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USA 2,014 years old; Joey Stefano; Tim Tebow on ESPN

USA 2,014 Years Old

Evidently, there are some people in the US who think the US is 2,014 years old. I wish I had something more to start out 2014, but so far this seems to be as good as it gets. (Unless you’d rather I link to Joe Konrath’s predictions on publishing again 🙂 I’m personally going to be making a few announcements later this year, as writer, so I can move forward. For the time being, I still have two contracted books in the Glendora Hill series to finish, I’m enjoying writing them more than anything I’ve done before, and I’ll be indie publishing even more fiction this year. I’ll also post more on wedding plans Tony and I have for later this month. We’re booked to go to Vermont, and the place looks great. I’ll post links soon.

In any event…

According to Twitter, more than a few people believe that the United States was formed 2014 years ago, and that New Year’s Day is America’s birthday. There is so much about this idea that doesn’t make sense.

In an update, it turns out a lot of people were joking around. But it does remind me of a few mock interviews I saw during recent important political elections where reporters went out on the streets, asked people who was running for office, and asked basic general information about the candidates. The answers were surprising. A few people thought Sarah Palin was running for vice-President on the Obama ticket. I’m not joking about that.

This bothers me for more than one reason. These are the same people we have signing up for jury duty, and it seems to be getting worse as time passes. I wouldn’t want them as a jury of my peers.

You can read more here.

Joey Stefano

I don’t think I’ve ever linked to this before in previous posts about Joey Stefano. And it comes with an adult content warning, so it’s NSFW. But it’s an interesting article about Stefano, with NSFW photos, and I wanted to add it to my own list of links that I’ve posted about him previously. If you don’t know who Joey Stefano is, and how much he influenced gay male culture in the late 1980’s and 90’s, you can read more about him here. I tried to do a search on the upcoming film about Stefano’s life that’s being produced by Chad Darnell, but couldn’t find anything newer than last summer so I don’t know what’s up with that.

Immaculate Heart Cemetery in Marcus Hook would seem an unlikely resting place for a power-bottom porn star, but this is indeed where Chester native Joey Stefano, né Nicholas Iacona Jr., lays in perpetual sleep. His final resting place bears no headstone, making his presence in the cemetery derelict if not absent.

You can read more here.

Tim Tebow on ESPN

I find Tim Tebow interesting for several reasons, one of which is he seems to attract a certain amount of attention for no apparent reason. Or at least more attention than other professional sports figures in the US. I’m not the only one who feels this way, because now he has a TV show on ESPN that I would imagine is going to be successful.

 According to ESPN, Tebow’s primary role will be as an analyst for SEC Nation, the network’s traveling pregame show that will originate from a different SEC campus each week beginning Aug. 28, 2014.

The article goes on to mention that Tebow didn’t attract much interest in the NFL. But I think the fact remains that he does attract attention in the mainstream and he’s become a regular name in anything pop culture related.

You can read more here.

Joey Stefano Movie; Free Gay Story by Max Vos

Joey Stefano Movie

I’ve posted a few times about the late adult entertainment star, Joey Stefano. Here’s one. Here’s another.

The other night I was talking with friends about someone I once knew, Joey Stefano. He was a very high profile gay porn star in the 1990’s who never expected to be as famous as he was. We were only two years apart in age and we both frequented a lot of the same clubs in the early 1990’s in the Philadelphia area. Because I was two years younger, he always seemed protective, which I thought was nice. Joey was from Chester, PA, which is a rough city only about twenty minutes south of Center City Philadelphia. At the time there seemed to be more clubs around, but I could be wrong about that.

And since then I’ve been following an upcoming film about him, written and produced by Chad Darnell. This is the most recent info I could find. It’s sort of an article/interview.

A veteran of nearly 50 gay porn films, the actor’s popularity was so widespread that even Madonna sought him out to participate in a photo shoot for her racy Sex book. Stefano (born Nicholas Iacona) was even rumored to have been involved in relationships with many entertainment executives, including (then-closeted) David Geffen.

I remember waiting in line in a New York book shop one cold day in January to buy that book. It was in the Village and there was a line around the corner because the book had just been released. I’d lost touch with him by then. He reached a point where he basically focused on films and stopped doing shows…at least in this area anyway.

