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"Choose" to Publish? Pat Robertson on Gay Sex; Jim Davidson on Gay Marriage

Choose to Publish?

There’s a blog post up by a blogger I’ve never heard of until yesterday, Michael Bunker, who questions whether or not publishing the traditional way is a choice. I don’t have any strong opinions to offer about this topic because I’m not sure it’s worthy of a lengthy discussion. It’s an opinion piece and I’ve learned that unless I’m literally willing to die for a cause I don’t get into online discussions (or rants) with anyone. But I do think it’s interesting to see how some self-published writers view traditional publishing these days. In other words, I’m looking at this more from a historical POV with regard to publishing in a general sense instead of actually agreeing with (or endorsing) the blogger.

 Indie Michael would be sitting here today with a shitload of published titles (over thirteen titles) that sell well every day. This Indie Michael sold well over 30k books last year (probably around 35k, but I don’t have all the numbers yet.) He made enough to not have to go and get a regular job. At any one time he has over ten titles gracing about 15-30 category bestseller lists. He had three titles in the past year go up into the top 500 books sold on all of Amazon, and two that made it into the top 200. He has been interviewed dozens of times, and has readers waiting anxiously for his next release. You go Indie Michael!

You can read more here.

Once again, this is just for general information and I do not support or endorse anything associated with the link above.

And here’s a link to one of Michael Bunker’s books, Pennsylvania. The book was released in December. He has over 104 reviews as of this date, 92 of which are five star and 9 are four star. The book, from what I gather, is Amish science fiction.

I’ll have to mention this book to my Amish buddy I posted about a while back. We’re in daily communication to this day (he e-mails on the sly), and he might find this interesting. He wrote this guest post for me in 2012 and he’s taught me a great deal about Amish culture and the realities he faces all the time. He’s also disabused me of many misconceptions I once had about Amish culture.

Pat Robertson on Gay Sex

Why Pat Robertson would even comment on gay sex is amazing in itself because it’s basically a moot point where he’s concerned. Also not worthy of discussion either. But it’s also a little convoluted because Robertson claims it’s okay to be attracted to the same sex as long as you don’t act upon that attraction or desire.

‘But when you start having sex with that person…I don’t want to get graphic, that guy on Duck Dynasty got graphic and it got a little disgusting, but when you see what they do, it’s not very pretty.’

If you take anything out of context, especially anything sexual, straight or gay, it’s not very pretty and can often appear vulgar. I could give examples of hetero sex that’s just as repulsive to me as gay sex is to Robertson, but I think you get my point and I’d rather not “get” graphic.

You can read more here.

Jim Davidson on Gay Marriage

This article caught my eye because it’s not the usual thing you read. UK Celebrity Big Brother winner, Jim Davidson, who has been known to slam gays now says he supports gay marriage and he’s praising Scotland for legalizing it.

 ‘I think that’s very good. I shared a house with a gay man for a while and I also remember when one of my gay friends’ partners died a good few years back there were all sorts of problems with the will.

 ‘So of course gay people should be allowed to be married. It’s great. And why should straight people suffer on their own?’

It could have something to do with the overall shift in public opinion about same sex marriage. I’ve been seeing a lot of this kind of thing lately and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more in the future.

You can read the rest here. There’s a photo of Davidson. I’ve posted about the reality show, Big Brother, many times here on the blog with regard to racism, gay hate, and bigotry.