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They Wanted John Barrowman To Remain In the Closet; Rosie O’Donnell Mourns Trump’s Victory; JK Rowling and Dumbledore’s Gay Life

They Wanted John Barrowman To Remain In the Closet

Here’s a story about how “they” wanted John Barrowman to keep his private life quiet that dates back about two decades. He ultimately lost a role because he refused to do it.

While accepting the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award last weekend during Palm Springs Pride, Barrowman recalled producers sitting him down in a room one day and saying: ‘We don’t want you to talk about your life.’

‘I’m not going to mention any names but you would all know who he is – gay himself – told me to keep quiet,’ Barrowman told the HRC crowd, clearly referring to Star who also created Sex and the City and is openly gay.

Here’s the rest. It’s interesting because he also lost the role of Will on Will and Grace because they thought he was “too straight.” So they gave the role to a straight guy instead, because that’s what they do to gay people, actors, authors, and all of us. 

You gotta love Hollywood. And publishing. Publishing isn’t too far behind Hollywood.

Rosie O’Donnell Mourns Trump’s Victory

While the poor thing is in mourning, Rosie can look forward to a new job on TV.

O’Donnell, 54, will play the mother of an aspiring actress and single mom (Frankie Shaw) who has moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams.

The series is based on Shaw’s short film of the same name which premiered at last year’s Sundance Film Festival.

O’Donnell’s character is named Tutu who is described as ‘unapologetic and oblivious to social convention.’

There’s more here. Sounds like great casting. Actually, for a moment, I thought she was heading back to The View, again.

JK Rowling and Dumbledore’s Gay Life

I know that millions will be thrilled about this. JK Rowling does seem to know what she’s doing when it comes to being current. And why not? Gay is the new black for white, heteronormative mainstream authors of privilege with big publishers nowadays. 

JK Rowling has hinted that Albus Dumbledore’s sexuality will be explored in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

According to the author, the next five films will give fans a lot of backstory into the Potterverse.

At a press conference in New York on Thursday (10 November), Rowling and producer David Heyman said there would be more ‘connective tissue’ to the original novels in the new five-part film series.

You can check this out here