What additional research did you do?

I reached out to everyone who knew him or met him. I didn’t care if they only met him at club, I wanted to meet everyone who would meet with me, because their perception, their stories of him are important to the story. I interviewed Larry, Sharon, Brian Maley in Vegas. Directors like Robert Prion and Jerry Douglas in New York. Anybody who was interested, I wanted to talk to them. I met with close to a hundred people.

He didn’t reach out to me. But then I knew Joey Stefano on a very different level and there wouldn’t be much I could add to a film that seems to be about his career and his fame. And, even if he had reached out, I wouldn’t have given out any information without knowing more about the film. I gave an interview not to long ago that I posted about here. But while I was in the middle of the interview I started to feel awkward about discussing someone who is gone. The journalist seemed nice enough, but I got a creepy feeling doing it and I held back. Frankly, I don’t think I’ll ever do anything like that again without thinking it through clearly. It’s an odd position in which to be.

In any event, the producer of the film received no cooperation from Stefano’s family, and I think I understand that better now more than I did before I did my interview. And I understand why his family wouldn’t want to discuss this. Joey Stefano wasn’t a huge Hollywood film star. He was a huge adult gay film star, often referred to as a “power bottom,” who happened to have the right mix of camera appeal and personality, and he came along at the right time. He had a discreet brand of fame, and he earned it on the fringes. Videos were huge for about four days in the 80’s and 90’s, and the kind of films Stefano and a few others did during that time opened up a new world for gay men who couldn’t come out of the closet…or who were terrified of AIDS. Watching porn is the safest sex there is, like it or not. And when millions of gay men discovered videos the entire concept took off. A lot of producers made a lot of money. Not so much for the actors.

I would hope that if I die tragically and a screenwriter approached my family, they would talk to him or her in order to share their story. But in the end, I have what I need to satisfy those questions.
To be honest, I would hope my family wouldn’t try to capitalize on my death. But then again, I’m on the fence about this completely and I can’t judge the film or the producer until it’s released. I’m hoping I like it, and I’m hoping it shows some of the good sides to Joey Stefano. So far many of the things I’ve seen and read are all highly sensationalized to the point of being ridiculous. One didn’t even get his place of birth right, which really galled me. The bottom line for me is that Joey Stefano was a combination of many emotions. He knew how not to take himself too seriously when he was with people he trusted, and he knew how to deal with those who only were interested in getting something from him. I’ve often thought about basing a short story on my experiences with him, but I’ve never done that because it felt as if I were crossing a line.

I’ll post more as things unfold.

Free Gay Story

An author/blogger friend of mine, Max Vox, put up a free story on his blog today, and I’ve already earmarked it for later tonight. I love these things late at night, especially because I only need about three hours sleep at night. So I spend a good deal of time reading or surfing blogs on the iPad. As a side note, I got to know Max on facebook a while ago, and I never even knew he wrote for, one my my publishers, until recently.

You can get there from here.

Conner Habib Adult Star; The Joey Stefano Story; Bad Boy Billionaire List

An author friend of mine, A.B. Gayle, turned me on to a great blog (the whole blog, not just one post) written by adult entertainment star, Conner Habib. One post in particular, The Virtues of Being an Object, was something I couldn’t stop reading the moment I started it. I’ve probably mentioned before how I think we tend to objectify both men and women nowadays…depending on who you talk to. It also gives a first hand impression of adult entertainment, and it’s not the hype we often see from people who only sensationalize these things.

Habib is also an author. From what I’ve read in his various bios, he started out as a writer and then went into adult entertainment. And he doesn’t write fluff. The following is from an essay he wrote for a pubbed book titled, Exploring the Edge Realms of Consciousness.

The essay is about all sorts of things; but all relate to the charge that porn “objectifies” people. We’ve all heard that argument, but I wasn’t so sure it made any sense. When I tried to figure out what porn critics were getting at, I figured out that they were even more confused than I thought.

Again, this isn’t hearsay. It’s coming from someone who works within the industry. The blog post to which I’m linking is a condensed version of his original essay from the book, presented as a post in the form of mini-essays.

