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Davey Wavey Interivew With Brent Corrigan; Peter Scolari Wins Emmy For Playing Gay Dad; JK Rowling’s Revelation and HIV Metaphor

Davey Wavey Interview With Brent Corrigan

Sometimes I like to post on topics that I know absolutely nothing about. For me it’s a practice in objectivity, which I think is important to any writer. In fact, I wish we saw more objectivity these days everywhere.

So here’s an article about an interview Davey Wavey did with Brent Corrigan. It’s interesting and I really don’t follow either one of them often.

Does this turn you on? Unavoidable YouTube personality Davey Wavey just interviewed adult film star Brent Corrigan for his Business of Sex web series, eking out stories about his early beginnings in the adult film industry, why he wants to steer clear of promoting King Cobra, and his lifelong obsession with horses.

You can check it out here. There’s a video.

As always with pieces like this that are just meant for fun and not meant to change the world, you’ll find the comments from readers a little surprising. At least I did. 

Peter Scolari Wins Emmy For Playing Gay Dad

I know nothing about this. I used to watch the TV show Girls all the time. I think I even posted about it here at one point. But even though I liked it, I stopped watching because of Lena Dunham. I’m not going to elaborate on that, but I lost track of the show and characters and this is news to me as well.

Peter Scolari won his first Emmy Award on Saturday (10 September) for his portrayal of Lena Dunham’s gay dad on the HBO series Girls.

The win took many by surprise since the actor was not initially a nominee in a field that also included Larry David (Saturday Night Live), Tracy Morgan (Saturday Night Live), Martin Mull (Veep), Bradley Whitford (Transparent) and Bob Newhart (The Big Bang Theory).

You can read the rest here.

JK Rowling’s Revelation and HIV Metaphor

The only book I’ve really read by JK Rowling was A Causal Vacancy, which I reviewed here on the blog. I loved that book, it was a long book, and I hated to see it end. However, I’m not familiar with the Harry Potter series at length, it’s not my preferred genre, and I know nothing about this alleged controversy with Rowling. I wasn’t even sure how to title this part of the post.

JK Rowling has debunked the ‘revelation’ fan fave character Remus Lupin’s werewolf condition is a metaphor for HIV.

In one of her new ebooks, the author is quoted as talking about his lycanthropy as a metaphor for an illness that carries some negative public opinion. 

Here’s the link to read more. I can’t parse this one no matter how hard I try. But someone in the comments tried to make it clearer.