, giving him religious propaganda — in the form of a comic book — with Jesus as Superman and the rest of us poor citizens of Gotham living a dark dreary life until we accept the Man of Steel as our Lord and savior.  Why has she taken it upon herself to volunteer this information? He already subscribes to all the teenage angst: attempting to fit in, questioning his parents’ beliefs and doubting his self confidence. As my son listened to the religious Sermon on the Mount…or rather the Sermon on the Bus, he discussed with the driver that he had two fathers. She imparted her wisdom unto him; she doesn’t have a problem with homosexuals, but “they are not blessed, and they will go to hell.”

And there you have it. 

You can read the rest here. It’s a painful story, but filled with insight, about what it’s like to be living in the heart of the mainstream if you’re considered a “gay” family. And, this happened in New Jersey, not somewhere in the deep south. It can happen anywhere.  

“Divine” Had a Chainsaw

I remember the first time I learned about “Divine.” I was in high school and didn’t know much about the gay community or culture. At the time, I had no idea how important Divine was to gay culture or the impact she would continue to have so many years later.

Here’s John Waters on Divine…

I think he changed drag queens forever. RuPaul’s show wouldn’t be there. RuPaul started a long time ago, I’ve got to give him some credit, and RuPaul also has a great look out of drag, something that Divine struggled with. Except towards the end, when he wore men’s suits and looked like a very handsome, distinguished man…His legacy was that he made all drag queens cool. They were square then, they wanted to be Miss America and be their mothers. Divine frightened drag queens because he would show up with a chainsaw and [makeup artist] Van Smith would put fake scars on his face, wearing mini skirts when you’re 300 pounds. He broke every rule. And now every drag queen, every one that’s successful today is cutting edge.”

You can check this out here. 

Do Gay Men Worry Too Much About Aging?

Hell yes. I do. I haven’t had a carb since last May. I eat salad at least two nights a week. I haven’t had pizza, donuts, or ice cream in over a year. I run four miles every morning, plus work out. I will, indeed, have cosmetic surgery when the time comes. (I’ve already had one thing done.) And I’m not too fond of celebrating birthdays anymore. 

Evidently, I’m not the only gay man who feels this way. Here’s a quote by John Grant…

This aging thing is quite strange. I don’t want to generalize too much, but gay men worry about aging a lot more than other men, from what I can tell.

Youth is prized above all things — the beauty of youth — and I know a lot of gay men who are very, very obsessed with keeping young.

I don’t understand it in most of their cases. I think older men are super sexy. The ‘beauty of youth’ thing, I totally get that. But by God! I would not want to be where I was in my 20s. I was clueless!”

I had a friend who used to say, “You’re young for a short time and old for a very long time.” And he was a gay man, too. When he died, he had them make him ten years younger on his tombstone. I swear that’s the absolute truth. I never knew his real age until he died. And I once went to a birthday party for a gay friend that his straight sister threw for him. It was a surprise party. But the surprise was on him. He told everyone he was 55, when the huge happy birthday banner hanging at the party read, “Happy 65th Birthday.” It was NOT a happy moment for him, but very amusing for the rest of us.

You can read the rest here. 

Side note: I do, however, have a little Dove Chocolate every now and then. It compensates for everything else 🙂

Rainbow Detective Agency: The Wedding

Here’s a link to my new release in the Rainbow Detective Agency. It’s a full length novel. I think it runs 62,000 words. The link will lead you to Smashwords. I’ll post more links to web sites as I get them. It takes a while. 

Gay Gang Rape; Gay Sword Attack; Family-Friendly Pink Flamingos John Waters

Gay Gang Rape

Some stories are harder to post about than others, and this is one of them. A young guy from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala was disowned by his family for being gay. They threw him out with nothing. He left home and got a job working in a clothing store. What happened after that leaves me cold.

Earlier this year, local gang members began extorting him for money. The men repeatedly called him a “faggot piece of shit” and a “whore.” One day in March, they ganged up and forced him to perform oral sex on them.

The incident, which marked the third time he had been sexually assaulted, left Amezquita-Guzman traumatized. He decided to flee Guatemala shortly afterwards, traveling up through Mexico and finally crossing the Rio Grande into Texas.

He fled to the US seeking asylum and it only gets worse.

Agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained Amezquita-Guzman in May. He was sent to a privately-run detention facility operated by Corrections Corporation of America in the state of Georgia where he filed a claim seeking asylum.

“He could have been released on bond, and he wasn’t,” Amezquita-Guzman’s lawyer, Patrick Valdez, tells the Blade. “My client’s not a danger. He doesn’t have a record in his country or in this country. His record is impeccable. And he had a legitimate asylum application and he had to litigate his case in custody the whole time. That was unfortunate.”

After fighting for one year, he was finally granted asylum. The rest is here. 

Gay Sword Attack

This allegedly happened between two middle aged straight men. The grown straight men were watching “a game” and one said the other had “homosexual tendencies,” which started a shitstorm that led the one accused to get a sword and start flinging it around at the accuser.

Voices were raised. Punches were thrown. The two men wrestled their way into the kitchen, before a third man finally broke up the fight and told them to “take it outside.”

The fired up 44-year-old went outside and waited. When Cowboy finally emerged from the building, he was wielding a two-foot sword, which he began wildly swinging in the air. He struck the man once in the head and twice in the left arm before the injured man said he was calling the cops, upon which Cowboy dropped the sword and ran away.

All that, because one didn’t want to be accused of being gay. That’s the shame we all have to worry about the most. There’s nothing wrong with being gay…even if you’re not gay. You don’t need to defend yourselves with swords.  The rest is here. 

Family-Friendly Pink Flamingos John Waters

I like some of John Waters’ work, but not crazy about it all. I recently tried watching a documentary about Divine and I got so bored I couldn’t stand it a minute longer. Even the documentary couldn’t make Divine look good, which I doubt Divine would have minded in the least. However, from a writer’s POV I do find this interesting and I do think Waters is a genius of sorts for what he does. I can appreciate certain forms of art, but I wouldn’t hang it all in my home. 

In any event, Waters is going to recreate a kid, family-friendly version of his 70’s cult film, Pink Flamingos. I don’t think this is a hoax.

“I’ve always said that if you took out the sex and the violence, that it is a children’s story because it’s the battle of the gross-out, and that’s what most kids’ books are now,” John Waters recently told the NYT about his upcoming plans to turn his 1972 cult classic Pink Flamingos into a family-friendly story.

“Kiddie Flamingos” will feature an all-kid cast, who will “wear candy-colored wigs, cat-eye glasses and at least one pencil-thin mustache (drawn on, of course)” while they are filmed doing a table read of the new script.

The reason I find it so interesting is because I did the same thing with Chase of a Dream when I released it in two different versions, one with sex and one without any sex scenes at all. In the future I’ll be experimenting more with that, plus rewriting a great deal of back listed books, in order to do almost the same thing. Just not for kids. Maybe Walters is trying to break into a more mainstream market?

You can read more about Waters here. I’ll be looking out for this one. I’ve seen a lot of mixed commentary about it, but I think it’s a fascinating idea.  And good for him for competing with the all the cultural appropriation happening these days. He must be watching all that closely, too. CA is when people coming from a place of privilege try to dominate a minority by taking on their characteristics and creativity.

Chase of a Christmas Dream