The first time I masturbated thinking of a man, I was barely a teenager. I’d masturbated before, but I never really understood why – it was just a feeling contained in myself. I’d push myself into my mattress and consider the strange, warm feeling. Waves up my chest and in my spine, a peaceful feeling afterward. It was unrelated to anything but me.

What I always find interesting, from my own POV, is that we naturally assume that men think differently about porn than women. But in speaking privately with more than one of my female readers about erotic romance, especially gay erotic romance, I’ve learned that’s not always accurate.

You can read the post in full here. I also find it interesting the way so many adult entertainment stars are always so underestimated by the mainstream. It even happens with erotic romance authors.

The Joey Stefano Story

The same author who told me about Conner Habib’s blog, A.B. Gayle, also mentioned The Joey Stefano Story to me a couple of months ago and I’ve had an e-mail with a link sitting in my inbox all this time because I wasn’t sure I wanted to post about it. I’ve posted about Stefano before because I met him and knew him briefly in the early 1990’s. And the “Joey” I knew wasn’t quite the way I’ve seen him portrayed all the time. But I haven’t seen this play, so I can’t comment. And I figured I’d post about it because I think “Joey” would have loved to have seen a play all about him.

For those unfamiliar with the Stefano legend, Stefano, born Nick Iacona, ran away from his Philadelphia home at the age of 16 and became a gay porn sensation with the aid of adult film director Chi Chi LaRue. Lowe’s play is a successfully layered work that begins by focusing on Stefano’s boyish charm and limitless libido, even though it concentrates primarily on narrative exposition rather than dramatic tension. Instead of exploring Stefano’s psyche. Lowe has opted for a wittier stance, revealing inside tricks of the porn trade and by writing lines such as, “When it comes to bottoms in this industry, I’m the top.”
This first line in the above paragraph is one reason why I’ve been apprehensive about mentioning this play. From what I recall, “Joey” came from Chester, PA, not Philadelphia. I’m also from the Philadelphia area, all my life. And although Chester, PA isn’t far from Philadelphia, it’s not the same thing. I live in New Hope, Bucks County, PA, which is also not far from Philly. But I don’t live in Philly. There’s a difference, a big difference. Wiki even backs me up on this, here. Am I being too pedantic? Maybe. I’m just being honest.
The play was written by author Barry Lowe, whom I’ve never met, but seen around because he’s also an author with one of my publishers, As I said, I haven’t seen the play so I can’t comment on it. But if you read my own previous posts about “Joey” you might get a different impression of the man I met in person, and knew briefly in my life, than the one you’ll get at the web site about the play to which I linked above. I’m not saying one is more accurate than the other, and I don’t want to give that impression. I don’t know how Lowe went about getting material for the play or how he researched it. I’m only saying that I knew “Joey” on a different level, and not from what I read or heard about. I didn’t see that dark side I hear about all the time. And, “Joey” was the kind of guy who would treat me differently than he would others. If he liked you you had nothing to worry about. If he didn’t, he just dismissed you as an idiot.
But most of all, I think “Joey” would have liked knowing there’s a play about him, and that we’re still here talking about him. I don’t think he ever thought he would become as well known, or reach the magnitude he’s reached. The only unfortunate thing is that there isn’t an actor on the planet who can ever match his looks. It’s like trying to find a Liz Taylor double. It’s not going to happen.
List of Bad Boy Billionaire Books
When I write these lists, I often do them so I have a place where I can go to see the list myself. I’ll admit that sometimes when I finish a book and the book is released I don’t think about it again for a long time. I don’t know why that is. It’s just the way I’m wired and I always like to move forward. Readers will sometimes mention books and characters to me in e-mails and I’ll have to go research them because they’ve completely slipped my mind. So here’s a list with link of the complete books in this year’s Bad Boy Billionaire Series. I’ll update it again when I get closer to completing the entire series. 
Bad Boy Billionaires: The Ivy League Rake
Bad Boy Billionaires: The Wall Street Shark
Bad Boy Billionaires: The Vegas Shark
Bad Boy Billionaires: The Actor Learning to Love (soon to be pubbed)
Bad Boy Billionaires: The Silicon Valley Gay Sex Scandal (updated)

Upcoming Film on Joey Stefano: Porn Brat Pack of the 1980’s

Last Thursday I mentioned that I did a telephone interview with a writer from G Philly Magazine about the late adult entertainment star, Joey Stefano. I’ve posted about this before here, and here. I’m not sure how much of a help I was to him, because I knew Stefano on a casual basis from seeing him in nightclubs in the early 1990’s…acquaintances. And this was all local, in the Philadelphia area, not in LA where Stefano worked in films at the time. Stefano was, indeed, from Chester, PA, which is a small city south of Philly.

