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John Hurt Who Played Quentin Crisp; San Francisco’s Sexual Revolution; How Many Hours Do You Spend On Hook Up Apps?

John Hurt Who Played Quentin Crisp

I hated to read that John Hurt passed away. I always liked him, especially when he played the role of Quentin Crisp. He did this during a time when there wasn’t much gay content out there, and when no one even knew who Quentin Crisp was.

I was actually inspired so much by Hurt’s performance as Quentin Crisp, I wrote Crisp into one of my books that’s titled, A Christmas Carl. I once posted about that, here.

The storyline revolves around love, hope, miracles and second chances. When the ghost of Christmas Yet to Come pays a visit to the main character, Carl Smite, it’s actually the ghost of gay icon Quentin Crisp. Mr. Crisp was born on December 25th, and I thought it would be fitting to help him show Carl how he can get back the love of his life, save his son from a horrible death, and spend the rest of his life giving to others instead of taking from them.    

That particular book now has a new home with Riverdale Avenue Books in NY. I’ll post a link below.

In any event, the world lost another wonderful performer. But he left a wonderful legacy, too.

Hurt’s role in the made-for-TV film The Naked Civil Servant, first broadcast on ITV in 1975 – as well as its 2009 follow-up, An Englishman in New York – identified him with Crisp, whose transgressive public behaviour had made him a pioneer in altering public attitudes to homosexuality in the late 1960s and early 70s.

It’s a good tribute to Hurt, and you can read the rest of it here.


San Francisco’s Sexual Revolution

I’ve always been very curious about the sexual revolution, mainly because I wasn’t part of it.

 No city has as salacious a past as San Francisco (and we mean salacious in a good way) with early watering holes like The Dash. This establishment opened in 1908 and was almost immediately shuttered after a scandal involving a city judge propositioning the cross-dressing staff. Through the 30s, Finocchio’s and Mona’s were the place for drag acts, both for kings and queens.

It’s a long article, and it goes on to mention a few more things I didn’t know about. You can check that out here. 

How Many Hours Do You Spend On Hook Up Apps?

I can tell you for certain, I don’t spend any hours on hook up apps. Although I’ve been posting about them for a while, I’ve never actually even used a hook up app. Evidently, I’m in the minority…or, maybe not??

“I am an out gay man living in an urban area,” he writes in a new confessional published by the Guardian. “I spend hours and hours online looking at hook-up ads on my phone. In addition, I hook up a lot. It is wonderful and awful in equal measure.”

You can check that one out here. It goes on to talk about addiction and some other interesting things. But I found the comments even more interesting. Several people don’t even use hook up apps, and one said he only checked them occasionally. I know there are a lot of guys using them, but I wonder just how many are NOT using them as well. We never get that data in any magazine article.

A Christmas Carl

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