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Penn State: You Get One Childhood in this Life; Just One

You only get one childhood in this life. Just one. And when someone comes along and crushes it, you don’t get a chance to do it over again.

Where I live, an hour and a half from New York and an hour from Philadelphia, we don’t usually hear much about Penn State. I think it’s something like five hours away, which in a state the size of PA is like Iowa to people who live around here. I know more about New Jersey than I do about PA. Hell, I know more about LA than I know about Penn State.

But the Philadelphia news channels have been focusing on what’s been going on at Penn State, with regard to alleged child abuse and the alleged cover ups that occurred. And it’s been both saddening and shocking to see how students at Penn State have reacted.

One of those people who allegedly covered the child abuse scandal up was Joe Paterno…AKA, “JoePa.” Good old “JoePa” allegedly knew about the child abuse and never contacted the proper authorities.

And the faithful students at Penn State didn’t like the fact that their storied, flawless “JoePa” was allegedly involved in the cover up, so they went berserk and rioted when they found out good old “JoePa” had been asked to resign by the board.

I think this rioting is what might also be called a young adult temper tantrum, where college age people jump up and down, stomp on the ground, and kick and scream, when things don’t go their way. This time, mom and dad weren’t around to give them a “time out.”

These students obviously had very little concern for the helpless victims of this alleged child abuse on the night they rioted. If they had, they would have waited until all the facts were presented before they formed opinions about good old “JoePa.” And I honestly find it difficult to believe that anyone in their right mind would riot until all the facts have been presented, especially when the allegations are so serious and children are involved. There’s something seriously wrong going on over there. And it makes me wonder what kind of Kool Aide they are serving in the Student Union.

You only get one childhood in this life. Just one.