I actually wound up learning more than I already knew during this phone conversation, especially about an upcoming film that’s being made about porn stars of the time period, I’m assuming, between the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. According to this article, it’s a biopic about the “porn brat pack” of this time period. The title has been changed a few times, which I mention later in this post.

Film Synopsis: The Porn Brat Pack is a historical biopic based on the lives of Hollywood’s infamous “porn royalty” and their hedonistic, drug-fueled, high-profiled lifestyle in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Shunned by their own families for being “different” and their career choices in the industry, “The Porn Brat Pack” formed a complex family who lived together, loved together and in some cases, died together.

I think the synopsis sums up the time period very well. I’d also like to add that this was right before the Internet became so popular with the adult entertainment industry and changed everything, and for a good deal of these people in adult entertainment it was almost a last hurrah or sorts. It really wasn’t an era that lasted long either. A lot of these actors, films, and producers became wildly popular in the 1980’s simply because of video and the fact that people had an opportunity to view adult entertainment in their own homes on video so easily. Before video there were adult films, but you needed projectors and a screen and it could be complicated. And by no means discreet. With video all you had to do was pop a cassette into the machine and push a few buttons. The married gay guy hiding in the closet now had an outlet to watch gay porn late at night and no one could find out about it. I had one friend with such a large collection he used to give videos away at random just because he didn’t know what to do with them. And, more important, this was a time of AIDS and porn was the safest sex there was.

So, from what I’m gathering, this film by Chad Darnell, will be focused on more than one adult entertainer, not just Joey Stefano. But my conversation with the writer from G Philly only got into Stefano, and how I knew him on a casual basis. As I said, I hope I could give him some insight, from my basic point of view about Stefano…which I think might be slightly different from others he’s spoken to. I think this is because I didn’t want anything from Joey Stefano and he didn’t want anything from me, so the casual friendship we had, on those sporadic occasions we ran into each other, wasn’t something either of us had to work for. And, for the record, I never saw Stefano drunk or stoned in public.

But the film sounds fascinating. There’s also been a little controversy:

 And Darnell contacted Geffen to ask if he wanted to be involved, writing the mogul a long, carefully worded email so as not to offend.

Geffen immediately shot back:

“We met at a party once. We were not good friends. Good luck with your project.”

I think that might have been a mistake on Darnell’s part, to write a long polite e-mail to Geffen. After surviving twenty years in publishing, I know people like Geffen don’t respond to long e-mails or anything that takes too much time out of their day. I would have kept it short and sweet; Dear Mr. Geffen, this is what I’m doing, about Joey Stefano. You have a chance to  look good in a film with historic potential. Let me know if you’re interested. Plain and simple, and fuck you very much if you’re not interested. I’m doing it anyway with or without you. But, I digress.

Rumor had it that Geffen was more involved with Stefano than he claims to be, but that’s only hearsay. I never knew if it was fact or fiction, I didn’t care back then, and don’t really care at this point. Most don’t even know who Geffen is anymore (ask anyone under forty), so I don’t think it matters much. But if this was Geffen’s actual reply, it is a bit amusing.

The Joey Stefano I remember was polite, quiet, and didn’t call attention to himself because he didn’t have to do that. The man walked into a room and every head turned whether he had his clothes on or not. He wasn’t a saint. I saw him put a few people in their places more than once, especially those of the bar crowd who tend to objectify gay men like Stefano and treat them with little respect. He also wouldn’t let people make him look dumb in public, and responded with the kind of wit that stunned me. He made me smile more than a few times with some of his snarky replies…before snark even became a word.

