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Voting this Tuesday: Arlen Specter/Joe Sestak

This Tuesday, for Pennsylvania residents, is voting day. And though I’m not going to get into anything political here with regards to issues, I will speak in general terms about one of my votes.

There been a vicious race for the democratic senator here, between Arlen Specter and Joe Sestak. Arlen Specter has been a republican senator for years in PA, and this past year he switched parties so he could run as a democrat instead of a republican. Now, I’m not against anyone switching parties. It’s a fee country and everyone has the right to follow whichever political party they desire. But typically, people switch parties at younger ages for personal reasons they feel deeply about. I can’t imagine switching parties myself, but to each his own.

However, in the case of Arlen Specter, I find it interesting that a life long republican would switch parties when he’s in his eighties, and without giving a viable reason (he gave general reasons, but nothing you could sink your teeth into). It leads to many questions I’m not going to go into on this blog, but these questions have influenced my vote. There’s something suspcious about it that doesn’t sit right with me and I find it impossible to even contemplate voting for Specter. Especially when there’s such a great candidate, Joe Sestak, running against Arlen Specter.

And I don’t care how many times President Obama comes out in support of Arlen Specter. If God himself came out and said he was supporting Specter and the old boys club, I’d still cast my vote for Joe Sestak. And let’s face it, Arlen Spector has been a senator for a long, long time. Voting for him, as I see it, crushes all the hope and change President Obama spoke about in his campaign (I didn’t forget that campaign slogan, oh no). And here in PA we need a little hope, and a whole lot of change. Because so far, we haven’t seen any.