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Trevor Donovan and Texas Rising; John Carroll’s Advice Column; Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen Are Daddies

Trevor Donovan and Texas Rising

If you don’t know much about Trevor Donovan, here’s his web site. I’ve been posting about an upcoming mini-series on The History Channel he’ll be starring in titled, Texas Rising. You can read more about TR here, where I’ve posted a few times. Donovan’s web site is simple to navigate and if you’re like me and you’ve been meaning to work on a new web site you might get a few ideas. I think his web site designer is mentioned there as well.

In any event, for those who don’t know much about Texas history, here’s a link I found fascinating. I’ve written a lot of novels set in Texas (the entire Glendora Hill series) and I’ve had to research a good deal of this already…plus, I had to contact friends on social media who live in Texas to find out little details, like climate and terrain.

On March 2, 1836, with the Alamo under siege, delegates from across Texas met and declared their independence from Mexico. Feelings of Texas pride have remained strong ever since, going well beyond just football and barbecue. Explore nine things you may not know about the Lone Star State.

Here’s another link with more about the mini-series, Texas Rising. 

Here’s a book titled, The Texas Rangers, with Kit Acklin…Christopher B. Acklin.

And here’s a youtube video with Donovan that’s not related to Texas Rising, however, it’s an interesting short interview he gave last December at the RFK Ripple of Hope awards in NY. In other words, you’ll see a lot of great beefcake videos and photos of Donovan, but not much that shows he’s smart, which is also important. I’m all for fun, sexy promotional marketing at any time, but I also think it should be balanced. Dolly Parton’s big breasts helped make her famous, but her brilliance kept her famous. You can quote me on that. 

Texas Rising will be airing on May 25th, on The History Channel, and I’ll probably be posting more about the Texas Rangers before then. The problem is that getting any information online isn’t easy. In the US we tend to ignore history if Washington or Lincoln didn’t sleep there.

John Carroll’s Advice Column

Here’s something a little different. The talented John Carroll is doing an advice column.

Have a problem? Need some good advice? Well, you could bend the ear of a trusted confidant to give you some sage words of wisdom…or you could go against your better judgement and just ask me. You can contact me at or follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

There’s more here, with a video.

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen Are Daddies

I’ll bet anything most of you think this is about Cooper and Cohen adopting a kid and living HEA. Well, so did I. I really did. I’m not joking about that. My first thought was, “How nice.”

Evidently, I was wrong. This isn’t about them becoming dads. This is about them being DADDIES…as in “Yes, Daddy, give me some more, Daddy.” I know. But I didn’t write this. I’m just linking to it.

Andy Cohen opens up about his close friendship with Anderson Cooper to Attitude magazine when asked if they’re a similar type of gay man. Cohen puts it simply: “We’re both daddies? We’re both silver guys? We are! He’s my good mate. We have a great time. He and I are going on tour together, starting this month, in Boston. We travel extensively together actually. We’re doing a speaking tour soon. But yes, we’re both daddies.”

You can read the rest here, with more stories of idiocy that seem to be similar to this one 🙂 

In this third book in The Rainbow Detective series, Proctor and Blair take on a case that involves blackmail, kidnapping, and a handsome young guy with two perfect penises. The guy with two penises is a public personality, and the wealthy client who hires Blair and Proctor is willing to pay a huge sum of money to keep the guy’s two penises a secret.

As fascinated as Blair and Proctor are with the guy who has two penises, there are dangerous, unexpected twists in this case that put them in grave danger. And the fact that they are in love with each other doesn’t make working together any easier. It’s the kind of peculiar double penis case that will not only test their love, but also test whether or not they can continue working together.

Will Blair be able to grow up and meet Proctor’s professional expectations? And will Proctor ever be able to get the guy with two perfect penises out of his head?