In any event, here’s more about Stefano and the upcoming film by Darnell. It’s a long blog post about how Darnell began this project, and what seems to be never ending venture, and some of the details surprised me. For example, I didn’t know Joey Stefano had been discovered by Chi Chi LaRue.

It was a different time. It was a time when porn stars were royalty in West Hollywood. They would walk into a club and the seas of people would part for them. Without discussing each of their addictions, it’s safe to say there were A LOT of drugs. Some people could manage their use and function. Others couldn’t.

I will try to post more about the upcoming article in G Philly Magazine about Joey Stefano. I’ll also try to update with things I see about the upcoming film. The title has been changed several times, and as it stands now, it’s going to be X-Rated. Personally, I like The Porn Brat Pack better. For a lot of us back then who were very young these adult entertainers were exactly that: our brat pack.

Darnell is looking for investors and I hope he finds them, because this has the potential be one interesting film. I have met a lot of gay men in my time, some in the adult entertainment industry during a short-lived period in my life when I thought I might be interested in doing it. I knew Joe Romero, for one. But never have I met anyone like Joey Stefano. There was just something about him, and you had to be there to see it. I think a lot of his appeal had to do with the fact that you never would have thought he was gay just by looking at him. And a lot of us back then who were very young had never seen gay men like that…we had no one with whom to identify…and we couldn’t get enough of it.

Wish us all luck on trying to get it to the screen this year. I don’t want another year to go by where I say, “Happy birthday, Joey Stefano. Hopefully this is the year we shoot your movie.”

Joey Stefano 1968 – 1994

The other night I was talking with friends about someone I once knew, Joey Stefano. He was a very high profile gay porn star in the 1990’s who never expected to be as famous as he was. We were only two years apart in age and we both frequented a lot of the same clubs in the early 1990’s in the Philadelphia area. Because I was two years younger, he always seemed protective, which I thought was nice. Joey was from Chester, PA, which is a rough city only about twenty minutes south of Center City Philadelphia. At the time there seemed to be more clubs around, but I could be wrong about that.

I met him at an old gay nightclub in New Jersey called Gatsby’s while he was dancing on a Saturday night around 1990. I also met Tony at Gatsby’s in 1992, and by 1992 Joey was spending more time in LA than in Philly. He was even in Madonna’s book, “Sex.” This was around the same time everyone seemed to be flocking to South Beach, FL, with Madonna and Versace. That time always reminded me of a kind of rebirth after the dark days of the 1980’s when there seemed to be a funeral for someone who died from AIDS at least once a month.

Though Joey and I never dated, and no one ever knew when he would be around, I grew to like him a lot when I did see him. He was basically a nice guy and a smart guy. But also extremely addicted to drugs and didn’t really care. He had a very carefree attitude toward life. I remember one night in Gatsby’s when he was doing a strip show. In that club, the dancers only stripped down to their underwear, which was tame even in those days. A loud pushy woman with a group of even more annoying gay men asked him if it was true that he was really studying to be an attorney. He moved close to her, looked her in the eye, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Do you have a life?” in such a deadpan tone my drink went up my nose.

One thing I remember most about him was that he was all man, which at the time to me was an inspiration. I only knew what I’d seen and heard on TV and in the movies, and most of it had to do with effeminate gay men. If you didn’t know Joey was gay you never would have thought he was. I think that’s why we got along so well. We “got” each other without having to work too hard at it.

I remember hearing about his death on the radio in 1994. I was already together with Tony for two years by then and it had been about three years since I’d last seen Joey anywhere in the Philadelphia area. But the news hit me hard. I’d always hoped he would figure things out. After his death it was disclosed that he was HIV+. I never knew this for fact when I knew him because in those days it wasn’t discussed openly. And we were never lovers. But knowing Joey, and knowing there were no serious HIV drug regimens in those days for people with AIDS, I’m sure that contributed to his drug use. I knew a few gay men back then who took on a very carefree attitude because they didn’t think there would ever be a way to stop AIDS. And they lived very fast lives. If Joey had lived, he would have been forty-four now.

I like the photo of him above because that’s really what he looked like in person. A lot of the photos on the web make him look different than he was.